Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Thaw?

1) Well the Christmas holiday trade freeze is officially over in the NHL. With just a little over 2 months remaining until the trade deadline the rumors of impending deals are sure to start to commence fast and furious
2) Early this morning this is what our various sources are telling FAUXRUMORS. We're hearing from several sources that the Dallas Stars have been trying to reattain their former forward Bill Guerin. Apparently, the Stars have seen the RW regain his scoring touch with the Blues this season and would mind adding him.
3) He was always well liked in Big D, but his salary was crimping their cap. With his very affordable salary of 2 mil a deal to add him before the deadline is very possible, but the Stars will have company as several other teams will likely have interest in him
4) Also this early morn, as we alluded to in a response to a reader's question yesterday, there are discussions with the Rangers and Blues. Many have speculated that the player involved would be former ranger forward Martin Rucinsky, but a source close to the Blues front office tells us that Glen Sather has been hot after defenseman Eric Brewer. Peter Prucha has been the carrot Sather has been dangling lately. As mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, he is also using much the same bait to try to pry Shane Doan from Phoenix. Both deals are on the table, but no word how close either one is as of this morning.
As always, we will stay on this and other potential deals as they develop/word from our sources arrive at the FAUXRUMORS' offices. Keep it here for the latest!

Rory Fitzpatrick Will be Denied!

1) FAUXRUMORS has learned from a VERY reliable source that the word has come down to end the Rory Fitzpatrick All Star bid! For those who are living in a vacuum Rory Fitzpatrick is a journey man Canuck defenseman who has become a bit of a celebrity for being a write in candidate, and before Gary Bettman/The NHL decided it wasn't good PR, was close to leading all defenseman in votes.(Many believe the Fitzpatrick phenomena is due to an anti Gary Bettman/NHL backlash from fans fed up with what he has done to the game during his reign)

2) To anyone who has been following this situation, its now totally obvious that Gary Bettman has decided that the Rory All Star stunt needed to be stopped. What else can explain the recent fall in the number of votes he's getting despite as much fan interest as before? Have the fans in Detroit suddenly begun to stuff the ballot boxes? Nope!

3) How difficult would it be to simply 'ignore' votes? Not like there's gonna be an independent auditor come in if Rory Fitzpatrick is denied a spot on the All Star team. It would simply be too much of a black eye, so the 'fix is in', and as Rory falls, Bettman hopes fewer and fewer will notice/vote for him/care.

4) Sorry folks and all who have been working hard to get the vote out. You never had a chance. No way would Gary bettman have allowed a player with ZERO points to be a starter, or even an add on in his New NHL. The negative publicity/circus surrounding such a selection would be way too much for the very intolerant Gary Bettman to handle!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We're Back!

1) We want to thank all the many folks who sent us holiday wishes. There were quite a number of responses to our X-mas post, but more then 10 times that number in our mail boxes! Thanks one and all!

2) Now back to hockey! We're told that FAUXRUMORS 2 is hard at work preparing publication of their latest edition of their Power Rankings. It should drop before the end of the year. As always our ears are listening to/for all rumors and we of course will relay any to you our loyal readers as we hear them!
As always, keep it here for the latest!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Wishes!

1) Firstly we here at FAUXRUMORS want to thank each and every one of our many loyal readers. We wouldn't be here without you!

2) During this hockey hiatus, we at the FAUXRUMORS group will also be taking a 48 hour break. We want to wish all of you and yours the best this holiday season!MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bring Back Old Time Hockey!

1) Firstly, nice job by FAUXRUMORS2 on their story on how far the Flyers have fallen this season. We're embarrassed, but were not alone, in predicting they would be a playoff team this season.
2) Now on to our point. We have been doing a non scientific poll of our readers and among the many folks we have talked with during our trip around the NHL. The consensus among most is " BRING BACK OLD TIME HOCKEY!". We gleamed from that they didn't necessarily want a return to the dead puck era, but they did want a return to the emotionally charged game they knew and loved. To STOP the league's attempt to eliminate/legislate out fighting.
3) Fans were adamant in their desire to see a resurgence of pugilism. Its probably not "PC" to say so, but fans LOVE fighting. There is no way to gloss this over. Fans love this aspect of hockey. Its not hard to see. No one leaves during a fight.
4) Besides a teams leading scorer, who usually is the team's most popular player? Yes, the team enforcer! Want to fill arenas again? Want to increase TV ratings? Who cares what detractors say. They wouldn't like hockey if there was zero fighting. Why cater to non-fans? Give us what we want, and we'll keep coming back for more. Are you listening Gary?
5) Can we eliminate the silly last 5 minutes instigator rule. The actions of players in the final five minutes of a game should be treated the same as if they occurred in the first five minutes of the game. When games are out of hand, it is typically a cheap, and potentially dangerous, hit that leads to an instigated fight. Fights that are instigated to discourage these types of cheap hits used to be, and should still be, the norm in the NHL. If the NHL wants to increase rivalries (which would increase fan attendance and t.v. ratings), they should remove this rule!
6)Additionally, the NHL should strongly consider modifying the instigator rule. Research suggests that such a decision would increase fan attendance across NHL arenas. Fights, and the team enforcer, have been a staple of traditional NHL hockey for decades. Enforcers also deter opponents from taking liberties with star players. The current mentality that star players are fair game will lead to an increase in injuries to teams that do not carry tough players.
7) Also cheap hits and slashes have and will continue to increase as players to do not fear retribution as they are protected by current rules. Fauxrumors suggests removing the game misconduct that accompanies the instigator penalty. An instigator penalty should receive the five minutes for fighting plus the additional two for instigating the fight. Two instigator penalties in a game should result in an ejection. Instigators should be tracked by the league and a one-game suspension should be levied whenever a player reaches a total of five instigators. The length of the suspension should double after every five instigators. The tie down rule should stay as is. Fighting outside of a jersey gives the player an unfair advantage.
8) Secondary altercations should not result in an automatic ejection from the game. We suggest levying an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty if a player participates in a secondary altercation. These misconducts should receive the same treatment as an instigator penalty. Any combination of the two should result in an ejection from the game and count against the players track record.
9) Are you listening Bettman? We don't want larger nets or silly shapes painted on the ice, just give us back old time hockey!

Flyers Flying as Low as They Can?

1) The numbers for such a proud franchise are scary, and with each Flyers game, they get worse. Last night, with a 4-2 loss to the Montreal Canadians in Montreal, the Flyers added another dubious numeral to their dismal season. They again set a franchise record for most losses in a row, at eight, after tying one for consecutive home losses, at five in their last game.

2) "We flat-out didn't compete," said coach John Stevens, who appeared as exasperated as he has been all season in describing his team's lack of effort in the second period. "We didn't win any board battles, we didn't finish any checks. "We challenged them in between periods and they came out and looked like a good team. Until we realize that it's a hard game, it's a man's game, you have to play the game hard, we're just way too easy to play against in the second period. We just let them do whatever they wanted, and that is just absolutely unacceptable."

3) In and of themselves, the number eight wouldn't define this season. But when you add them to the number of total losses, now 22, and the amount of points the Flyers have after 34 games (20), it all adds up to one big loss. The question remaining is, how far will this go?

4) About the only thing left to play for this season is the future, not the postseason, and developing the army of younger players the Flyers are skating. This is a hard way to learn. But there are lessons. They can say what they want about never giving up and not yet being mathematically eliminated from the postseason, but there is just about no way in the Devils' domain that the Flyers can turn this season around to do more than play for pride and development.

5) If they play just a smidgen over .500, they'd still finish with only about 70 points, falling short of the playoffs by about 20 points. That much is easy to see. The players know the score. "Hopefully, we have pride, and that was something that we talked about said Derian Hatcher. "Obviously, you never give up hope, but you've got to play for yourselves, you've got to play for your team, and I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but you know there are people in the stands.

6) Peter Forsberg missed another game last night, this one because of a concussion that came when he was testing out another new skate for his loose right foot. He appeared to be playing well Saturday before suffering what should be at least his fourth career concussion, and there is reason to doubt he will be back to test it again soon. Lump-taking is now a way of life in Flyer-land.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No deal In Pittsburgh

1) In a move predicted here this past Monday, the State of Pennsylvania denied a request to have casino owners " Isle of Capri' build an arena as part of a larger casino building deal in downtown Pittsburgh.

2) To refresh the memories of some. This is what we wrote then: The approval for the 'Isle of Capri' deal will be announced next week. Its any one's guess how the state will rule. One law maker told FAUXRUMORS not to be surprised to see that deal be denied now that others have expressed a willingness to pony up the dough on their own without the negative image of a casino paying for one.

3)We contacted that source earlier this morning and they told us that in fact the new bidder from Canada, coupled with Ballsille's decision to pull out were to clinchers to the denial. They feel that its very likely that an arena can be built with a minimum of tax payer dollars AND without the negative appearance that gambling casinos can lend.

4)Along those lines, we're told that Gary Bettman was influential in getting the deal denied, though he will of course not want that known publicly. He, and many in the NHL hierarchy felt that the mere involvement of a casino company with an NHL franchise wouldn't be to the league's benefit. Especially coming after the Rick Tochett, Janet Gretzky fiasco of last year.

5) So like we asked Monday: Where do we go from here? Well, after the initial gnashing of teeth from Lemieux and the other owners, quiet negotiations will commence with the new interested parties. Gary Bettman will try to get that finalized before the playoffs at the latest, then a new arena proposal can be made public during the summer. Not to worry Penguin fans, we do NOT see the team leaving your city any time soon.

Isles Shed More Payroll

1)In another pre Christmas trade freeze deadline deal, the N.Y. Islanders have dealt underachieving center Mike York to the Flyers in exchange for forward Randy Robitaille and a mid round pick.

2) The deal makes sense ONLY for the Isles. York, as was mentioned in a recent post here, has disappointed Islander brass with his production(or lack there of) considering his salary (2.8 mil) he was a cap drain. We didn't believe anyone would take on his salary and if anything the Isles might try to waive him like the Flyers did with Nedved.

3) Why the Flyers would pick up his salary AND give up 2 other assets is curious. For all intents and purposes the Flyers are NOT going to the post season. York is a free agent after this year. There doesn't appear to be a reason to get him. We're sure our Flyer readers are as perplexed about this deal as they were about the Zhitnik trade last week. Meanwhile in a space of 6 days the Islanders have shed almost 5 million from their cap. Giving them significant flexibility to add a player or two at the deadline.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Allison Spotted?

1) As we were discussing the Isles trade with one of our N.Y. area sources, they also let slip that they had spotted free agent forward Jason Allison in the metro area. They didn't say specifically which team he was linked to, but recent events make a possible move there more likely now than a week ago.

2) Certainly it would be far fetched to believe the N.J. Devils are the team. Their salary cap troubles are well documented. Its also pretty certain that Allison is not a Lamarello type player. That leaves the Rangers and Islanders. Who coincidentally have recently shed significant payroll. The Rangers by waiving troubled/underachieving defenseman, Sandis Olzonish, and the Islanders by virtue of their curious trade of Alex Zhitnik. (Discussed earlier here)

3) Its not a secret that Glen Sather and Tom Renney are not too thrilled with the production from their off season free agent acquisition, Matt Cullen, and would love to reduce the team's reliance on Jagr, and Shanahan for offense. However anyone who has seen the Rangers can tell you their central problem is defense NOT scoring.

4) The Isles have been a rumored destination of Allison since this past summer, but acting GM Garth Snow has repeatedly denied the club is looking to make a deal for additional scoring. Has this changed? The Isles, like the Rangers are disappointed with the production from their second line center, Mike York. However, its unlikely the team could unload the overpaid(2.8 mil) center until the deadline, if even then.

5) The questions that are left unanswered are: What is Allison seeking as far as salary/years? Has he stayed in decent enough shape that a team signing him would get anything from him. Perhaps this is why Allison was in town last weekend. For a physical as well as negotiations? The trade freeze would NOT prohibit a team from signing a free agentWe will stay on top of this situation as it develops

Commercial Free!

1) Recently we have been contacted by a well known Internet Search Engine to allow paid advertisements on our blog site. We were told that the shear number of hits to our site got their attention, but more important than the total were the number of "unique and new visitors" to the site.
2) While we could care less about such things, some apparently are paying attention. Firstly we were shocked to be approached in the first place, then to be actually offered money just for doing what we enjoy most; discussing hockey was amazing/ego-boosting
3) However, as this was and never will be about money, we turned down the offer flat. As many of our long time readers already know, money is not an issue for FAUXRUMORS anyway. Additionally we feel that would open the flood gates for others to ask. We didn't want this to become a bill board, or worse yet, a pay site like the ones we lambaste regularly. Rest assured FAUXRUMORS will stay a commercial free zone!!
Thanks to all of you for your support as we have grown. As always, keep it here for the latest!

Trade Freeze!

1) As most already know the NHL Christmas Trade Freeze is now in effect from today until Wednesday December 27th.

2) With the moving up of the trade deadline to February 27th, rumors following the freeze are sure to be fast and furious. However with only 5 points separating the 5th and 12 seeds in the East, as well as the ever present trade killing salary cap, its unlikely we'll too many big deals.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Penguin Sale: Thoughts/Observation

1) Many in the hockey world were shocked that Jim Balsillie decided to suddenly back out of a deal to buy the Penguins. The official story out of the league is that Balsillie balked at the NHL's insistence in keeping the Pens in Pittsburgh. Regular readers to this blog of course were not shocked to find out that it was Balsillie's intention all along to move the team to Southern Ontario
2) At the time the NHL was also on board with that scenario. However since that time many powerful figures, including the owners of the Maple Leafs and Flyers have gone to Gary Bettman and pleaded that he not push for the Penguins to move. The Leafs for obvious reasons. They didn't want to lose their virtual monopoly of NHL hockey in the southern part of Ontario. The Flyers for also for selfish reasons, as they felt losing their cross state rival might also hurt. 3) Several other owners also approached Bettman as well. Voicing their opposition more for personal reasons. Apparently Jim Balsillie isn't a well liked individual among the wealthy in North America. As one prominent team President mentioned to FAUXRUMORS last Friday, "Jim Balsillie's an asshole who thinks his shit doesn't stink". They didn't want his bully tactics to be a part of their very small/exclusive fraternity.
4) Where does this leave the Penguins? Well, for fans of the team its actually great news! The chances of the team staying in Pittsburgh past next season jumped from 25% or less to almost 75%. It appears that the interested parties involved now are so wealthy that they themselves could build their own arena even without much in the way of tax dollars or the need for a casino. 5) The approval for the 'Isle of Capri' deal will be announced next week. Its any one's guess how the state will rule. One law maker told FAUXRUMORS not to be surprised to see that deal be denied now that others have expressed a willingness to pony up the dough on their own without the negative image of a casino paying for one.Stay tuned as this situation is still fluid enough that anything is possible, but something firm about the future of the Penguins WILL be known before this current season concludes
Here's Hoping the Pens stay in Steel Town!

Isles Trade Redux

1) Now that there finally is a real deal to discuss. One that by the way NONE of the other rumor mongers got correct. (Another notch/props to FAUXRUMORS for getting that one nearly 3 weeks before anyone else!)

2) Anyway this is what we're being told are the reason(s) that this deal went down. In addition to the reasons outlined by FAUXRUMORS back in November(that Nolan didn't like Zhitnik's tendency to take bad penalties) we're told that goalie Rick Dipietro had significant influence.

3) As was mentioned this past summer, Rick DiPietro and Isle's owner Charles Wang are very close. In the past this has led to the dismissal of coaches (Laviolette the most notable). It has also led to one of the more silly contracts in NHL/sports history, the 15 year deal Ricky signed(and predicted by FAUXRUMORS) this past September.

4) The story goes that DiPietro has been lobbying the Isles owner(who by all accounts IS the defacto-GM) to get Nolan/Snow to bring up Chris Campoli. Who until this deal was buried in Bridgeport despite having quite a good rookie campaign last year. Additionally, DiPietro's long time buddy from his high school days in New England, Fred Mayer was in a similar situation in Philly. We're told that Ricky proposed this deal to Wang over a game of 1 on 1 in Wang's back yard last month. Mentioning that the Isles would save a ton on their salary cap in the process. Wang got the word to Snow, who knows from experience that Wang's 'requests' are to be followed, or else, and Snow got on the phone busily trying to arrange this deal with new Flyer permanent GM Paul Holmgren

5) Things transpired very quickly after Zhitnik's 4 penalty performance against the Penguins last week. This deal will also allow the isles some flexibility to add payroll/a player at the NHL deadline if they remain in the playoff hunt in 2 months time. We have to say that it is probably a good move by the isles to unload Zhitnik, even if they didn't receive much in return. In the New NHL, payroll is as important as talent level, and both need to be juggled very closely.

Same Old Jagr?

Ok everybody, hear me out on this one. Jaromir Jagr has started his childish pouting again. He has demonstrated this behavior in each city he has played in. I have been closely scrutinizing the Rangers this year, and their team dynamic has me fascinated. They have probably benefitted the most from the salary cap, as it has taught them restraint. Sure Jags is accumulating points. Talent-wise, he is probably still the best and he is playing with some decent talent as well. But lately, the little things he had been doing, have fallen by the wayside. Most noticeably, Jagr has completely stopped backchecking. He isn't making that extra surge to the net, and seems more content giving the puck responsibility to someone else. This dropoff has been gradual, and the nightly impact is subtle. But trust me, Jaromir is not leading as he had done in past months. The head is down on the bench, and the overall body language has been lethargic. Couple this with the Ranger defense committing one turnover after another, and the once promising season looks a little in jeopardy. I just make observations, and this is my latest. Time will tell if I have any clue regarding the world's number one player.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Goaltending Still 95% of the Game!

1) Anyone who took in the Dallas-NYR game last night were witness to a great example why goaltending remains 95% of the game. Even in the new NHL, this lone position remains so vital that teams getting less than adequate performance from this one player are bound to lose no matter how well the remaining 18 skaters play.
2)Last night the Rangers played a very poor game team wise. They gave up 40+ shots. Their defense was clueless in their own end. Continuously gave the puck away. Whistled for double digit infractions. Yet, despite all that, the score would appear that the Rangers won easily, 5-2.
3) The Stars got less than mediocre goaltending from back up (soon to be AHL)goalie Mike Smith. While the Rangers received Vezina calibre tending from Henrik Lundqvist. If the twin Lundqvist boys had changed clubs before the game and Hank played for Dallas and Smith was in net for the rangers the score may well have been 15-0.
4) While not every game displays such a stark difference in performance, it did clearly demonstrates that this is the most important position BY FAR, and any team with true Cup aspirations needs to have their back stop at their best!

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Age of Diving?

1) Despite declarations to attempt to curb the prevalence of drawing penalties(diving), there has been no apparent change in the predilections of the offenders

2) As with any trend, players quickly learn and adapt to the way rules are called. Thus the ability to embellish in the new enforcement/zero tolerance age of the "New NHL" has fostered the act of diving to new heights(lows)

3) The Lightning are NOT alone. Taking in a recent Pittsburgh game, Sidney Crosby was seen to be on his ass as much as his skates any time an opposing player came near.

4) We have seen no real crack down on this. For one its difficult to detect. Unless its obvious, ala Bill Barber of the 1970's, most modern divers know how to not 'over act', but do enough to get the attention of the poor/sap ref.

5) There is NO easy answer to this issue. If 2 sets of eyes are blind to the issue, we doubt another would help. We can remember only former ref Paul Stewart being adept at calling out players who tried to make him look bad with a dive. Maybe the NHL brain trust(oxymoron) needs to look into hiring officials who can see the difference an actual infraction and an Academy Award Performance. Until then the crack down by the NHL of obstruction penalties will alow the divers thrive and that talent to spread!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

GoodBye To 2 U.S Greats?

1) Two of the best U.S. born forwards appear to be on the precipice of retirement this early morning. Roenick's decision to walk out on the Phoenix Coyotes after being benched Tuesday night could spell the end to his impressive career More on that in a bit. Also, we're told that John LeClair is also close to a decision to hang them up.
2) We're told of the two former all stars, LeClair is closer to being done. A decision may come as early as later this afternoon. We talked with Friends of John late yesterday. They told FAUXRUMORS that John did NOT want to retire, but if it came time to decide between playing in the minors or ending his career, he would want to go out as an NHL-er. After not being claimed for nothing twice over the past 10 days, it appears that no one is interested in the 37 year old forward with a cranky back. Unless a team suddenly steps up(unlikely) its very possible that LeClair will decide to retire instead of playing in Scranton or be placed on suspension from the Pens.
3) As for Roenick, the story is far less clear. He has exactly 1 goal in 28 games thus far, and had the nerve to complain that he was benched. This didn't sit well with bench boss, and part owner, Wayne Gretzky. The Great One thought he could count on Roenick for veteran leadership, but instead he has become one of the teams many headaches. If he was producing even marginally things may be different, but a complainer/trouble maker who is NOT producing is a cancer that needs to be excised.
4) Roenick may very well find himself in a similar position as LeClair, on waivers with no takers. We're told that Wayne has had it with Jeremy, and GM Barnett would also love to get rid of him if he could find a taker for just about anything! If not, look for the soon to be 37 year old forward to be waived.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Which Division Is Best?

1) While its impossible to scientifically determine which of the 6 NHL divisions is the best/worst, we thought it would be interesting to explore the issue and come up with our own admittedly subjective opinion on why each division is rated where we believe it is.

2) Firstly, the unbalanced schedule makes it especially difficult. For example are the teams in the North West Division really all decent/mediocre or are they that way because play and beat up on each other nightly? Does having 3 of the worst teams help the Preds and Wings bolster their win totals that much?. ETC.

3) Firstly here is our 'Power Rankings' of Divisions if you will:
First- Pacific
Second- Northeast
Third- Southeast
4th- Atlantic
5th- NorthWest
6th- Central

4) Now the why. The Pacific as # 1 was the easiest pick. Having 3 of the best teams in the NHL made that choice a no-brainer. Though the other 2 teams are not that good, the top 3 carried them. Next the NorthEast has Buffalo, but also a strong Montreal squad. No patsies in that division either. Next is probably a bit controversial as we chose the Southeast as third best. For one the last 2 Stanley Cup champs are from this forgotten division. Add to that the emergence of the Thrashers and Caps and you get quite the competitive division.

5) Next the Atlantic. Possessing both the Devils and Rangers as their top squads, but the Islanders and Pens have played much better than most anticipated. The down side of course is that the Flyers are God-awful. The aforementioned Northwest comes next. Though the last 2 Cup runner ups have come from this 'black and blue' division, we 're not impressed with low offensive output on most of the teams. Finally we have the Norris, or the Central (we miss the old names!). With three of the dregs of the league in one division they pull down the other 2 good teams. We'll give those 2 teams respect as soon as they win a playoff series.We ofcourse would love to hear what our readers think.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Get Well Soon Phil!

1) As our earlier post today alluded to, Bruins star freshman Phil Kessell was sufferig from a non-hockey related medical condition. We have now confirmed that Phil is being treated for testicular cancer. We at FAUXRUMORS want to wish Phil a speedy recover!

New Coach?

1) After the recent firing of Blues coach Mike Kitchen, and coming into the 1/3 pole of the NHL season, we can see a few teams that seem to be under performing or could benefit from new leadership from behind the bench.

2) One that comes to mind first are the Pittsburgh Penguins. Night in and night out their play a totally undisciplined game. Their team defense is so amazingly poor. This despite having some very talented players. We believe a tougher, more disciplined oriented coach would do this team wonders. They are playing better this season, but we feel with a better coach they could/should be significantly better!

3) Speaking of Mike Kitchen, he got a raw deal in St Louis. Anyone think they'd be any better? Certainly not. They assemble a bunch of old guys who's best days are 10 years ago. Have defense and goaltending that are really AHL quality, then they lose a bunch of games. HMMM, what a surprise! Shame on new club President John Davidson for this move now. The reincarnation of Toe Blake wouldn't make this team any better!

4) Phoenix. No, we don't believe they are a playoff team, but its time for The Great One to face facts; He's NOT a good coach. He may have helped assemble the Canada gold medal team from 2002, (But with all that available talent we could have done that too!) but other than that we fail to see where he has shown any proclivity at management of a hockey team? Time to step aside Wayne and allow a real coach/to take the reigns.

5) Calgary- Time for Sutter to suck it up and proclaim that the Larry Playfair experiment is a failure. This team would be in a huge hole if not for the consistently stellar goaltending of Miikka Kiprusoff. They can NOT score, period. Luckily they are in arguably the weakest division in the NHL, else their woes would be even more pronounced. We would also give Mr. Sutter some blame as he assembled this group, but the coach has to take the majority of the blame here.

6) Ottawa- Yes, Bryan Murray has always had success where ever he has gone BUT he has NEVER WON ANYTHING! We believe that its time for Muckler to see that Murray is not the answer to the Senators problems. They lost a lot of talent to free agency, but still possess a formidable roster that is significantly underachieving. People close to the club tell FAUXRUMORS that he has lost the team in many ways. The vets are tuning him out, and the younger guys simply don't respect his subtle and not so subtle abrasive style. Its still early enough to change things for this team, only 2 points out of the playoffs, but on paper they are at least as good if not better as Montreal who they trail by 6 points. We also believe Muckler deserves blame for signing Gerber to be their #1 goalie, but overall this team has been a disappointment from the tender on out! A change would definitely help

Get Well Soon Phil

1) As our earlier post today alluded to, Bruins star freshman Phil Kessell was sufferig from a non-hockey related medical condition. We have now confirmed that Phil is being treated for testicular cancer. We at FAUXRUMORS want to wish Phil a speedy recover!

Did You Know?

1) Washington Capitals all star left wing Alexander Ovechkin was originally drafted by the Florida Panthers. The problem was that Ovechkin wasn't eligible. He was 2 days shy of being available, thus would have to wait until 2004.
2) The Panthers argued (unsuccessfully) that during Ovechkin's life time there were 4 leap years, so technically he was 18 years if each year was 365 days. You have to give them credit for trying, but to no avail.
3) Also of note, our sources in Boston say there is NO TRUTH to the rumors that first year pro Phil Kessel has left the team for treatment of an STD. There is a non hockey related medical concern, but it is unrelated to what some scurrilous rumor mongers have said on some Internet sites

Monday, December 11, 2006

Goalie Insurance

1) With the Christmas trading freeze set to ice over any possibility of a trade in the remainder of 2006, the rumor mills are sure to start to churn out some doozies. Among the popular rumored deals will involve a variety of 'excess', or talented back up goalies.

2) Among these, Marty Biron in Buffalo, Vesa Toskala in SJ, Ilya Bryzgalov as the first string of potential goalie trade bait. Add to that several others who have been mentioned repeatedly as possible trade bait due to their teams' poor start. However, for this piece we will concentrate on back ups on teams with Cup aspirations

3) We at FAUXRUMORS believe that neither of the 3 teams mentioned should entertain any offers for their talented, but not quite good enough to start goalies. For example; Even if Buffalo might lose Biron for potentially nothing to free agency after this season, we believe that possibility is far out weighed by the possible loss of starter Ryan Miller to injury after the trade deadline. (See Ottawa/Edmonton) Both of those teams lost their starter at inopportune times last season, and their second string were not up to the task of carrying the team, thus eliminating their Cup runs.

4) We believe those teams have savvy enough GM's to have seen what can happen without a starter who can be relied upon. With the earlier trade deadline of February 27th, teams will have much less time to patch up holes, or add pieces in anticipation for a playoff run. Teams that have fallen out of the playoff hunt, or have lost a major skater to injury are another matter. However there are very few teams that are truly out of it, so at this relatively early date we don't anticipate a flurry of activity before Santa's ride, especially for a back up goalie.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thought and Prayers for Laura Gainey!

Putting all sniping and competitive blog juices aside, I would like to personally send out heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Gainey family in this time of crisis. Laura Gainey, daughter of Hall of Famer and GM Bob Gainey, was swept off a ship in Nova Scotia in the midst of an Atlantic storm. The Coast Guard is conducting an extensive search as I type. Bob Gainey has always been a class act and true hockey gentleman - a man I have a great deal of respect for. While circumstances seem dire at this hour, I can only hope forLaura's safety. Please keep all replies appropriate, as the hockey world must unite in support of Bob and his family.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shut Up And Play!

1) Some may be saying that about Devils goalie Martin Brodeur. According to a story on TSN today, the future Hall of Famer put in a complaint with the NHLPA concerning the manner in which players conduct themslves during shoot outs. Evidently, during a recent game between the Wild and Black Hawks a move unnerved Marty.
2) A spin-o-rama goal by Minnesota Wild winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard against Chicago Blackhawks goalie Nikolai Khabibulin Tuesday night had everyone talking. Bouchard made a spinning move and then kicked Khabibulin's right skate before scoring on his backhand in the shootout. The goal prompted Brodeur to send an e-mail to Gartner, saying the league needs to determine if a player can make contact with a goalie during shootouts.
3)Brodeur states he was concerned the shootout will become a "circus" where some players might start carrying the puck on their sticks for a lacrosse-style shot. Many may recall Brodeur was also the one who questioned Capitals sophomore star winger Alex Ovechkin's usage of a tinted face shield. Claiming it gave the shooter an advantage, as the goalie couldn't see the shooters eyes. Additionally, Brodeur as a player-member of the competition committee he lobbied to reduce the restricted area for wandering goalies as well as limit the reduction in goalie equipment.
4)While we believe Brodeur has every right to say what he believes, from a compilation of events we feel he is beginning to take on/acquire just abit too much sway/power. We grant that he is among the most successful goalies in NHL history, but that shouldn't give him the right to push for rules changes that may be detrimental to the game
5) Who cares if a player makes a unique move like carrying the puck on his stick in a shoot out? The shoot out after all is a spectacle for the fans. Additionally this and his other gripes would seem to go against the NHL's desire; To increase scoring/excitement. If a goalie can't see a shooters eyes, so what. Get over it. You already have a mask and pads that are 5000 times larger than your predecessors from 20 years ago(even after the modest reduction). Allow large curved blades again! Don't allow goalies to EVER cover the puck!
6) We agree with Marty that goalies SHOULD be allowed to play the puck where ever they want. No more silly shapes painted behind the nets, BUT we feel goalies should be fair game to be bodied off the puck if they are outside the crease.
7) Again its fine to have an opinion, but it seems Mr. Brodeur has more than the average player, and in our opinion he's all wet in most of them! To that we say: Marty, Shut up and Play!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Phoenix-Ranger Talks heat Up Again

1) Sources close to both teams tells FAUXRUMORS this afternoon that discussions between the Rangers and the Coyotes have resumed. Many may recall about a month or so ago the two teams were discussing the possibility of a swap. Talks broke off when the Blue Shirts went on a winning streak and decided to keep their current roster unchanged.

2) After a lack luster couple of weeks, Ranger GM Glen Sather has again contacted his counterpart in Phoenix Mike Barnett about the possibility of a trade. The Rangers would love to ship out their offensively gifted, but troubled blue liner Sandis Olzonish. Who also makes 2.5 mil. Sather would also send along any of a number of draft picks if he received in return the player who he has coveted for quite some time, Shane Doan who is set to become an UFA after this season.

3) Also discussed is center Dave Scatchard. Having a sub par season so far, and not getting too much ice time as of late since the acquisition of Yanic Perrault, but still well regarded as a hard nosed gritty player who is decent on draws. Something that the Ranger's brass feels they could definitly use more of.

4) Another rumor that IS NOT exclusive to FAUXRUMORS is the return of Allison. We hear/read that he wants a deal of around 3 mil/year. We have NO idea why anyone would suddenly give him that kind of dough, but perhaps a team that is in desperate straits for offense and has cap space might decide to give him a whirl.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Rumor Whore Can't Take Criticism

1) As many of our most loyal readers know, we have been one of the few, and probably the harshest critic of the rumor Whore, Eklund. In the last few weeks we have joined his free section to respond/add our comments to his "rumors".

2) We NEVER used objectionable material. Never spammed his site by promoting this one. We merely called him out on his comments/rumors as each one failed to produce any results.

3) Today we again made comment on his silly Leclair to the Rangers post (After Leclair already cleared through re-entry waivers). We pointed out the folly of this "rumor". Apparently some of our criticism hit home just a little too close, as the posting which was rated G, was promptly removed, and our posting "privileges" revoked for 48 hours. They even have the nerve to say that "Creating a new user to avoid this ban will result in a longer ban and possibly account termination".

4) As anyone knows this ban is not possible, but is more telling of how much of a fraud this character is. Real sites like this one are NOT afraid of divergent opinions. You can believe the total opposite of what we write. All are welcome, always. Feel free to write all the malediction you feel. (Just no Spam)

LeClair Destination?

1) Published reports indicated yesterday that the penguins have recalled John LeClair in an effort to have him claimed off waivers at 'half price'. Many have speculated where John will end up, if anywhere. Afterall it is possible no one will step forward to claim the 37 year old left wing with a cranky back and diminishing output

2) The early and popular favourite was a return to Philadelphia where he had his most productive years. However its been nearly 7 years since LeClair scored 40+ goals with the Broadstreet bullies bunch, and its unlikely he'll suddenly return to form. The question would/should be Why? The Flyers aren't exactly setting the world a fire and adding an aging, underachieving vet would not likely change that.

3) The next popular destination prediction/rumor had been a reuniting with his old team mate Eric Lindros in Dallas. This one may have a bit more credability, with the injury to Brendan Morrow but would Dallas want him? Another rumored destination has been to Geriatric Park, better known as Detroit. There he would be one of the younger players on the team. ; )

4) Seriously though LeClair may be a decent addition as a power play specialist who wouldn't come at too steep a price. We should know within the next few hours if/who decided to pick up the St. Albans VT. native, if he will resume skating with the Pens, or as some have suggested, simply retire.

5) Those close to John tell FAUXRUMORS he'd prefer a fresh start with a contending team even if it took him out west, so a Detroit, Dallas or even an Alberta team could be in the mix. Stay tuned as this story develops

We're Mentioned Again on Fox!

1) We were happy to read this morning on the best Fox Sports Hockey Blogs, Spector, another mention of a FAUXRUMORS exclusive. He again tried to discuss the Malkin trade rumor that we alone broke this past summer.
2) Other hockey trade rumor blogs have picked up the story so it has begun to take a life of its own. Although Spector as a respected blog journalist could not agree with our assessment, just him mentioning it as a possibility has to lend credibility to the story.
3) We have nothing new to add to our original story that Malkin does NOT want to play his entire carear behind Sid/in his shadow. That, and the fact that Pittsburgh will have several other stars to pay top dollar in the upcoming 2-3 years, will make Malkin the prime player who may need to be traded while entering his prime.As with all stories, we will stay a top of this one as it devlops

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Real Pronger Story?

1) First a disclaimer: If you are the type who gets easily offended by stories that might be embarrassing to the folks written about, we advise you to cease reading and go to for more wholesome entertainment.

2) That said, as we mentioned last week, we have been working on a story concerning Chris Pronger. The return to Edmonton last week promoted several readers to ask FAUXRUMORS to the exact/real reason for why he so abruptly asked to be traded, and left Edmonton last spring. After all he wasn't traded there. He went there and signed voluntarily when he could have signed virtually anywhere, and had an amazing season to boot. So why leave??

3) The initial rumors swirled around an apparent infidelity Pronger had with a certain local news-gal. The rumor had Chris involved with her, knocking her up, and forcing her to terminate the pregnancy when his wife found out. While this was never confirmed, it was the scuttle-butt of supermarket tabloids in Alberta all summer.

4) After many readers asked us the real scoop, we started to dig, and dig some more. As many of our long time readers know, we don't just spout off nonsense unless we can corroborate it among several independent sources, and NOT until we have the complete story(which is why the Eklund story is taking so long!)do we go to print.

5) To that end this is what we have been told from our sources. The reason for the Pronger exodus was NOT Chris Pronger, but his wife Lauren. No, not for the popular reason; that she preferred to get away from the snow and cold of northern Canada for the year round warmth of southern California. The reason the Prongers needed to get the hell out of Dodge, or Edmonton was ironically for the same reason that were rumored with Chris, but it was NOT Chris who had the near-miss of an illegitimate child, but Lauren! Yes, Lauren Pronger from accounts we have heard from several sources had taken up with a local physician and inadvertently became pregnant!

6) The physician's name was given to FAUXRUMORS, but as he isn't a celebrity, we have been told by our legal department it would be safe to not use his complete name. We can say he is a local Internist. First name John, Last name initial K. The story goes; Mrs. Pronger saw Dr. John last fall for a routine case of allergies. After several visits, and having Chris gone for weeks at a time, the two became more than Dr.-patient, and it became a full blown affair. Culminating with pregnancy in January.

7) The pair attempted to keep things hush hush, but in the hockey media circus that is Canada, nothing is private. A local reporter got wind of the story and confronted Lauren. Knowing that Chris would find out one way or the other she decided to tell him herself. What followed were some very uneasy weeks for the two. Eventually they decided to reconcile, if for nothing, their 2 children. It was at that time that Chris and Lauren decided new scenery would lend itself to making a new start. As a consummate professional, Chris decided to wait until the season ended. We don't believe even he thought the Oilers would last as long into the playoffs as they did. However once it was over it became public that Chris had asked Edmonton's GM, Kevin Lowe, for a trade even before the Stanley Cup playoffs started.

8) The rest is history, and at the quarter poll of this season Chris Pronger is the early favourite to win the Norris as best defensemen, and quite possibly could be in the running for the Hart trophy as league MVP. From what we have been told the personal life of the Prongers has been far less contentious, and actually peaceful so far in southern California, where the two can and do live in virtual anonymity.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Leetch Moving South?

1) Several sources close to the situation tells FAUXRUMORS this early Friday morning that the agent for Brian Leetch and Jay Feaster, GM for the Tampa Bay Lightning were in discussions to bring in the future Hall of Famer to the sunshine state. Though nothing appears imminent, its the first credible rumor we've heard concerning Leetch in over a month or more

2) We're told that Brian and current head coach John Tortorella(who was a Ranger's assistant coach) have remained friends, and John has been trying to lure Brian to join his team. In addition other sources have told FAUXRUMORS that Mrs. Leetch, who was the main impetus for Brian not playing in Ottawa or out west, gave the green light to possibly move to the warm climate of the Bay area.

3) In other news, FAUXRUMORS2 tells us they are working on a Chris Pronger story that they hope to have out by the end of the weekend or early next week. We are here in Buffalo. Got out of Chicago just in time we're told. The problem may be tonight and tomorrow here when the snow will catch up with us.

4) In the mean time, we look forward to meeting a bunch of folks this afternoon/evening. Some Ranger fan/readers plan to attend along with many folks up in upstate NY where we seem to have quite the following. Hopefully conditions will allow out door tailgating, if not we will make alternative plans.
As always, keep it here for the latest!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shuffling Off......

1) Hello there loyal readers! We're on our way shortly to Buffalo where we will just be ahead of yet another snow storm. We seem to spread the snow wherever we go. LOL

2) As far as last night. We were pleasantly surprised with the game. The new coach factor(as FAUXRUMORS2 mentioned earlier today) must be taken into account, but the Hawks looked pumped and ready to perform for Savard. We have always liked Savard. He fell under the radar behind Gretzky and Lemieux during the 80's, but he was one of the mot exciting players of his time

3) Fans seemed to be optimistic he would turn things around. We guess things have gotten so bad that that franchise can't go anywhere but up! We wish them well

4) On to Buffalo where we have a big day planned. A huge contingent of FAUXRUMORS fans/readers/contributors are expected to get together before tomorrow night's game. More on that later.

5) We hear John Leclaire has been waived by the Pens. Not surprising. It was surprising his contract wasn't bought out before the season. Clearly John is done. Only question remains does John realize it yet? He should simply retire gracefully

6) On another note the rumors about Brian Leetch and Jason Allison are heating up once again. For a few weeks we heard little, now we're told that one of both may be signed before the holidays. We will stay on this as/if this develops further.As always, keep it here for all the latest! Thanks to FAUXRUMORS2 for keeping our seat warm, and continuing this blog without missing a beat! Great job guys!

Pros-Cons of the Shootout!

1) OK, we will be up front with our readers and tell them we were NOT advocates of this way of ending tie games before last season started, but as we have seen more of these we have come around to begrudgingly accept them as part of the game, and the excitement they do produce for the fans

2) Almost all agree that a tie usually wasn't a good way to have a game end. The NHL was really the only major North American sport that allowed large number of ties each year. The 5 minute OT reduced the number by about 25% or so, but still many games stayed deadlocked, thus the apparent need to decide games without further playing(television) time.

3) The problem we have, and many other hockey 'purists' have with the shootout, is that many games are no longer decided by true hockey. There are many factors and strategies that determine the winner of an NHL hockey game. Juggling lines. Quick shifts to compensate for tired legs. Icing calls leading to critical face-offs in an opponent's zone late in the game. Power-play combinations. Penalty-killing combinations, etc. A shoot out uses merely a minuscule part of what NHL hockey is all about.

4) There appears no correlation between a teams success in non shoot out games and shoot outs. Some very good teams have very poor shoot out records, and vise versa. It may not have occurred last season, but we can envision a time when team A will fail to make the playoffs because they had a shoddy shootout record. Eclipsed by Team B with a good shoot out record, even though team A had a better record when playing 'real hockey'.

5) As some have written, this would akin to baseball having a home run contest after a regulation tie. Football a field goal contest. Or basketball having a slam dunk or 3 point competition. All would be popular with fans, but they wouldn't be fair tests of the 'better team'.

6) so the question is: Which is more important: Integrity/fairness of the game or entertainment? We believe we have already been told what the NHL's answer is to this. For good or bad, the shoot out is likely here to stay.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In Shy-Town!

1) Sorry we didn't get to post about our trip to see the Blues in St. Louis last night. We all had a great time, and want to thank all the folks who turned out to greet us, and had a few adult beverages with us prior to the game.

2) The game itself wasn't exactly a barn burner with San Jose looking pretty sound/impressive in shutting down the Blues. They did have some good chances, especially early, but Toskala was up to the challenge.

3) The crowd size was a huge disappointment. We were in this building a few years ago and it was jam packed and very loud. If there were 6,000(announced 9,000)it was a lot. Kinda depressing to see the demise of this franchise. hopefully JD will turn it around soon

4) Speaking of depressing, we're in Chicago to see one of the original 6 teams play the Stars. From talking with some of our readers who are 'hawks fans, many or most are disillusioned with their once proud team. They do have some promising young players, but as of yet the corner has not been turned. Injuries have again ravaged the team. It appears another non-playoff year is in the offing. This will be our first trip to the new building. The old Chicago Stadium could never be duplicated and we don't expect the newer digs will. We also expect another small crowd like we had last night.

5) We are VERY excited to be shuffling off to Buffalo after tonight to see the high flying Sabres against their cross state rival rangers on Friday. The weather forecast could make this interesting as a snow storm may be brewing in the great lakes this weekend. Oh no, not another snow storm!! LOL

6) Nice job by FAUXRUMORS 2 on their story outlining the NHL's decrease in scoring and what can/will be done. It seems to have caused a nice discussion among some of our readers. Talk with all of you tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scoring Down, Now what?

1) According to stats released recently from the NHL, scoring is down through the first 25% or so of the 2006-2007 season compared to last year. This turn of events has to be alarming to Mr. Bettman & co. as this was one of their priorities after the lock out. Instituting new rules to try to increase scoring:
a) Allow 2 line passes b) Goalie wandering restrictions c) Smaller pads for tenders d) Calling all obstruction tightly e) Offside tag up

2) As many of us postulated last fall, these would only be temporary fixes. The best players in the world are that for good reason; they can adapt with time to most any superficial changes such as these. It was merely only a matter of time before that happened. Most of us didn't think it would be so fast. Players apparently have adapted to the New NHL.

3) In reality the increased scoring last year as a mirage anyway. Most of the scoring was from the increased number of PP's. NOT from the other measures employed. As players adjusted to the new officiating style, the number of PP's has steadily waned. So it should not be surprising that scoring in general would also decrease.

4) Now the big question: what does the NHL do next? They apparently feel increased scoring equates to more fan interest, so we believe that the league will have to come up with new ways (gimmicks) to do this. One of the options discussed and not adopted last time around was the increasing the size of the goal nets. If the trend continues, look for this option to gain momentum, and at the very least be employed in the AHL either later this year or next as a pilot to see if this does in fact affect scoring.

5) Other possibilities might be to do away with the rule that minor penalties end when a goal is scored, further curtailing goalie wandering, or even more radical, to go with a 4 on 4 like OT is done now, but all game long. The ladder suggestion would not be popular with the players as it would decrease the number of employed NHL-ers.

6) Fauxrumors feels the game did/does NOT need to be altered in such silly/radical ways to make NHL hockey exciting. First we will list some common sense options to improve the game, then we will list some Bettman-like silly options that could be used.

7) Common sense options:
a) League contraction- OK, sorry folks/fans of some of the teams that need to be contracted, as some have won the Cup recently, but that doesn't mean those franchises need to remain: NJ, Carolina,TB, FLA, Phoenix. All could be removed tomorrow and their talent re-distributed among the remaining 25 teams. (We can see being even more draconian, but 5 would be a start)
b) Eliminate the instigator rule/most fighting inhibitors- No we're not advocating a return to the 1975 Flyers days, but fans like to see a 1 on 1 battle. Also, and as important, we feel the recent increase in checking/stick injuries can be traced to the reduction in fighting. No longer are players in fear that they may have to pay for their 'indiscretions'.
c) Allow goalies to wander/handle the puck all they want, BUT once they leave their crease treat them like any other skater. Can be body checked, etc. You'll see far less wandering without silly shapes painted on the ice.
d) Penalties should run to completion- Before the great Habs teams of the 50's, a team could score an unlimited number of PPG's on a minor. They were so good that they changed the rules. Revert it back.

8) Bettman may consider these:
a) Use multiple pucks
b) Leave the injured on the ice
c) Vodka in goalie water bottles d) Instead of a shoot out, have (3) sets of players duke it out at center ice after regulation.
e) Strobe lights periodically/arbitrarily used to confuse goalies

9) We're sure our readers can come up with their own 'common sense' as well as nutty rule changes. Feel free and add your own

Monday, November 27, 2006


1) Firstly, great job FAUXRUMORS 2 on the second annual Power rankings. Its an excellent read. Also good job getting the scoop on the other blogger. Not sure if you will have written about it before this is published, but we got quite a laugh over here!! LOL

2) We are VERY excited to be in 'Hockey Town' tonight. Our seats, as has been the case on most of the trip, are excellent. We're told we are in section 123, lucky Row 13! Definitely NOT the cheap seats. The Stars are in town so it should be a great match up of 2 of the West's better teams.

3) Anyway, hopefully we'll have a chance later today to detail our tail gating schedule, etc. Hope to see all the folks who have expressed an interest in meeting us! See all of ya out there!

HockeyNutz Caught!

1) Our loyal readers will all recognize the name of the blog alluded to above. He, the petulant and frequent contributor/responder has been caught in a lie

2) For the past couple of months he has accused this site of creating fictional bloggers who would respond to our blog. Ofcourse this is nonsense. However, we have learned over the years that folks will often accuse others of things that they themselves do regularly. This is a case in point of this very thing.

3) When FAUXRUMORS made a point that we do NOT accept anonymous bloggers, his site received far fewer responses. Then recently we're told (we don't frequent the site ourselves) the number of responders increased again. Usually with folks with no blogging experience. Then a reader alerted us this morning that in response to his latest posting(some inane report on penalties) the first responder was Hockeynutz himself!! Self congratulating his own post!! Apparently he forgot to 'change his name'. LOL LOL

4) We find this whole episode quite amusing. We're sure he will either erase his mistake, try to say it wasn't him(easily checked), or some other excuse. He should be red faced when he realizes his error! This should once and for all put to bed that He IS the fraud here. Liars are usually caught eventually. His time has come! LOL

Power Rankings!

1) Welcome to the highly anticipated second installment of FAUXRUMORS Power rankings. We will rank each team from 1-30 with a brief sentence/paragraph as to why they are where they are using record, strength of schedule, and other 'intangibles': Last weeks rank in parentheses
1 BUFFALO SABRES(1) - Best skating team in NHL. Continuing their great start. Anything less than a finals appearence would be a disapointment in Buffalo
2 ANAHEIM DUCKS(2) - The best of the West, BUT have played few road games so far. lets see them play this well on the road, then we'll be true believers
3 SAN JOSE SHARKS (6) - Coming on strong. Balanced attack has Sharks looking tough
4 NASHVILLE PREDATORS (13) - These Preds are as dangerous on road as home. Easy sched helps too
5 TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (14)- Raycroft playing well. Sundin-less Leafs played well. Will his return thow off chemistry?
6 - DETROIT RED WINGS (12) Geezers playing well. Soft schedule like Preds, helping too
7 - ATLANTA THRASHERS (3) Have come down a notch, but Hossa-Kolvalchuk combo deadly. If they played the Caps 80 times would be undefeated
8 MONTREAL CANADIENS-(15) Offensive d-man/good goaltending making difference. Niinimaa trade bait?
9 CAROLINA HURRICANES (20)- Champs finally playing like it. Brind'amour found fountain of youth. Should be next messier award winner!
10 EDMONTON OILERS (12)- Playing much more like last spring behind Roloson.
11 DALLAS STARS (5) - Not as a torrid a pace, but still playing well down in Big D.
12 -TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING (22) Finally coming on after slow start. Vote of Confidence fo Tortorella help?
13 -NEW YORK ISLANDERS (25) Nolan has the Isles on war path. Yashin injury could hurt
14 -NEW YORK RANGERS (11) Lundqvist seems to be playing more like last season. Staying home more?
15 -MINNESOTA WILD (4) Injuries slowing the Wild considerably.
16 NEW JERSEY DEVILS (10) - Road blues keeping them down,
17 CALGARY FLAMES (23)- Another team that looks lost on the road.
18 OTTAWA SENATORS (16)- A bit better lately, but Not playing like a contender
19 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (7) Injuries, youth putting Pens where most anticipated
20 - VANCOUVER CANUCKS (9) Luongo can only carry team so far. Miss Bertuzzi? Nah.
21 COLORADO AVALANCHE (21)- Avs hanging in there
22 BOSTON BRUINS (26) - Finally turning the corner? Thomas playing well
23 -LOS ANGELES KINGS (19) Dismal road record dooming their slim playoff aspirations!
24 WASHINGTON CAPITALS (24) - Is this the beginning of the anticipated drop off?
25 PHILADELPHIA FLYERS (30) Improvement to a .500 team, but NOT a playoff team
26 FLORIDA PANTHERS(18) As expected these cats are declawed and easy prey
27 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS (28) - Still suck, but teams below them sucking more
28 - ST. LOUIS BLUES (27) Not unexpected record. Rebuilding=sucking usually.
29 PHOENIX COYOTES (29) - The Great One thanking Columbus for being worse. Time to leave Wayne!
30 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS (17) After promising start, free falling. Can Hitch turn it around? Only if McClean fires himself too!

Early Morning in Mo-Town

1) Just some whispers we';re hearing this early morning in Detroit.
2) We're looking forward to reading FAUXRUMORS2 next installment of their power rankings. we're told it should be out sometime later this morning.
3) We're hearing that things remain dicey in the Ranger locker room with the Jagr and Shanahan factions apparently becoming more polarized. More on this as it develops.
4) Also from the NY area, we're told that the Isles have been shopping their high priced free agent defenseman, Alex Zhitnik. Evidently, Ted Nolan is not too keen on the back liners tendency to take bad penalties. While Zhitnik's work ethic has never been a question, his decisions have been poor.
5) We're told that a trade is NOT imminent, as his salary(3.5 mil, with another year left) will make him a tough sell, but Wang has already given his blessing for Snow to get whatever he can. Possible destinations include the Oilers, as well as the Flyers, who are in desperate need of anyone who can play defense. As always, keep it here for the latest!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Upcomig Events

1) Just a quick note to remind our readers that our second edition of our Power rankings will be released Monday 11/27. We received rave reviews from the inaugural posting.

2) That is the same day that FAUXRUMORS will be resuming their tour of the NHL. they are set to be in the Motor City to see the surging Red Wings. Look for that.

3) FAUXRUMORS also tells us that during the holiday (Thanks Giving) in the U.S. we will be curtailing our coverage briefly, unless a significant story should break, or about to break according to our sources.As always keep it here for the latest

Truth and Rumors?

Truth and Rumors?
1) Those two things usually don't always together, especially these days! Since the start of the season we have read about/heard any number of 'hot rumors' of a big deal about to go down. With the exception of some minor deals, no 'block busters' have occurred. Why?

2) The answer is VERY simple. Its the salary cap, stupid. About 2/3 of the teams in the league currently are so close to the cap max that they can do little in the way of major player move. One source who is in management told FAUXRUMORS last night that its almost impossible to move a big contract(he said anything more than 2 mil/year) to another team before at least two thirds or three quarters of it has already been paid. Meaning don't expect huge deals before the trade deadline.

3) Which leads us to ask, why so many rumors if this is true? Another easy answer, Rumors sell!! Not only the rumor bloggers who charge for 'insider info', but even more pervasive and influential, the print and electronic media. Which reap huge ratings when a tasty rumor is circulated. Some 'journalists' even admit to doing this. With the cap in essence strangulating most possible deals, the writers and broadcasters have been left with much less in factual rumors, and have resorted to creating them.

4) However, although almost everyone already knows this is the case, it will likely continue. One prominent hockey writer who we called, but didn't want his name used, said his editor expects him to 'suggest' at least one possible deal each week when he writes his column. Its been shown that 'folks eat that crap up. So we give them what they want'.

5) For every Thornton deal, there have been literally hundreds of proposed(rumored) deals written about/mentioned during broadcasts. Since it sells don't expect this to change. As a non profit entity FAUXRUMORS does NOT need to create a rumor d'jour, but will only continue to convey credible information from impeccable sources as they are recieved.As always keep it here for the latest

Monday, November 20, 2006

Leadership Award Tears Open Wound?

1) ) The recent awarding of the silly 'Messier Leadership Award' to Brenden Shanahan has apparently made the simmering feud between Jagr and the European contingent on the Rangers, and Shanny and the North Americans, a bit more out in the open.
2) Last season,despite not being the official captain, there was little doubt who the leader was. JJ was the defacto captain both on and off the ice. Being that there was no North American with any significant profile, and the line up was dominated by Czechs/Europeans, there was little apparent problem.
3) With the inking of Brendan Shanahan, along with Cullen and Ward the Rangers changed the make up of their team to an apparent small degree, but with the addition of Shanahan, they also added someone who was used to/comfortable being a leader.
4) Our sources close to the team tells FAUXRUMORS that there was almost instant resentment from Jagr. Players(even many Euros) naturally gravitated towards the affable former Red Wing. The Ranger brass sensing this decided to try to assuage their cranky Czech by making him the captain. Were told this didn't do the trick.
5) Though the two seem to have decent on ice chemistry; working well on the PP unit together, we're told that they almost never converse in the locker room, and never away from the rink. There was almost an uneasy feeling among many teammates. Then last week when the inane award was given to Shanahan, despite JJ leading the league in points. Jagr was enraged. Not directly to Brendan, or management, but one of our sources who speaks Czech said he over heard JJ say some very unflattering things about his fellow 600 goal club team mate.
6) How this will all play out remains to be seen. Its any one's guess if this is partly responsible for the slower start to the Ranger's season. What is likely is that Jagr will be more likely to threaten retirement after this season if Shanahan(on a one year deal) is brought back next season As always we will stay on top of this an all other developments as they occur

Saturday, November 18, 2006

South East Powers

1) First off, had a great time with everyone last evening at Verizon center in D.C.. The pregame at Ruby's was a blast! Being so close(across the street) from the arena the place fills up with hockey fans a good 2 hours before the puck is dropped. We want to thank all who joined us for our now traditional, pregame tail gating.
2) The game itself started a bit slowly, but improved(from a Cane's stand point) from there. Brind'amour seems to have found the fountain of youth as he was flying out there. Along with Whitney and Cole, they seemed to almost be toying with their Cap counter parts at times. It appears after a slow start that the Cup champs are back!
3) Another disappointing crowd. Couldn't have been more than 10K there. After seeing crowds that were near or at capacity out west and in Canada the last week or so in the SouthEast was really a bummer. Although that division possesses the last 2 champs, and some of the best young talent in the league, most teams are struggling at the turnstiles. Sad state of affairs that we hope turns around, and soon!
4) On another note, during yesterday's tailgating, we were discussing the current state of affairs of this site with respect to 'moderation' and the reasons for such. There was total agreement of everyone that the person for whom this was aimed at went WAY over the top, but many of you folks preferred if we opened things back up.
5) They, almost to a man,(and woman) said they usually saw those offensive posts as comic relief, but understood why we will still continue to eliminate any posts that are spam oriented. (contain a reference to a web site) Jerry Larabee and his wife Eunice, were quite persuasive on that issue. LOL Anyway, as this site was started for all of YOU folks out there, we will bend to your wishes.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Back North!

1) Firstly, had a wonderful time in Miami yesterday. Way too short! Could get used to being there from November to March! Anyway the game for the home fans was excellent. Attendance was so-so, but those that were there seemed to have a great time

2) Montreal came out well. Actually carried the play most of the first period. Opposite of Wednesday night where they were outplayed and still led after one. This time it was reversed. In the 2nd and third they started to look like they were a bit tired, and the Panthers pelted and chased David Aebischer in favor of Huet. Who later gave up the hat-trick goal to Ollie Jokinen. A game the Habs will probably want to forget about, and the Panthers will want to try to build upon

3) Tonight we're excited to be in D.C. to see the Cup champs play the up-start Capitals. We saw quite a bit of them during our west coast trip so we're quite familiar with them. Kolzig has looked like he did in his Vezina trophy winning days of 7-8 years ago. Remmber we'll be across the street at Ruby Tuesday's prior to tonight's contest. Looking forward to seeing all of you there, as well as our blog contributor, Antz.

4) Blog Note: Moderation will continue for the time being, but we hope to have that issue rectified soon. Talk/see with all of ya soon!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beach Front Post

1) Not to rub it in, but we wanted to mention that we are now in beautiful Miami at The Sofitel Miami Hotel. Absolutly amazing. Its too bad we're only going to be spending one day/night here. (On that note we're going to be in D.C tomorrow to see the Ovechkins play Carolina. we're set on meeting up at the Ruby Tuesdays across from Verizon center at about 5 for our pregame tail gating)

2)For those planning on attending and looking to say Hi, we'll be in SEC: 118 ROW: 15. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a little while today, and in D.C. tomorrow!

Following The Habs to Miami

1) Firstly, had a great time in Tampa Bay last afternoon/evening. The pregame tailgating with some of the folks there was a nice time for all. A huge thanks to Gary G. and Steven D. for the food! Those arapas were very good!

2) As for the game, the Habs played a very sound road game with Huet keeping Montreal in the game when TB came out flying to start. The PP for the Canadiens loooked pretty good. We know many of their fans don't like Souray, but his stats can't be argued with. If they really are intent on trading him, they probably could get something decent back. The question would be, if they did trade him, how much would the PP unit suffer?

3) Today we're following Montreal to Miami to see the Panthers. Despite losing their last home game to the caps, the cats are a pretty difficult opponent to beat in their 'den'. We will probably have more later today. As always, keep it here for the latest

Latest on the Malkin saga

1) As our loyal readers already know, we here at FAUXRUMORS have been way out in front of most of the major stories/trades since the summer. One of the stories where we have been scooping all other media outlets concerns the NHL's newest superstar, Evgeni Malkin.

2) We were first to alert folks about the necessary clandestine departure from Russia. To escape the clutches of some of that countries more notorious criminals(Who run their hockey leagues). We even had an exclusive interview with one of the more famous underworld figures:

3) With the anticipated positive ruling in court yesterday, denying Malkin's spurned former team: we wanted to update our readers on some of the other issues that we have discussed here about Malkin. Firstly, we confirmed with a VERY reliable source that indeed Malkin and his agent attempted to force a trade before reporting to Pens training camp. For the reason we outlined back then; Malkin did NOT want to play in the shadow of Sidney Crosby.

4) We're told another Eastern Conference team had a deal on the table, but with all the uncertainty/new management in the Pen's organization it quickly fell through and Malkin was told that if he wanted to play NHL hockey this season that it would only be for Pittsburgh

5) With his remarkable start all the talk of trade/discontent has evaporated. Or has it? Our source tells us that the Pens will/are still considering trading Malkin. Not in the short term, but at any point from the trade deadline(if they are out of the playoff picture) through next summer.

6) Why? Simple, finances. In the New NHL a team simply can not afford retain 2 or more super stars and hope to compete (Ask Tampa Bay). In the case of Pittsburgh they may have as many as 4 players that could/may command the max salary when they are eligible (Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Staal)

7) Therefore the Pens we're told will send out feelers later this season to see what might be out there. A block buster of this magnitude would probably be consummated around draft day. Certainly a player of Malkin's pedigree could fetch the Pens a nice hawl of players to compliment their already fine stable of young talent. We will stay on top of this as the season progresses.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Greetings From the Sunshine State

1) Great to be back where there is sun shine and warmth! Well it will be short lived as we will be here in Tampa tonight to see Pinko's Habs, then on to Miami tomorrow for the Panthers, then its right back up to the Verizon Center for Friday night's match up between the Ovechkins and the Cup champs.

2) Our seats tonight in the St. Pete Times Forum are gong to be awesome. For those planning on attending, we'll be in section 115 Row E. Right in the middle of the ice and 5 rows from the ice it seems. Will let you all know tomorrow how it all goes.

3) Those of you who have contacted us on our private line, we plan on meeting about 4:30 or so to do our tailgating. We're told that Gary will be bringing in some sausages and hot dogs for everyone. Steven will be making something he calls arapas, a fried corn meal patty that we're told are sinfully delish. Anyway we will also stay on top of all the latest rumors floating around the league this Wednesday afternoon.

Board Imposters!

1) Its sad, but necessary to report that some of the more vocal minority have begun to make posts using our FAUXRUMORS names. In the past we have never removed posts unless:a) They were spamb) Repeatsc) Impostors here to disrupt the normal discussion of the subject matter

2) We will continue to do this, as well as not allow anonymous posts but will NOT turn to moderating each and every post. We have found that blogs that 'moderate'/censor posts are usually afraid to have contrary opinions. We at FAUXRUMORS are fine with other opinions, but won't allow a very minuscule minority to disrupt the flow of this, the fastest growing hockey rumors blog on the net today!Apologies to the 99.99% of our readers to whom this post does not pertain

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Smoke and Mirrors?

1) A recent Forbes magazine outlined how the NHL is now in the black after the lock out.

2) We find this amazing since: a) Average player salaries are right where they were PRIOR to the work stoppageb) Ticket prices(the life blood of revenue) are about the same or even a bit less in some placesc) TV revenue has decreased to a small degree

3) What did we miss here?? Gary Bettman et. al. have a printing press for money, or more likely was the whole lockout nonsense just a way to rid themselves once and for all of Bob Goodenow?

Question Answered......Again!

1) Below is a link to a post we made a couple of weeks ago. You can skip over the first part(other than we are correct so far on the predictions) However, that's not the reason for this thread. As our blog has grown, and added more new readers, we are continuously asked why we don't respond/defend ourselves against attacks: Below was a response we wrote to answer these questions

2) We knew going in that as we grew in popularity that cranks, liars, cheats, and others who liked to hear(read)themselves would pop in from time to time. We vowed back then, and will continue to, not respond in-kind. Just to set the record strait when/if distorted, then let the chips fall where they do.

3) As we mention in that link/thread from 11/1, judging from reader response, most of you 'get it'. Also Thanks a Bunch for the MANY notes of support we have, and continue to receive!!

4) Post Script: We're heading out in a little while on our way to begin Leg II of our odyssey across the NHL. We're in Raleigh tonight to take in the tilt between the Hurricane and Sabres. We are VERY excited that we decided to go to Carolina for this one. Should be an awesome game. We should be able to post more when we arrive later this afternoon. See Y'all there!

Fun In Carolina

1) What a GREAT time in Carolina yesterday! The game aside, the pre-game fun was awesome! Met some really super nice folks before the game. Most are regular FAUXRUMORS readers. We can't get over how many people love our site and enjoy meeting with us! Thank you all!! We can't acknowledge all, but we want to thank Jim and Mary Kuck for the delish pastries. Also we want to thank Jeff Rothenburg for bringing us all those cold brews.

2) As for the facility and game. Very nice arena. Like some of the other newer arenas we visited out west it was first class. Great amenities and the arena food excellent. Our seats were very good. The game was also very exciting. Well, unless you were a Hurricane fan. Buffalo's speed continues to impress. If they stay healthy, we don't see why they won't be the Conference champs.

3) We are on our way to the sun shine state for a couple of dates down there before heading back north to D.C. Friday. Looking forward to meeting up with all the fine folks in those locals.

The Messier Award?

1) OK, the merits of using Messier aside, where/when/why did this come by? A monthly leadership award?? That has to be one of the more silly reasons for an award we have heard in recent years. The MVP is difficult enough to assess, but to now have to try to figure out what the nebulous term' leadership' means is dam impossible to quantify/qualify.

2) As for making it the Messier Award. We have no problem with that per se, but is he the best leader of all time? He did captain 2 different teams to Cups, but is that the reason? He does have his detractors (Ask a Canuck fan how they feel of his leadership). I'd bet we could easily come up with a list of very deserving folks who the award could have been named after

3) Can a goalie ever win it? You might have some fans of Marty Brodeur or Ollie Kolzig tell you that they are the defacto 'captains' of their respective teams. Also how will it be measured exactly? Maybe getting a Gordie Howe hatrick( goal, assist, fight) might automatically make one the winner? LOL We look forward to seeing who the powers that be deem is the 'best leader'.

Party Animal!

1) As FAUXRUMORS reported exclusively here last month: Lundqvist has become quite the fixture on the local NY bar circuit. As FAUXRUMORS reported at the time, the Garden brass was 'concerned' about his late nights partying.

2) We did some calling to our NY sources to see if this has changed. What we're told is that not only did King Henrik rebuff management's attempts to reign in his bachelor lifestyle, but he actually said that what he does in his free time ' Is my business'. As was mentioned then, Lundqvist has NOT been spotted the night before a game, but when seen, its usually well into the early a.m.

3) This really places the Rangers in a predicament. They can't threaten Lundqvist with demotion or less playing time, as the option of playing Weekes more isn't all that palatable. As was witnessed last week when they started the back up on consecutive nights, it apparently didn't bother Henrik in the least. Most hockey insiders agree, last year's Ranger record was in large part a product of Lundqvist carrying the team. If he plays mediocre, or at the very least not at the top of his game, then the Rangers become a .500 team.

4) No word what the Rangers next option will be. We're told that a trade of Weeks for another back up is being contemplated, but the asking price of Petr Prucha is a bit steep. Stay tuned as this develops!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Say Thanks!

1) Just a quickie note of thanks on this Veterans Day in the U.S. to all those who have/are serving through out the world to protect our freedoms!

2) We urge all our readers from both sides of the border to do the same!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Orr Full of Shit?

1) OK, now that we got your attention, lets talk about why we feel this way. We're alluding to today's comments by the former great defensemen about the latest head injury sustained by Detroit's Jason Williams from a vicious (But clean) check by Edmonton's Raffi Torres.

2) Apparently Orr feels that ANY shots to the heads ANYTIME should be penalized. Says Orr: " if someone puts his shoulder into a player's face, if he puts anything -- an arm, an elbow, a glove -- I think that player should get a penalty." OK, lets forget for a moment that this comes in the wake of a CLEAN check, but if that 'rule' was to become NHL law, imagine the consequences

3) Zedeno Chara would no longer be able to check ANYONE! LOL Seriously, he wouldn't. Any player he hit who was 6+ inches shorter(almost everyone) than he would potentially be drawing a call when hit by the Big Z. A player puts his head down and he can't be touched??? Nonsense!

4) More importantly, it would be yet another way of legislating out of the game what we the paying fans want to see. ( No, not injuries) We want hitting and fast paced action. Now most of us also like a scrap every now and then, but we won't discuss this NHL mistake right now.

5) What would be next start using Nerf pucks and sticks? After all a slap shot going 100 mph can kill someone!

Shake-Up Imminent in Philly/Desert?

1) Sources close to the Philly situation told FAUXRUMORS last night that Flyers owner Ed Snider was furious with their latest non-performance(loss) against the Islanders last night. Not only did they lose, but appeared to be totally uninspired through out most of the contest. Fans were booing the team almost the whole game.

2) We're told that Holmgren has been given the green light to make a deal, if for no other reason than "to shake these assholes up". Though no concrete names were mentioned, we're told not to be surprised to see ANYONE dealt over the upcoming days/weeks in Philly. Even Captain Forsberg could be had for the right price.

3) As for the Desert Dogs, we're being told that a player personnel move is also likely, but in addition the losing is starting to really wear on head coach, Wayne Gretzky. Our people in Phoenix tell us that it won't be too much longer before Gretzky decides that he's had enough and 'moves upstairs'. Evidently the players are even at this early stage, tuning The Great One out. Never a good sign for a coach.As always we at FAUXRUMORS will stay on top of these and any other potential developments!

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Where is Hockey's Mecca?

1)Recently on another thread we had a good natured discussion on where exactly "Hockey's mecca" is located. It spurred us to make a poll.


Eklund Admits Poor Record!

1) We found the Eklund admission, which really was more of a weak explanation, that he was correct about 5% of the time, very amusing.
2) It appears that the paying customers are getting restless over at 'HockeyBuzz', and they are letting the rumor-whore know it! These are his own words: "most of what I write will NEVER happen....Based on what I have learned, only 5%."
3) OK, so if he admits to being WRONG 95% of the time, one can only guess that his track record is even worse than that! We have read in some articles that have discussed Eklund that his actual accuracy is less than 1%!! As we mentioned early on with our blog, we could have our dog randomly crap on a list of NHL players and be as acurate!
4) Whats worse for those poor schlubs who regularly read his tripe, is they are Paying for it!! LOL LOL Hey great for Eklund that he can make money by fooling the masses, but we at FAUXRUMORS we continue to monitor his track record, and will be happy to compare our accuracy rate with that of rumor-whores like Eklund!As always this is a free site, and will stay that way!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Leaving YYZ!

1) We are happy to pronounce the latest leg of the FAUXRUMORS 30 NHL cities Before 07 Tour a complete success!! We had another awesome time in Toronto yesterday. Took a tour of the city which of course had to include the Hockey Hall of Fame. Our favourite part was the collectors corner with memorabilia through the years.

2) Apologies to those who got their shorts in a bunch when we called Toronto the 'Hockey Mecca'. While we understand that the Leafs haven't won in 40 years, the shear number of rabid fans here, coupled with the location of the HOF, simply makes this hockey's epicenter in our opinion.

3) Not that it would ever happen, but we are fairly certain that if not one, but 2 other NHL franchises would relocate (or expand) to the Toronto metro area, All 3 would be viable and financially successful. Don't hold your breathe that this will happen anytime soon. Getting a team in Hamilton alone has been blocked successfully by the Leafs for over 20 years

4) Anyway, we want to thank all of the many fans who were gracious to us through out our travels the past 2 weeks. The next leg of the tour will kick off next week, but with MUCH less travel as we stay in the Eastern time zone. Stay tuned for details.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Somethings Gotta Give?

1) As we wrote about in early October; that it would take GM's about a month or so to assess their rosters before contemplating a deal. Well, that time has expired and some teams are clearly NOT as good as they/many thought they would be.
2) Who are those underachieving teams? Well in the East Philly and Boston are the most obvious choices, but also the Senators and Lightning, though early, couldn't have believed that they would be in the bottom 5 after a dozen games. In the West, Calgary continues to have trouble scoring. Now if this were only a recent problem we wouldn't think its time to panic, BUT this is now a season+, so its officially time to panic in Calgary! Ofcourse Phoenix is also a leading candidate to make a deal with their dreadful start
3) There are also plenty of other 'in between teams', that are doing OK, but have a player or 2 that they would move if given the right deal. There have been plenty of published rumors in recent days. It appears almost every player north of the border has been rumored to be 'on the block'. We won't further muddy the waters by arbitrarily throw out a bunch of names.
4) However we are being told that Calgary is definitely looking to make a change. The problem is that what they are offering back isn't going to get it done. Same with Philly. Even a Forsberg won't fetch the Flyers as much as they think. For one he's an UFA after this year and could easily retire. Secondly, his salary, 5.75 mil won't be easy for most teams to fit into their caps. So unless he were to be dealt late in the season, or for a comparable salary, its unlikely Peter will be going anywhere soon.
As always keep it here for ONLY credible rumors from the most reliable sources!

What We're Hearing This Morning

1) As we await a new post from FAUXRUMORS, we at FAUXRUMORS 2 want to discuss some rumors we have heard today and haven't yet discussed with our other bloggers on the site.

2) We're told that the rumor that Daniel Alfredsson will be traded at some point soon is a bunch of crap. Although discussions HAVE taken place, a well placed source tells FAUXRUMORS 2 that the closest that any of those discussions came was with the NY Islanders who offered Mike York and Trent Hunter. However, it never materialized for a variety of reasons

3) Another somewhat less of a sexy rumor surrounds the Flyers former bench coach, Ken Hitchcock. Contrary to all the talk of a Phoenix connection, we're told that secret negotiations have begun with another Western Conference team, the Blue Jackets. Apparently Jackets GM McClean isn't pleased with the job Gerard Gallant is doing, and is seriously considering a change in leadership.

4) The hitch(no pun) is whether Flyers owner Ed Snyder will allow the former coach, still under contract to bolt to the mid west. Our source says its very likely, but may take a few weeks, and an interim coach may take over if Gallant is fired before Hitchcock is released from his Philly obligation

5) No other credible rumors are currently circulating. certainly if we come across any, you, our loyal readers will be first to know! Keep it here for the latest!

Back East!!

1) Sorry for the brief resbit from posting here. Good article from FAUXRUMORS2 over the weekend on possible locker room discontent in NY. More on that possibly later today.

2) Anyway, had a great 2 weeks in Western Canada and the West coast. Met some great people who we believe will stay as friends, long term. A special word of thanks to the Smiths. Tubby and Missy were a huge help with our tale gating in Phoenix Saturday. Great job folks!

3) Now on to one of the stops we were looking forward to most, Toronto. With all due respect to Montreal, we believe Toronto to be the 'Hockey Mecca', and as such are very excited to be here today! The tickets we are told weren't too easy to come by. As well as being a bit pricey. Basically they are a season ticket holder who resold their seats for us. However they are in section 107, and we are told they are excellent!

4) Anyway, we should be posting more later today. Lots of trade rumor activity that we or FAUXRUMORS 2 may be reprting on. Stay tuned as always!

Saturday, November 4, 2006

Locker Room Discontent?

Locker Room Discontent?
1) After scanning through the rumor's whore latest list on non-rumor-rumors. One of his blurbs that caught our eyes was the mention of locker room problems in N.Y, with Shanahan and Jagr. We aren't surprised at the rift as Jagr isn't really the leader type, but was the defacto captain last year with the Blue Shirts Czech-dominant line up, and thus was given the C this year.

2) Shanahan the leader of the players who undermined former NHLPA honcho, Bob Goodenow, is a strong personality, but can alienate many. Many still hold a grudge over his behind the back maneuvers with lock out negotiations, so its no surprise that he isn't loved by all his team mates in NY

3) Add to this the Weekes distractions, that have been mentioned in the other blog, The Ludqvist partying issues that we discussed last month, and you have the makings of a potential mess in Ranger-land. Ofcourse nothing solves locker room problems like winning, and if the Rangers should begin to regain their 2005-2006 regular season form again, these 'problems' will be forgotten

4) The FAUXRUMORS family of blogs will as always stay on top of all these issues, and report anything we hear to you as soon as we hear it!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Back To La-La Land!

1) After a crazy and all too quick visit to the Bay area/Silicon valley yesterday, its back to tinsel town to see the Ducks tonight. We'll get to see the Ducks take on the Coyotes, then as the schedule would have it, w will be following Gretzky's sextet back to the desert to see them play the Kings tomorrow night before we finally head back to the Eastern time zone for a Monday date in Toronto!

2) We will be heading back on the road shortly. For those who have been e-mailing us with 'where will you be'? Our seats tonight in the Pond are in Section 201, Row R, or behind the goal as we've been told. Looking forward to seeing the Norris twins spin their magic. The Ducks were good last year, and appear to be that much better now with Pronger added and Giguere playing at top form again

3) Anyway, got to scoot. See all of ya there tonight!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

San Jose Thoughts!

1) We have arrived in Silicon valley. We're all geared up for tonight's match up between the sharks and the NY Rangers. The Rangers should be a bit tired playing their 3rd in 4 nights, and needing OT to win last night

2) Our travel agent extraordinaire did it again. Getting us excellent tickets for tonight! We are in Section 120 row 18. We're told that's behind the net the Sharks shot towards twice. Look forward to seeing the Thornton-Cheechoo combo light it up.

3) Those of you who we've been in contact who want to tail gate, we plan on being in the arena parking lot at 5:00. You have our special cell phone number to find our location, but shouldn't be difficult for everyone else as our rental car, a 2006 Corvette in 'Victory red' is hard not to notice, but maybe it will be in this neck of the woods. LOL Look forward to seeing every one later tonight. Now, a short nap! LOL

On The Road Again!

1) This will have to be a shorty. Totally exhausted after last night's exciting OT Penguins victory at the Staple Center. The place is phenomenal, and our seats were excellent.

2) Just a quickie hello and thanks to Jerry and Jackie Mays for supplying us with quite a bit of good tasting vitals for the tail gate, and for all of those who came by to say their hellos. It may not have been our biggest turn out of the trip so far, but everyone was as friendly as anywhere!

3) In a short couple of hours we will again be on the road again. This time by rental car to San Jose. A quirk in our schedule will have us there tonight an back in the LA area to see the Ducks Friday. We would have preferred to spend more time in the Bay area, but perhaps next year.

4) We will try to make another post later today to discuss tonight. Traffic permitting! See all of you soon!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Another FAUXRUMORS Exclusive Affirmed!

1) Many of our loyal/regular readers may recall our story on Ed Belfour and Alex Auld in a scuffle on Long Island. At the time many scoffed that this was another Faux story.

2) Well low and behold official conformation from TSN confirming many aspects of our initial breaking news item: As we mentioned in our original article, we will stay on this and report any developments as they occur

California Dreaming!

1) Sitting in our plush LA Hotel we've made some inquiries into some of the rumors we've been hearing the last few days.
2) Lots of crazy rumors emanating from Canada, as always. Now we're reading that the sens are looking to trade Alfredsson. To LA of all places! Also, and naturally Calgary AND Ottawa are supposedly talking trade. OK, as the voice of reason, this is what we're being told/hearing from sources close to all those teams is that nothing is imminent! So relax folks, we are told not to expect much of anything before Turkey day at the earliest!
3) Now about some of our readers have asked why we don't defend ourselves from some of the more scurrilous accusations. The answer is that we feel that we do. Usually our 'Attack Dog', if you want to call them that is FAUXRUMORS 2, but we have discussed with them that we don't want to get involved in a pissing contest with a disgruntled or mentally challenged reader.
4) We feel its best to just make our case, spell it out, and allow our readers to decide. Judging from the responses we have been getting, most understand that there is a very minuscule, but local minority who feel a need to be contradictory, lie to make a point, or even be down right nasty. If a fellow reader wants to respond, that's fine, but as a general rule we will not get involved in such activity.
5) This is one reason we don't allow anonymous posts. Anyone is free to say what they want(outside of advertising or repeats) as long as they identify themselves for fellow readers.
Anyway, enough of this, lets get back to hockey!

Early Morn in La-La Land

1) Hello all, FAUXRUMORS the world travelers here once again! LOL Today we're in Southern California. Very excited about tonight's match up. Going to see the Pens and Sidney Crosby along with rookie sensations Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal.

2) Our very capable travel agent extraordinaire was able to get us some pretty decent tickets tonight. If you're in town and planning on attending, look for us in Section 110, row 20! The usual FAUXRUMORS crew should be on hand! E-mail us( if you want to join us for our ritual pre game tail gating this afternoon/eve.

3) We are hearing a lot of static out there with the chatter increasing as we discussed in Calgary a few days ago. As we always try to do we will only reveal what we feel are CREDIBLE rumors from usually reliable sources. As we always say: We have NO paying customers, so we have no need to create a rumor to satisfy/mollify people's appetite for news.
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