Thursday, November 16, 2006

Latest on the Malkin saga

1) As our loyal readers already know, we here at FAUXRUMORS have been way out in front of most of the major stories/trades since the summer. One of the stories where we have been scooping all other media outlets concerns the NHL's newest superstar, Evgeni Malkin.

2) We were first to alert folks about the necessary clandestine departure from Russia. To escape the clutches of some of that countries more notorious criminals(Who run their hockey leagues). We even had an exclusive interview with one of the more famous underworld figures:

3) With the anticipated positive ruling in court yesterday, denying Malkin's spurned former team: we wanted to update our readers on some of the other issues that we have discussed here about Malkin. Firstly, we confirmed with a VERY reliable source that indeed Malkin and his agent attempted to force a trade before reporting to Pens training camp. For the reason we outlined back then; Malkin did NOT want to play in the shadow of Sidney Crosby.

4) We're told another Eastern Conference team had a deal on the table, but with all the uncertainty/new management in the Pen's organization it quickly fell through and Malkin was told that if he wanted to play NHL hockey this season that it would only be for Pittsburgh

5) With his remarkable start all the talk of trade/discontent has evaporated. Or has it? Our source tells us that the Pens will/are still considering trading Malkin. Not in the short term, but at any point from the trade deadline(if they are out of the playoff picture) through next summer.

6) Why? Simple, finances. In the New NHL a team simply can not afford retain 2 or more super stars and hope to compete (Ask Tampa Bay). In the case of Pittsburgh they may have as many as 4 players that could/may command the max salary when they are eligible (Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Staal)

7) Therefore the Pens we're told will send out feelers later this season to see what might be out there. A block buster of this magnitude would probably be consummated around draft day. Certainly a player of Malkin's pedigree could fetch the Pens a nice hawl of players to compliment their already fine stable of young talent. We will stay on top of this as the season progresses.

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