Wednesday, November 1, 2006

California Dreaming!

1) Sitting in our plush LA Hotel we've made some inquiries into some of the rumors we've been hearing the last few days.
2) Lots of crazy rumors emanating from Canada, as always. Now we're reading that the sens are looking to trade Alfredsson. To LA of all places! Also, and naturally Calgary AND Ottawa are supposedly talking trade. OK, as the voice of reason, this is what we're being told/hearing from sources close to all those teams is that nothing is imminent! So relax folks, we are told not to expect much of anything before Turkey day at the earliest!
3) Now about some of our readers have asked why we don't defend ourselves from some of the more scurrilous accusations. The answer is that we feel that we do. Usually our 'Attack Dog', if you want to call them that is FAUXRUMORS 2, but we have discussed with them that we don't want to get involved in a pissing contest with a disgruntled or mentally challenged reader.
4) We feel its best to just make our case, spell it out, and allow our readers to decide. Judging from the responses we have been getting, most understand that there is a very minuscule, but local minority who feel a need to be contradictory, lie to make a point, or even be down right nasty. If a fellow reader wants to respond, that's fine, but as a general rule we will not get involved in such activity.
5) This is one reason we don't allow anonymous posts. Anyone is free to say what they want(outside of advertising or repeats) as long as they identify themselves for fellow readers.
Anyway, enough of this, lets get back to hockey!

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