Thursday, November 2, 2006

San Jose Thoughts!

1) We have arrived in Silicon valley. We're all geared up for tonight's match up between the sharks and the NY Rangers. The Rangers should be a bit tired playing their 3rd in 4 nights, and needing OT to win last night

2) Our travel agent extraordinaire did it again. Getting us excellent tickets for tonight! We are in Section 120 row 18. We're told that's behind the net the Sharks shot towards twice. Look forward to seeing the Thornton-Cheechoo combo light it up.

3) Those of you who we've been in contact who want to tail gate, we plan on being in the arena parking lot at 5:00. You have our special cell phone number to find our location, but shouldn't be difficult for everyone else as our rental car, a 2006 Corvette in 'Victory red' is hard not to notice, but maybe it will be in this neck of the woods. LOL Look forward to seeing every one later tonight. Now, a short nap! LOL

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