Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Board Imposters!

1) Its sad, but necessary to report that some of the more vocal minority have begun to make posts using our FAUXRUMORS names. In the past we have never removed posts unless:a) They were spamb) Repeatsc) Impostors here to disrupt the normal discussion of the subject matter

2) We will continue to do this, as well as not allow anonymous posts but will NOT turn to moderating each and every post. We have found that blogs that 'moderate'/censor posts are usually afraid to have contrary opinions. We at FAUXRUMORS are fine with other opinions, but won't allow a very minuscule minority to disrupt the flow of this, the fastest growing hockey rumors blog on the net today!Apologies to the 99.99% of our readers to whom this post does not pertain

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