Monday, November 27, 2006

HockeyNutz Caught!

1) Our loyal readers will all recognize the name of the blog alluded to above. He, the petulant and frequent contributor/responder has been caught in a lie

2) For the past couple of months he has accused this site of creating fictional bloggers who would respond to our blog. Ofcourse this is nonsense. However, we have learned over the years that folks will often accuse others of things that they themselves do regularly. This is a case in point of this very thing.

3) When FAUXRUMORS made a point that we do NOT accept anonymous bloggers, his site received far fewer responses. Then recently we're told (we don't frequent the site ourselves) the number of responders increased again. Usually with folks with no blogging experience. Then a reader alerted us this morning that in response to his latest posting(some inane report on penalties) the first responder was Hockeynutz himself!! Self congratulating his own post!! Apparently he forgot to 'change his name'. LOL LOL

4) We find this whole episode quite amusing. We're sure he will either erase his mistake, try to say it wasn't him(easily checked), or some other excuse. He should be red faced when he realizes his error! This should once and for all put to bed that He IS the fraud here. Liars are usually caught eventually. His time has come! LOL

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