Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pens-Canes Swap?

Pens-Canes swap?
The latest nonsense from rumor-whore, Eklund has the Penquins and Hurricane discussing the trade of 2005 Cane's 1st rounder Jack Johnson for 2006 1st rounder Jordan Staal.
There are so many reasons to dismiss this silly rumor. Chief among these is the fact that the Penquins are currently in negotiations to be sold.
Therefore don't expect any big personnel moves until that is finalized. Secondly, and as important, if this was going to take place it would have happened in June at the draft, NOT in September right before/at the time of training camp!!Does the swap make sense speaking soley upon how it would help each team? Sure, but much more needs to be taken into account other than that. Certainly more would seem to warrant making up another unfounded rumor.
We here at FAUXRUMRS have made inquiries to see if what the rumor-whore said had any validity. We were told that only preliminary discussions took place BEFORE THE DRAFT!! This has NOT been discussed since.Might it come to fruition at some point? Sure, anything is possible.
The Hurricanes are deep at defense right now, but I'd say they'd prefer to move Teverdovsky if that are in the market to trade away a rear guard at all. This in fact just yet another in a long series of unfounded rumors perpetuated by Eklund to try to feed his hungry followers raw meat, where none exist.As always, keep it here at FAUXRUMORS for he latest in actual faux rumors

Brad To Canes

The Isbister to Carolina signing came as no big surprise to most. We heard about the Hurricane's interest at about the same time as the Tanabe rumor appeared, but since we felt it wasn't newsworthy decided it didn't merit mention.How Brad can still get people to offer him a one way contract is beyond us. He has/had a world of talent, but has never put it together, or had an injury free season.The 'next Keith Tkachuk', never quite lived up to the billing. We here at FAUXRUMORS wish Brad the best in his latest try to resurrect his career. He's a good guy, but in our opinion is a major underachiever.No other news on the free agent front. Our source on LI tells us the DiPietro negotiations are progressing. Wang himself is directly involved. We're told there is no acrimony at all. All that needs to be agreed upon is how many years does Ricky want to commit to. The Islanders are apparently prepared to give him 'top money'.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Eklund Trash!

More nonsense from the 'rumor-whore', Eklund. Today he's trying to sell his paying customers that the Canadiens are going to soon make a deal. Ofcourse he hedges his bets by not being commital to who/where. One of his paying customers below got a bit annoyed:Ek, you've been saying for weeks now that the habs were about to make a trade or something... You also stated all along the Dumont saga that the habs were the most likely to get him. By the way, you never mentionned Nashville as a possibility...So, none of that happened. Am I really supposed to believe that "Montreal isn't done with its roster" after so many unfulfilled rumours?Amazing that anyone would take what he writes as anything but educated guesses/regurgitating written rumor/out and out lies. Whats worse, people are paying for the privelege to read this tripe! We here at FAUXRUMORS will continue to comment on the 'rumor whore' to let as many who will listen see what he really is!

Other Shoe?

Our many sources tell us that now that the 'Dumont sweep stakes' is over look for Carter and a couple of the other remaining unsigned players to be snatched up in the upcoming days. The teams that were spurned by Dumont, may now up their pursuit of Carter. Perhaps his waiting it out will pay off and he'll get that multi year deal he's been seeking all summer. Right now the front runners are Detroit and LA, but don't be at all surprised to see a return to the east if those teams drop out, though right now the most chatter is coming from the Motor City

TooToo to the Isles?

In response to a recent published report that the predators may make a few roster changes following the Dumont signing, FAUXRUMORS made some inquiries with our sources to see who might be on the block, and where that player(s) may be traded.We were told that although they like him Jorden Tootoo is expendable right now. He could probably be had for a 2nd or 3rd round pick(s).It appears that the Islander's Ted Nolan is a huge Tootoo fan, and covets bringing him to the Isles to infuse his unique enthusiasm on what is a lack luster roster.We're told that this deal isn't imminent, but could very well be completed before training camps open in 2 weeks.As always stay tuned to FAUXRUMORS for the latest

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dumont to Preds!

Our sources were just a tad unclear of which western team that JP was being perused by. Sometimes these sources are too close to the negotiations to allow too much information to be printed, else a deal could fall through.We're told that the clincher on this deal was a call to J.P. from Barry Trotz. He convinced Dumont that Nashville was on the cusp of being a Cup contender this season, and all but assured him of 'plenty of quality ice time'.We're told Montreal never was interested in his services at all despite early overtures by Dumont's agent

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Brian Leetch- FAUXRUMORS has learned his agent is in talks with a NY area team.

Dumont- Still hearing Buffalo by September, but the west coast team has upped the ante, possibly offering Dumont that extra year he wants. Still nothing from the Habs despite what others are still saying

David Tanabe- The latest is the Hurricanes have jumped into the pool of prospective teams. Rangers and Oilers remain in the mix

Viktor Kozlov- Caps still have interest, but Viktor isn't impressed with their roster. The Kings and Thrashers also on his radar

Yanic Perreault- Another potential Washington Cap. Won't be announced until September

Anson Carter- Still hearing Vancouver especially if they come up with 2 years 2+ mil. Rangers continue to show interst. Toronto becoming more of a long shot, but aren't out of it yet.As always keep it here for the latest!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Latest Fauxrumors for 8/24/06

Here's what we have been hearing concerning the remaining free agents:Dumont- Buffalo by September. Habs never had much interest despite what others were sayingDavid Tanabe- Mulling over offers from the Rangers and Oilers. Oilers have upper hand right nowViktor Kozlov- Caps have interest, but Viktor prefers a contender. He will decide in 1-2 weeksYanic Perreault- Caps. probably announced by september unless they can get a better center thorough a tradeAnson Carter- Stays in Vancouver if they come up with 2 years 2+ mil. Else a return to the Big apple is possibleAs always keep it here for the latest fauxrumors!!

Carter and race card?

Reports that have yet to surface in the mainstream media tell FAUXRUMORS that Anson Carter and his agent are getting the impression that part of the reason that his client seems to not be getting the respect/offers he deserves is his race.Our people close to the 32 year old Toronto native tell FAUXRUMORS that Anson is getting fed up with the lack of quality offers. He assumed that after putting up good numbers this past season for Vancouver that the offers would flood in come July 1. Even his old team the Canucks barely offered a modest raise from last season's salary. Opting instead to give the 'ultra whitey' Sedin twins lucrative long term deals.If one were to look at Carter's career it appears that despite putting up decent numbers he will soon be on his 8th team in 10 years. Now this may be only be a smoke screen by the Carter people to place more pressure on interested clubs, but it does seem to have merit based upon his frequent movement. Can the same be said for fellow African Kevin Weekes, who also has moved as much as Carter in his career. ( Though the ladder has other issues discussed in another blog)Its not known if these allegations will eventually go public, possibly embarrassing Gary Bettman and the NHL. Thus far the NHL has avoided such racial issues, with the possible exception of the banishing of native Canadian coach Ted Nolan.We here at FAUXRUMORS will continue to bring the latest of this story as it develops.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Malkin Sent Message?

No word yet, but rumors are a flying that among the presumed dead passengers on the ill fated Russian airliner that went down over the Ukraine today were members of the Malkin extended family. Sources tell FAUXRUMORS that it is possible that one of Malkin's uncles was on a business trip to Kiev and it wouldn't be unusual for 'accidents' of this kind to be caused by malfunctioning equiptment. Those kind of accidents can be arranged by greasing the palms of the ground crews who are rarely background checked.
Stay tuned here for the latest as it becomes available

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Malkin Still Wants Trade

Apparently earlier today Malkin flew from his hide away in Brighten Beach NY to LA to huddle with his agent. Our sources tell us that they are making overtures to a few eastern conference teams in an effort to spur them to make an offer to Pittsburgh.
The rumor earlier concerning a possible Montreal trade, was but one possible deal, though so far other than this site no others are publicly stating why malkin is suddenly 'available'.The reason as outlined 2 weeks ago exclusively here at FAUXRUMORS is the fact that Malkin has let it be known that he does NOT want to play in Crosby's shadow his whole career. He'd rather get his start in the NHL with a club where he can eventually become THE star.
That would seem to exclude the Pens and probably DC where Ovechkin is The man.
Malkin apparently wouldn't mind a deal to Montreal where fellow Russian Alex Kovalev plays, or NY where one of his boyhood idols Jaromir Jagr skates. He also wouldn't mind a city where there is a large Russian speaking population. So NY would seem to be his ultimate pick of where to end up, but thus far no credible rumors have surfaced to believe that NY GM Glen Sather has made a pitch for the 20 year old Russian pivot.As always stay tuned to FAUXRUMORS for the latest.

Malkin Sighted

Malkin sighting!! Our sources in N.Y have made a tentative Malkin sighting. Apparently he was spotted in Brighten Beach NY.A Russian enclave in NYC that also is the reputed US base of operations for the Russian mob. Its not certain yet if he's there of his own will, or under house arrest. Our man on the scene did say that he looked a bit disheveled, but able to walk on his own.We ofcourse will keep our loyal readers updated as information becomes available

Monday, August 14, 2006

No News on Malkin

We at fauxrumors have tried to reconnect with our friend Semion Mogilevich, the reputed Russian God Father, to ask him what he knows about the where abouts of Malkin. Thus far our calls are going unanswered.
We are quite concerned about his well being. When we spoke with Mr. Mogilevich it was before the disappearance, but he alluded to that as being a possibility. Its all conjecture at this point, but the possibilities exist that Malkin may have fled from the team to escape from the grasp of the mob, and needed to sign that contract last week in an effort to throw them off until he could safely get his family out of the country.
Still another well placed source maintains that this is all a smoke screen to get his rights traded away from Pittsburgh, as malkin doesn't want to play in Crosby's shadow.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My Conversation With Russian 'God Father'

As many of the regulars to this blog already have heard I had a conference call this afternoon with reputed Russian mob boss, Semion Mogilevich. Amazingly he was on time for our discussion. I'm not a fluid Russian speaker. I can say a few phrases, and read/write a bit, but not enough to do the interview without the assistance of an interpreter. I must say she was hot! The lovely Alla Lebedev did the translating for me. Imagine Anna Kourakova with a brain, and you can picture Alla!
Anyway I won't bore you, my loyal readers with too many details. I went right to the most important subject that we're all interested in; the fate of Evegny Malkin. Of course Mr. Mogilevich denied involvement in any illegal activities. I didn't try to push that issue since its mute. I did ask him to describe what factors 'may' have led Malkin to decide to stay in Russia after staing all along he was going to leave. He was evasive, but eventually stated in an off hand way that malkin owed the owner of his team.
Not money in the direct sense, but he owed hi for getting the opportunity to become the player he has become. He explained that in Russia, unlike North America, its not easy to get equipotent, icetime and coaching. In return for the above a player basically signs away his child hood and early adulthood to the team owners, who are usually rich oil tycoons, government big wigs, Russian Mafia, or all 3.
He states if Malkin were to have left early without permission, and no compensation from Pittsburgh, in the best case scenario his extended family would likely lose their jobs, and in the worst case, succumb to 'accidents' or illness. Therefore without a transfer agreement with the NHL, he really didn't have a choice.There's more, but I don't want to write a book here. If any of you have a question, feel free.
As always stay tuned as I will keep you apprised of this developing situation.

Russian mob implicated with Malkin?

No, the big Russian star isn't part of the Russian version of Cosa Nostre, but his seeming 180 on deciding to stay in Russia this year is a direct response to the folks with crooked noses and Cossack hats.
Apparently the mob there is heavily invested in the local hockey league. Malkin being the biggest star out side of the NHL, and technically under contract there, is their biggest draw.If he were to opt out of his contract it was feared that it would cause an avalanche of similar situations of players simply leaving and the teams getting no compensation for the loss.
Our sources tell us that Malkin's agent was informed that Malkin could leave Russia and play in the NHL this year, but they couldn't be held responsible for the 'safety' if his family who remained in Russia. A thinly veiled threat of violence against his extended family if he chose to spurn his Russian team for the Penguins.Malkin simply had no choice these sources tell FAUXRUMORS
However, we here also remain stead fast in our original positioned malkins decision is more to get dealt away from the Penguins and the shadow of Crosby

Monday, August 7, 2006

Malkin Not Coming?

Our inside sources in Moscow have told me that Evgeny Malkin will NOT be coming to North America to play for the penguins this fall. This despite what we were told last week. Our sources who know Malkin personally have told us its not the transfer agreement, or any problems with money.Malkin does not want to play with the Pens because he wants to be " The Star", and on Pittsburgh, as long as a certain # 87 is there, all others will be second best.malkin has always the star of his teams, and would rather force a trade than to be the Pens second line center behind El-Sid.He chose today to make this public as its Crosby's birthday, to further throw it into the Pens faces.I'm hearing his new agent is trying to force the Pens into trading his rights to another Eastern conference team. Preferably the Rangers as Malkin's idol growing up was Jaromir Jagr, but he would probably be happy to play anywhere but Pittsburgh or D.C. where Ovechkin is the top banana.
Stay tuned as this develops

Friday, August 4, 2006

Making up Shit?

Friday, August 04, 2006

To start this blog a question: Why is it that the Internet seems to now be inundated by assholes who think they are important because they have a blog that makes up goofy rumors? Look at that Eklund guy. He's making some serious change off a large number of losers who pay him money for the privilege of getting the first whiff of his bullshit. Then they are given a chance to respond.What do you think his track record is? A recent published report has his % of correct rumors coming to fruition at .5%. Now my dog can shit on a piece of paper with all the NHL rosters on it and hit the target as often. Yet, people flock to read the nonsense he publishes each day. Therefore, we're not going to do the same, we're going to be up front about the fact that this is not going to be 100% made up crap. We will probably be correct more often as that dick from Philly who charges money.
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