Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In Shy-Town!

1) Sorry we didn't get to post about our trip to see the Blues in St. Louis last night. We all had a great time, and want to thank all the folks who turned out to greet us, and had a few adult beverages with us prior to the game.

2) The game itself wasn't exactly a barn burner with San Jose looking pretty sound/impressive in shutting down the Blues. They did have some good chances, especially early, but Toskala was up to the challenge.

3) The crowd size was a huge disappointment. We were in this building a few years ago and it was jam packed and very loud. If there were 6,000(announced 9,000)it was a lot. Kinda depressing to see the demise of this franchise. hopefully JD will turn it around soon

4) Speaking of depressing, we're in Chicago to see one of the original 6 teams play the Stars. From talking with some of our readers who are 'hawks fans, many or most are disillusioned with their once proud team. They do have some promising young players, but as of yet the corner has not been turned. Injuries have again ravaged the team. It appears another non-playoff year is in the offing. This will be our first trip to the new building. The old Chicago Stadium could never be duplicated and we don't expect the newer digs will. We also expect another small crowd like we had last night.

5) We are VERY excited to be shuffling off to Buffalo after tonight to see the high flying Sabres against their cross state rival rangers on Friday. The weather forecast could make this interesting as a snow storm may be brewing in the great lakes this weekend. Oh no, not another snow storm!! LOL

6) Nice job by FAUXRUMORS 2 on their story outlining the NHL's decrease in scoring and what can/will be done. It seems to have caused a nice discussion among some of our readers. Talk with all of you tomorrow!

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