Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Coach?

1) After the recent firing of Blues coach Mike Kitchen, and coming into the 1/3 pole of the NHL season, we can see a few teams that seem to be under performing or could benefit from new leadership from behind the bench.

2) One that comes to mind first are the Pittsburgh Penguins. Night in and night out their play a totally undisciplined game. Their team defense is so amazingly poor. This despite having some very talented players. We believe a tougher, more disciplined oriented coach would do this team wonders. They are playing better this season, but we feel with a better coach they could/should be significantly better!

3) Speaking of Mike Kitchen, he got a raw deal in St Louis. Anyone think they'd be any better? Certainly not. They assemble a bunch of old guys who's best days are 10 years ago. Have defense and goaltending that are really AHL quality, then they lose a bunch of games. HMMM, what a surprise! Shame on new club President John Davidson for this move now. The reincarnation of Toe Blake wouldn't make this team any better!

4) Phoenix. No, we don't believe they are a playoff team, but its time for The Great One to face facts; He's NOT a good coach. He may have helped assemble the Canada gold medal team from 2002, (But with all that available talent we could have done that too!) but other than that we fail to see where he has shown any proclivity at management of a hockey team? Time to step aside Wayne and allow a real coach/to take the reigns.

5) Calgary- Time for Sutter to suck it up and proclaim that the Larry Playfair experiment is a failure. This team would be in a huge hole if not for the consistently stellar goaltending of Miikka Kiprusoff. They can NOT score, period. Luckily they are in arguably the weakest division in the NHL, else their woes would be even more pronounced. We would also give Mr. Sutter some blame as he assembled this group, but the coach has to take the majority of the blame here.

6) Ottawa- Yes, Bryan Murray has always had success where ever he has gone BUT he has NEVER WON ANYTHING! We believe that its time for Muckler to see that Murray is not the answer to the Senators problems. They lost a lot of talent to free agency, but still possess a formidable roster that is significantly underachieving. People close to the club tell FAUXRUMORS that he has lost the team in many ways. The vets are tuning him out, and the younger guys simply don't respect his subtle and not so subtle abrasive style. Its still early enough to change things for this team, only 2 points out of the playoffs, but on paper they are at least as good if not better as Montreal who they trail by 6 points. We also believe Muckler deserves blame for signing Gerber to be their #1 goalie, but overall this team has been a disappointment from the tender on out! A change would definitely help

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