Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Party Animal!

1) As FAUXRUMORS reported exclusively here last month:http://fauxrumors.blogspot.com/2006/10/its-good-to-be-king.html#linksHenrik Lundqvist has become quite the fixture on the local NY bar circuit. As FAUXRUMORS reported at the time, the Garden brass was 'concerned' about his late nights partying.

2) We did some calling to our NY sources to see if this has changed. What we're told is that not only did King Henrik rebuff management's attempts to reign in his bachelor lifestyle, but he actually said that what he does in his free time ' Is my business'. As was mentioned then, Lundqvist has NOT been spotted the night before a game, but when seen, its usually well into the early a.m.

3) This really places the Rangers in a predicament. They can't threaten Lundqvist with demotion or less playing time, as the option of playing Weekes more isn't all that palatable. As was witnessed last week when they started the back up on consecutive nights, it apparently didn't bother Henrik in the least. Most hockey insiders agree, last year's Ranger record was in large part a product of Lundqvist carrying the team. If he plays mediocre, or at the very least not at the top of his game, then the Rangers become a .500 team.

4) No word what the Rangers next option will be. We're told that a trade of Weeks for another back up is being contemplated, but the asking price of Petr Prucha is a bit steep. Stay tuned as this develops!

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