Thursday, December 14, 2006

GoodBye To 2 U.S Greats?

1) Two of the best U.S. born forwards appear to be on the precipice of retirement this early morning. Roenick's decision to walk out on the Phoenix Coyotes after being benched Tuesday night could spell the end to his impressive career More on that in a bit. Also, we're told that John LeClair is also close to a decision to hang them up.
2) We're told of the two former all stars, LeClair is closer to being done. A decision may come as early as later this afternoon. We talked with Friends of John late yesterday. They told FAUXRUMORS that John did NOT want to retire, but if it came time to decide between playing in the minors or ending his career, he would want to go out as an NHL-er. After not being claimed for nothing twice over the past 10 days, it appears that no one is interested in the 37 year old forward with a cranky back. Unless a team suddenly steps up(unlikely) its very possible that LeClair will decide to retire instead of playing in Scranton or be placed on suspension from the Pens.
3) As for Roenick, the story is far less clear. He has exactly 1 goal in 28 games thus far, and had the nerve to complain that he was benched. This didn't sit well with bench boss, and part owner, Wayne Gretzky. The Great One thought he could count on Roenick for veteran leadership, but instead he has become one of the teams many headaches. If he was producing even marginally things may be different, but a complainer/trouble maker who is NOT producing is a cancer that needs to be excised.
4) Roenick may very well find himself in a similar position as LeClair, on waivers with no takers. We're told that Wayne has had it with Jeremy, and GM Barnett would also love to get rid of him if he could find a taker for just about anything! If not, look for the soon to be 37 year old forward to be waived.

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