Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trade Explosion?

1) From the amount and number of trade rumors we've been hearing from our voluminous sources through out the league we feel we are getting very close to a relative explosion of deals. The word on the street is that the Conroy trade, as minor as it is may have been, helped push a few reticent GMs over the edge and who may want to move now rather than wait till the deadline in 4 weeks. After all, another month and 10-15 games later could be the difference between watching and participating in late April hockey. And the playoffs is what makes the big dollars for teams

2) On that front since we last discussed this issue it appears that there are now a few more teams that are looking like they will be sellers. In the West Phoenix despite their recent better play finds themselves 10 points out of a spot and thus Mike Barnett is now listening more intently to offers. As we at FAUXRUMORS have stated a few times, the front runners to a Phoenix sell off are the N.Y. Rangers. Glen Sather covets impending UFA, Shane Doan. the hold up is what Barnett has been asking. Sather has been reluctant to trade any of his top prospects and instead would prefer to deal away a combination of picks, and/or a 3rd/4th line roster player. Doan will be sought after by many teams so sather may have to bite the bullet on this if he truly want Doan on Broadway. Else he may have to 'settle' for Scatchard who would be very attainable for a mid round pick

3) Players who are NOT likely to be moved are Darcy Tucker, Todd Bertuzzi, and Peter Forsberg. All 3 have health issues for starters. The Leafs are still very much in the race, so its doubtful they'd deal one of their leading scorers now. Forsberg has been discussed enough lately so we won't rehash that issue. Bertuzzi is a more interesting case. The Panthers are holding on to their playoff hopes by a thread. In reality they are out of it. They could stand to lose Todd for nothing if they don't deal him but what team would risk much of anything on a player who hasn't played a meaningful game in 4+ months? Therefore we believe the Panthers will retain Bertuzzi and hope to resign him before July 1

4) Another team that is sure to soon to be dealing are the St. Louis Blues. Specifically Keith Tkachuk, Billy Guerin, and Eric Brewer. Of the three Tkachuk has a no trade clause. meaning he will have some say so where he ends up. But he WILL be dealt. Several teams have expressed interest. The most intriguing is a recent rumor that San Jose is interested in bringing in big Keith. That would improve an already formidable line up going into the post season. The Stars are quite interested in bringing back Guerin. They didn't want to lose him in the first place, but in the cap age his salary was beyond what his production afforded. The Stars could definitely use his scoring prowess. Brewer has been rumored to be going to many teams. The defenseman has been a bit of an enigma since arriving on Long Island a few years back. He would be a decent addition for a team in need of blue line depth, but his addition won't change the balance of power anywhere. The Flames are the team we're hearing the most in discussions of Brewer.

5) These are just a few of the players we're hearing a lot about the last few weeks. We will update these and others as the days go by. As always keep it here for the latest!

Dryden Honored

1) It was a LONG over due celebration of one the game's all time great goalies when the Montreal Canadians finally celebrated and retired ole # 29 the other night. Dryden was frequently overlooked and not given the due he earned because many at the time felt his team was great due to an amazingly strong roster and masterfully coached by Scotty Bowman.

2) However, those of us who can recall watching hockey from the old Forum know differently. Sure those teams featured an array of Hall of Famers, but then, like now, without a great goalie, a team can not truly be 'great'. Dryden used his huge frame to his advantage. Playing the angles as good as anyone before or since.

3) Now that Ken's # 29 is in the rafters, it makes another over site all the more egregious. When will Larry Robinson get his night? If it is already planned, we apologize to the Habs organization. If it is not, we have to ask, no scream, why????

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Morning Musings

1) The Conroy deal was no surprise, but its hardly a huge deal in our opinion. Conroy is NOT the player he was 2-3 years ago His numbers have slipped significantly, and his age(36) is probably beginning to show. From a Calgary perspective they didn't appear to give up too much anyway. Lundmark is a BUST and a 2nd and 4th rounder isn't anything these days for a playoff team to give up.All in all this deal isn't going to tip the balance of power in the tight NW division.

2) One has to wonder how much longer Dave Lewis will last in Bean-Town. His Bruins were trounced last night by a mediocre Ranger team, further injuring their slim playoff hopes. Many thought the Bruins were poised to return to the post season after acquiring FA's Zdeno Chara and Mark Savard; The cream of the UFA's last summer.

3) Thus far the team has been a big disappointment, and as usual the coach is first to feel the heat. New GM Peter Chirelli will likely be pressured from on high(Harry Sinden) to make some changes. While personnel changes are possible, it is becoming more likely that a change behind the bench could be soon forthcoming. Its to bad as Dave is a good guy who we at FAUXRUMORS have known since his Islander playing days. Unfortunately, he may be one of those who is a better fit as an assistant and not the top man.

Forsberg Follies Continue

1) It appears that the Peter Forsberg situation just won't be resolved easily. We first reported a month or so ago that Peter decided that he didn't want to waive his no trade clause and wanted to use the extra time off to rest his injured body

2) Late yesterday we received mixed signals in the media. Some outlets went with a story that Forsberg agreed to waive the clause so the Flyers could trade him to a Cup contender, while another report states that Forsberg is denying he did that. Throwing the whole situation back into chaos/uncertainty

3) We asked our reliable Philly source late last night to see what he could tell us about this silly, and apparently fluid situation. What he has been able to discern from talking with unnamed club officials is that Forsberg DID propose waiving the clause IF the Flyers would agree to a hand shake deal that would include "making Forsberg the highest paid Flyer next year with a player option for a second season".

4) Apparently this fact slipped out of the Holmgren meeting, infuriating Forsberg. Now what Peter will decide to do is any one's guess. There is now a stronger possibility that Forsberg will play out his contract and go back to Europe for good. However, don't count out the Flyers from trying again to prod Peter once more. What is certain the next few weeks will be interesting in Philly.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Saskin Safe!

1) OK, first a warning, the following post will contain references to union-NHL strife and mention of salary cap issue. If these things cause your eyes to glaze over, you have been warned. ; )

2) The latest salvo in the never ending Players Association head Ted Saskin-vs- the minority of players unhappy with his hiring is the hiring of an independent auditor/investigator to find if Mr. Saskin was hired appropriately or if it was done illegally

3) Some, like union flunky Larry Brooks wrote in his column yesterday that he believes that this move is the beginning of the end of Saskin's tenure as PA head.

4) However, we believe this idea is fool hearty OK, Now we don't disagree with Brooks' argument that the current PA head Saskin is a Bettman butt-buddy, and perhaps his hiring wasn't totally above board, BUT if Brooks believes that this investigation will lead to Saskin's demise, he's smoking dope. This investigation was for one reason, to shut the small minority of players like Chelios up once and for all. Most players didn't necessarily like the new CBA, BUT most right now are happy with how things are going. Last thing the majority want is to rock the boat again.

5) Most feel, like we do, that its time to move forward and stop reliving the mistakes made 2 years ago when the players caved and accepted the salary cap. If one were to look at current average salaries its looking more and more like the players really didn't lose anything. They are almost right where they were BEFORE the lockout

6) We feel Brooks' problem/issue with Saskin and the new CBA was more the fact that the cap limits his Rangers from buying/trading at will. He as much as states this in his whining about the fact that the New NHL seems to cater more to the small markets. Hey Larry, tough! Get over/used to it and move on. The vast majority of players have. Thankfully we believe this investigation will put this to bed, FINALLY!

Supply and Demand

1) Taking a look at the latest NHL standings this early Monday morning and one is struck how many teams are still very much in the playoff hunt. January is almost over and the trade deadline is a mere 4+ weeks away, and if the standings continue to stay tight, there may be very few 'sellers' at the deadline, and quite a few potential 'buyers', looking to add that final piece that they believe will cinch a playoff berth or Cup run.
2) In the East only the Flyers are out of it. The current 14th seed Panthers are a mere 6 points from the 8th spot. With 5 other teams in front of them its an admitted long shot, but it wouldn't look good for their fans if they were to fold up when the playoffs appeared within reach. The Panthers aren't alone in that category; teams that are technically still in it, but the odds are against them. The Bruins, Caps, and one could argue the Coyotes and Blues are in this category.
3) However for the sake of argument we believe any team more than 6 points out at the deadline will be a potential seller, then if that were today that would be a mere 6 teams! With 24 potential buyers, it could be a case of low supply and high demand, which could cause an escalation or a bidding war to ensue.
4) Of course the ever present trade choker, the salary cap, is still likely to limit a free for all of dealing. Either way this is going to be an interesting month or so. As always keep it here for the latest!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Forsberg Staying?

1) Flyer's star forward Peter Forsberg is to meet with GM Paul Holmgren today to discuss the oft injured Swede's future. Its speculated that Holmgren will ask Forsberg to waive his no trade clause allowing the Flyers to attempt a trade of the soon to be UFA.

2)We're also told that Peter will come right out and be frank with Holmgren today. As has been our position all along, our sources tell us they don't believe that Peter has changed his mind. That he will NOT allow the Flyers to trade him to a contender before the trade deadline. Forsberg will tell Paul that he intends to instead use the extra time off to try to finally heal the many injuries he has suffered through this season, and then decide if he wants to return to the NHL next year.

3) Our source also tells us the Swede would like to return to the Flyers IF he was to return to North America next season. "Right now that's a 50:50 proposition" , our source confided. More on this as it develops

Thursday, January 25, 2007

All Star Snooze!

1) Ambien was not needed for anyone with an insomnia issue if they were 'lucky' enough to tune into last night's NHL All-Star game. As in previous years, there was little that resembled NHL hockey. Instead offense was the only talent that was allowed to be displayed with regularity. Little to no hitting, defense was spotty at best, and goalies also didn't appear to be too interested in playing to their abilities.
2) What was left was as boring as hockey can get. Which led us at FAUXRUMORS to thinking; Why is Gary Bettman and the NHL powers that be so fascinated in increasing scoring? Last night there were 21 goals scored and it couldn't have been more boring/uninteresting. If ever there was a case to illustrate the absurdity of the claim that scoring makes games exciting, that was it.
3) So that leads us to the inevitable question: Just what does make a game exciting/interesting? We believe the answer is emotion. That's what gets hockey fans going; Emotion displayed on the ice. That's what was lacking with the exhibition last night, and for the most part has been lacking in most regular season NHL tilts in Bettman's New NHL. Emotion that derives/manifests from hard hits and the occasional scrap.
4) Is there a mere coincidence that as fighting majors have fallen so has the TV audience/arena attendance? Even some of Bettman's fiercest backers have begun to see what we here at FAUXRUMORS have been bemoaning for the past 2 years. Bring back the emotion! We want hitting/fighting!
5) Examples range from the NBC broadcast where all 3 announcers, who usually would shill the NHL line, stated that the instigator rule has allowed players to no longer fear for committing a cheap shot. Gary Bettman butt-boy Stan Fischler in his latest column actually stated that a league official told him "that the league is quietly responding to critics claim that The Game has gotten too soft." If Stan writes it, you can be sure the NHL is aware of the issue. Stan doesn't defecate without league approval.
6) Yet another sign of the times is the minor leagues are losing attendance since they tried to institute NHL rules changes. Except for the AHL who is directly tied with the NHL, the other minor leagues will probably ignore other NHL rules changes and return to what sells. If minor leagues understand this, why has it taken so long for the NHL to see this as well?
7) We are NOT advocating a return to the 1970's and bench clearing brawls, but we want there to no longer be a hindrance to players who scrap on occasion. Not only is it hugely exciting and entertaining, but we believe it helps keep the dirty stick work, and cheap hits to a minimum. We don't need more scoring to better the game. We need a return to what made it great in the first place. Can you hear us now Gary?

All-Star Rumor Mill

1) Lots of deals being discussed this morning in big D. The most intriguing is the source which tells FAUXRUMORS that the Stars are very interested in unrestricted free agent forward to be Ladislav Nagy. The Stars have coveted the speedy Slovakian for some time now.

2) We here that once the 'Yotes are sufficiently out of the race they will entertain offers more seriously for Nagy, Doan, and the other UFAs the Coyotes have after the season. We will keep our ears open for any other potential moves if and when we hear something

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Second Half Predictions

1) Well,technically the NHL half way point passed a couple of weeks ago, but the traditional point that's used is the All Star Break, so for all intents and purposes we will use that as the new starting point for this discussion1. Buffalo *- We don't see any one overtaking them.
2. Atlanta * - Our preseason Cup favourite. They are team to beat in SE
3. New Jersey * - Marty having MVP season. Should carry division easily
4. Ottawa - Starting to come together, but will come up short for division
5. Carolina - Cup champs can't be counted out
6. N.Y. Rangers - Lundqvist is key, but division out of range
7. Montreal - Not as good as start, but better than they've been recently
8. Tampa Bay - Should sneak into playoffs and give Buffalo a scare
9. Pittsburgh - With Sid and others playing well will give TB run for playoffs
10. Toronto - Another non-Cup year for the Leaf Nation
11. Boston - Big Z not big enough to carry this team into post season
12. Washington - Mild improvement in Nation's capital, but no playoffs
13. NY Islanders - 'Yashin-led Islanders' is all that needs to be said
14. Florida - Will be active 'sellers' at deadline.
15. Philadelphia - How bad can they get/be? Might see some mild improvement

1. SanJose * - Quietly creeping up on Ducks. Will pas them before season is over
2. Nashville * - Best team last 2 months. Will carry over the rest of the way
3. Calgary * - Will win the NW division but won't be pretty.
4. Detroit - Geezers finish behind Preds, but best non divisional winner
5. Anaheim - Will falter a bit more and lose division to SJ
6. Dallas - Should make playoffs despite injury bug
7. Vancouver - Luongo will carry team into playoffs, but fall short of division
8. Minnesota - Back in the playoffs if they can stay healthy
9. Colorado - Young guns and Budaj not enough, but future looks bright
10. Edmonton - Won't be able to make up for long mid season slump
11. Phoenix - Too bad they waited until December to start season
12. Chicago - Another season, another non playoff year in Shy-town
13. St. Louis - Playing better as of late, but will sell off most vets at deadline
14. Columbus - Yet another losing season in Ohio. They need a change at the top!
15. Los Angeles - Gunning for the bottom with Burke!

Monday, January 22, 2007

All-Star Break Power Rankings!

1) Welcome to our latest edition of our Power rankings. All-Star Break edition. The format will be essentially the same as our previously lauded offerings. With the addition of adding our latest divisional Power Rankings as well. Enjoy. : )

2) As always: Rank Team Last Poll's Ranking Comments
1- Nashville (4)- NHL's hottest team right now. Easy schedule aside, they have been beating just about everyone they've played the last few weeks
2- San Jose (2)- Moving up yet another spot, the team that the Ducks made most forget about is quietly having a great season. Look out Anaheim!
3- Buffalo (1)- First 3 game losing streak 'plummets' Sabres out of top spot for first time in our poll. Still a VERY formidable opponent that is still the beast of the East
4- Anaheim (2)- Have been continued solid despite injuries. After the break and the return of many of those injured the Ducks will probably again be the team to beat out West
5- Detroit (5) Overall the geezers continue to amaze. Key we feel will be the health of the over 65 crowd down the stretch. Will their Rheumatism set in!
6- New Jersey (9)- Its all about the goalie. Without Brodeur Lamarello would look much less the genius than many give him credit for. If Marty gets hurt, the Devils are not even a playoff team! Our Hart Trophy candidate as of now.
7- Vancouver (12)- Swept through the east like a hot knife through butter. Luongo trade looking better and better. The Devils of the West? Without Robbie, the 'Nucks are cellar dwellers!
8- Ottawa (13)- Starting to play to expectations. When healthy may be a tough opponent to play in spring. Key will be is Emory ready to come up big?
9- Dallas (6) - Inconsistent couple of weeks have cost a few spots in Big D. Turco remains an enigma. Amazing one night, very average the next. They are stuck with the 'Bad Marty' so they best get used to it
10-Minnesota (11)- Finally winning a few road games. That continues they may win the black and blue NW division
11- Atlanta (8)- Sliding a bit back recently. Up and down play has allowed Carolina and TB to start to again sniff for the division lead. Still has the fire power and goaltending to maintain edge.
12- Calgary (10)- Hot couple of weeks put Flames right back in division race. With Kipper between the pipes they can never be counted out of any game
13- Montreal (7)- Have struggled the past couple of weeks with injuries and poor play, but recently rebounded looking a bit like they did most of the fall. Live or die with special teams
14-Tampa Bay (20)- Maybe the hottest team in NHL. Tortorella's sextant is looking more like 2004 than any time since, well 2004. Can the 'Big 3' keep it up?
15- Edmonton (17)- Rebounding after hitting rock bottom. Still only 6 points from division lead. Though may need to make some roster adjustments to get back to the playoffs
16- Colorado (16)- Continue to stay right in there. Budaj looking like a true # 1 on most nights. Rookies complementing vets. Can they keep it up down the stretch?
17- Carolina (14)- Just when it looks like they have turned the corner the 'Canes play another 'stinker'. Still in division race with Atlanta slowing, but will have to get more consistency to return to Finals
18-Pittsburgh (25)- Crosby & co. recent good play places them in the top 8 in the East. Far ahead of schedule in their rebuilding. Will the good folks of Pittsburgh be allowed to see them develop further beyond this year?
19- N.Y. Rangers (19)- Stagnating at 19th spot. Porous defense and no scoring beyond 1st line taking toll. Jagr's pouting showing with a -4 and some bad penalties last week. Still with Lundqvst they are still a playoff contender
20- Toronto (22)- Have looked dreadful at times. Can't expect to get into playoffs playing under .500 at home! 40 years since last Cup. Looking like it'll be 41!
21- Boston (15)- Dave Lewis's team underachieving. Making his job tenuous. No playoffs-new coach in Bean town. Think they might want to take back that silly Thornton trade?
22- Phoenix (21)- Falling a bit recently, but overall much improved over their early dreadful start. 2 years running that the 'Yotes lost a chance at the playoffs in October/November. Will they be sellers at the deadline?
23- N.Y. Islanders (18)- Up and down few weeks for the Isles. Bet they wish they could play the Flyers and Rangers every night! Without those 2 teams the Isles are on the bottom. Yashin returning to form, of invisibility. Not to worry Isle fans, he only has 4 years left on his deal!
24- St. Louis (29) Slowly pulling themselves upward. had a very good couple of weeks. Still well out of playoff contention. Sell-off of vets likely to start after the break
25- Washington (24) Defense injuries and inconsistent goaltending illustrated teams' weaknesses. Only 3 scoring threats also not helping. Playoff hopes dimming quickly
26- Florida (27) Move up 1 spot, but still are not a good team. Trouble winning away from Miami. Biggest story here will probably be the inevitable trading of vets at the deadline
27 - Columbus (26) Bad week in Ohio. Best player Nash gone for a while. How does GM, McClean still have a job??
28- Chicago (23) Totally dead! Hard to discern the worst team of the bottom 3. All have had a hard time winning in 2007. Sad is too mild a word to describe the state of hockey in once proud Windy City
29- Philadelphia (29) Pulled out of last only because Forsberg is back and LA appears to want to be last more. Without Peter, Flyers ARE the worst team by far. Guess the coach wasn't the problem?
30- Los Angeles (28) Firmly in the Angelo Esposito sweep stakes. Confirmed their aspirations when they acquired 58 year old Sean Burke to play net

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowy Sunday Offerings

1) As the flakes fly here in and around the offices of FAUXRUMORS we figured we'd share some of the goings and coming that we've heard the past few days around the league, but due to the inclement weather this will probably be brief. We are looking forward to FAUXRUMORS2 All Star Break Power Rankings. They tell us it should be out some time tomorrow afternoon.

2) Now on the latest. The biggest rumor fodder involves Peter Forsberg. If you were to read all the many published rumors he's headed to about 10 different teams. We will stand by our source who told us 3 days ago that Peter would prefer to NOT participate in the Cup playoffs and the potential 2+ month grind it involves. He would prefer to rest his weary/injury riddled body for the full 4 months and the decide if he wants to continue to play in North America. Our source tells us its about 75-25 that he stays put in Philly and puts the Kibosh on any potential deals

3) Contradicting a rumor that we at FAUXRUMORS broke 2 weeks ago the Islander beat writer for NY NewsDay wrote recently that the Isles have yet to offer their impending free agent forward Jason Blake a contract extension. We inquired from our VERY reliable Islander source to see if this was accurate. What they are telling us is that technically it is true that the Isles haven't yet sent an "official" offer, BUT as we exclusively reported 2 weeks or so ago, the parties are in informal negotiations. Things are at a very critical time we're told. However a team source who didn't of course want to be identified said that Blake should NOT over inflate his value. We took that as meaning that if he demands an exorbitant sum he will likely be a UFA in July. However we're told this is an unlikely scenario as Blake feels very loyal to the Isles and Wang where he resurrected his career

4) Non hockey related but today is Championship Sunday in football. A few intriguing scenarios for Super Bowel Sunday. First would be the Manning vs his Dad's old team the Saints. Add to that the New Orleans city situation and you have the underdog appeal that sells. Also you could have a repeat of the 1985 Super Bowel with NE and Da-Bears squaring off. However we believe the scenario most appealing to the NFL will be(and we believe the fix is in!) is the Bears-vs- Colts. It would have not one but TWO African American coaches against each other. The NFL is VERY race conscious and would LOVE to have the league appear color blind (its isn't!) with that match up. If we were betting types we'd put the house up in Vegas that this will be the Super Bowel! Anyway we have a few hours until then. Not to worry we don't need the money anyway! LOLAs always we will stay a top any potential NHL deals. Keep it here for all the latest!

Friday, January 19, 2007

All-Star Snub Follow-up

1) For those who missed it the first time, we invite our readers to peruse the post written by ANTZMARCHING concerning the apparent All Star snubbing of Jaromir Jagr:

2) A follow up that we find interesting is the fact that apparently fellow team mate and All Star Brendan Shanahan was named captain of the Eastern All stars. Another jab at JJ for sure. Add that to the fact that Shanahan has a full 13 points fewer than JJ, AND is a minus 6 to Jagr's + 13.

3) Earlier this season the Ranger captain was over looked once again in favor of his North American born team mate when the inaugural Leadership award was dispensed by Mark Messier in favor of Shanahan causing the seeds of dissension that had been simmering between the two since training camp to become more out in the open. The pouting that Antz alluded to in his post is sure to now intensify further. Hindering Ranger playoff aspirations. Stay tuned as this may get interesting

Message Sent?

1) From watching several games and perusing over the box scores of the many games around the league last night, what struck us was that officials were apparently instructed to keep a keen eye on 'divers'.

2) There could be no coincidence that this sudden increase in calling the 'unsportsmanlike conduct-diving' penalty' on the heels of the Blake-Crosby incident alluded to in our previous post.

3) We called a well placed NHL official/source to see if our suspicions were accurate. Sure enough NHL head official Stephen Walkom made a conference call to all the league's referees early yesterday afternoon to inform them that the NHL wanted them to be "extra vigilant" about possible diving, and to enforce the rule closely. No word if this policy will be short lived or a trend for the remainder of the season, but divers have now been put on notice(again); do it at your and your team's own risk!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crosby Cries Wolf?

1) Many were a bit surprised with the NHL's decision today to NOT suspend Islander forward Jason Blake for a spearing incident that occurred in the waning moments of last night's Islander-Penguin game in the Igloo. Replays clearly showed it was an intentional action on the part of the diminutive Islander forward on the teen super star

2) Why then was Blake cut slack when it seems the league would have gone out of its way to send a message to protect its most marketable product, Sidney Crosby? The answer actually isn't too complicated. The NHL front office, specifically Mr.'s Walkum/Campbell and the officials are none too pleased with the way Crosby continues to embellish infractions against him.

3) This trend/perception would explain why on a play that was clearly a 5 minute spear, Blake not only didn't get so much as a 2 minute minor, BUT Crosby got an unsportsman like conduct call. Ostensibly for 'diving'.

4) It appears a case of 'Boy crying Wolf' once too often. If Sid had a clean record with regard to embellishments/diving, you can be certain he would have been given the benefit of the doubt with regard to the Blake stick foul. Instead Blake was given that benefit, and got away with one. The league could have decided to give Blake a suspension after the fact today but may be sending Mr. Crosby and other divers a message: Stop it! Hopefully the message is received and we start to see less of this now common tactic to draw fouls.


1) As mentioned/alluded to in our previous posting we have been in discussions with Spector/Lyle Richardson regarding a profane post left on his Fox hockey blog under our name AND the clarification of what we meant by in our 200th posting: ".....we have either been mentioned/sited/espouse by/been a contributor or been lauded by many other popular hockey blogs......"

2) To his credit Spector(Lyle Richardson) saw through the apparent attempt to mimic/defame this site/our good name by imitating our name and making inflammatory and vulgar comments on his blog.

3) However we agreed to disagree with his asserton that we are/were not a contributor/referred to on his blogs. We in fact believe ALL who write and respond here ARE contributors in their own way. Else, as we mentioned to him, this would be a MONOlogue, not a blog. We feel each and everyone of our many readers and posters(contributors) are a part of/make this blog what it is. For that we thank each and every one of you!

4) This does NOT mean ofcourse though that he, or any other contributor has advocated/endorsed this site. We also want to make clear that we are NOT employed by, paid by, or in any way connected contractually with any of the blogs we sited, including the Spector blog sites.

ThankYou Hockeynutz!!

1) As the story goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Our frequent blog critic/annoyance/lurker Hockeynutz attempted to discredit our blog by creating/imitating our name then commenting on one of the more popular hockey blogs, Spector on Fox sports net.

2) Using profanity and sounding like the adolescent that he apparently is, his feigned such vitriol that the blog author actually responded to it both there AND here!!

3) Of course we responded and set the record strait for all to see. Anyone who has been a regular reader to this blog and to all the thousands of posts we make to other blogs know that we may disagree with folks from time to time, but we never resort to/sink to that level of discussion

4) Having said that all the unexpected notoriety has increased traffic to our blog by 10 fold in the last 24 hours! We only can thank Mr. Nutz for doing that for us. Unintended we're certain, but that's the result. Thank you again!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All-Star Snub

1) It seems trouble continues to correlate highly with Jaromir Jagr's existence... I am sure by now most of you are aware that Jags is not listed on the Eastern Conference's all star roster... It has been reported on the New York Rangers website that Jaromir was miffed and confused by Lindy Ruff's apparent snub... The story even went so far as to say that New York GM, Glen Sather, contacted the league protesting the omission... It all sounds plausible, right? What the site conveniently left out was the TRUTH... Jagr, when hearing of the addition of Brendan Shanahan as a reserve, threw an adult tantrum in Tom Renney's office... A source overheard Jags as stating that, "I am top dog on this team, and I will not share "another" locker room with that "bleeping" jerk." What was reported as a "snub" in politically correct NHL circles, was in reality, Jagr declining Ruff's invitation... To no one's surprise, upon hearing of this potentially explosive situation, Gary BUTTman concocted the "snub" allegation so as to limit the amount of image damage... Jagr's meltdown is consistent with the in-house issues he has had with many of his fellow countrymen - inevitably, he will pout and destroy team morale wherever he lands...

For Fauxrumors I'm Antzmarching

Here and There

1) Just some musings from this mid January morning. One of the more popular rumors thats sure to surface(if it hasn't already) will be the Scott Gomez trade rumors. We're told from our source close to the scene that Lou Lamarello has NO intention on trading him before the deadline even if he is an impending UFA. This source was dead on when he told us that Gionta was staying put, so we are inclined to believe him on this one too

2)Ranger's beat writer Larry Brooks cooked up a doozy rumor this past weekend. Stating the Blues refused a deal that would have sent former Ranger Marti Rucinsky back to Broadway for forwards Peter Prucha and Adam Hall. Our sources in both N.Y. and St.Louis almost laughed out loud when they heard this one. They both told us that there were discussion between the teams BUT there was no way that the Blues would have said no to such an offer. The Blues sources indicated that Rucinsky could be sent back, but the Rangers have their eyes on/have inquired about other players as well(Guerin/Brewer!)

3) The Flyers would LOVE to trade Peter Forsberg, BUT Peter isn't sure he wants to get traded. Our contact in Philly tells us that Peter may not want to go through the grueling Stanley Cup playoffs, as would be possible in the event he were traded to a contender. As he has a 'no trade clause' Forsberg won't be going anywhere unless he wants to. Significant persuading may be necessary, but money is NOT an enticement to the Swede who is not hurting financially.

4) Feel good story of the day comes from Toronto where they talked with former NHL head boss/policeman, and cancer survivor Pat Burns. It seems Pat is doing well, and might return to the NHL if his "family allows it". FAUXRUMORS hopes the big man is back behind the bench where he belongs, soon!

5) Has Jason Allison been rumored to be going to any new destinations lately? Rumor whore, Eklund recently added to his list that is probably close to 30 teams by now by mentioning Montreal as a possible destination for the PP specialist. When will is readers learn he is a real fraud!?!Finally, We're hearing a lot of chatter the last few days. If/when we hear anything concrete you can be sure we will relate it to all of you. As always,keep it here for the latest!

Monday, January 15, 2007


1) When all of us here at FAUXRUMORS got together last August and launched this blog we had no expectations. We as a group had become fed up with the rumor mongers as well as simply wanted to write about what we loved most, NHL hockey. As a group we had ample potential sources which we have cultivated/added to in the past 6 months of blogging. We are VERY proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.
2) Amazingly, this is our 200th post! Some ofcourse have been more memorable than others, but we stand behind, and are proud of each and every one of them. We don't do this for recognition, but an independent web browser/tabulator recently audited our site and found we are in the top 1% of hockey blogs based upon number of hits, and more importantly, UNIQUE hits. Simply put, we have attracted a rather large audience without anything other than word of mouth!
3) Nothing is more gratifying though than to be recognized by one's own peers in the blogging community. In such a short time we have either been mentioned/sited/espouse by/been a contributor or been lauded by many other popular hockey blogs. Among them are Islander Army,, Jasper's Rink,, OffWing Opinion, Igloo Dreams, Hockey Rants, Canuck's Hockey Blog, Anotherhabsblog, Tom Benjamin's NHL weblog, James Mirtle, And many more!
4) Additionally, as has been mentioned here in the past, we have been nominated for a blog award in the category of best new hockey blog by The Interactive Media Awards. None of this could have been possible without all of you! We will continue to strive to bring all of you the latest news, commentary, irreverent humor, and of course the most accurate rumors on the net today. All FREE of CHARGE!As always, keep it here for the latest!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today's News/Rumors

1) The news of the day is that the Flyers have claimed goalie Michael Leighton off waivers from the Nashville Predators. There's been lot of speculation as to why the Flyers did this, other than that both of their current goalies are playing hurt.
2) We're hearing from some sources that there could be a deal in the works involving Robert Esche or Leighton. Several clubs have expressed interest. Anaheim was rumored to be the team that was going to claim Leighton in the first place. Perhaps the Flyers knew this and figured they'd swoop in and make life difficult for the Ducks and force them into a deal.
3) Also we're hearing LA has some interest as well for some reason. Colorado is another team, while an unsubstantiated rumour this morning had a Theodore and a pick going for Forsberg floating around. As we stated a few days ago as the deadline gets closer so will the number of trade rumours. Some like the Theodore rumor will be nutty.
4) Sometimes for us at FAUXRUMORS it's hard to sort out the crap from the real rumors, and at FAUXRUMORS we will always try our best to do that. That being said, we will relay all of what we hear, because anything can happen.As always keep it here for the latest!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last Straw in Philly?

1) Word from the city of Brotherly love this morning indicates that Flyer's management has finally conceded that this current group of players are NOT going to be able to turn this season around. What has been painfully obvious for most other hockey observers since late October is now without a doubt crystal clear to all within this once proud organization.

2) What is not certain as of this writing is how much of a change in personnel will GM Paul Holmgren make as the deadline approaches. As one of the few teams with zero chance of making the playoffs he will be sure to get plenty of inquiries about many of his players. Already rumored to be on the block, defender Joni Pitkanen. The talk has been Joni going to Edmonton.

3) Holmgren's dilemma is that the players teams may want most are the ones that could be part of a future resurgence. Players such as Pitkanen, Carter, Umberger would be coveted by others. The players Holmgren would certainly be fine with trading: Hatcher, Sanderson, etc. are either over paid or injured

4) The wild cards in this are Simone Gagne and Peter Forsberg. If healthy(when is he?) Peter can be a dominant player that would be a huge boost to a playoff bound team. He's poised to become a UFA after the season, and may not return to North America after this season, so it may be a no brainer to move the Swedish star IF he's healthy.

5) Gagne is in the first year of a 5 year deal that will pay 5.25 annually. He has missed his line mate Forsberg and his numbers have fallen considerably. The down side to acquiring Gagne is his huge contract. It would be difficult for most teams to fit it in without trading away some salary. However that hasn't stopped several GM's from inquiring into his availability. We hear Holmgren has the green light to trade Gagne IF he can get a decent package of picks and young talent in return.It should be an interesting 6-8 weeks in Philly. As always, we will relate any new rumors as they occur. Keep it here for the latest!

Monday, January 8, 2007


1) Was going over old posts when we came across the silly Messier Leadership award posting/commentary. Made us think; Who won it in December? Went to the site, and Googled the leadership award, but in the few minutes of attempting couldn't find reference to a second honoree who received the 'prestigious' award.

2) For those who may have forgotten or never heard, The NHL Leadership Award was started oddly in November with Mark Messier giving the award, and supposedly having significant input into who would win.

3) We were told that there would be a monthly honor and an end of the year award as well. Brendan Shanahan won in November. Which led us to ask: Who won in December? If any of you out there know, please let us in on this apparent secret.Thanks in advance!

Let The Dumb Rumors Commence!

1) Well, to be truthful, they have never really stopped from some places. The usual rumor salesmen have been at it since before the season began. As they have folks who pay them money for this "service" they are compelled to make up both obvious and ridiculous trade rumors.
2) With the combination of the early trading deadline, as well as the amazing parity that has taken a hold of the "New NHL" we're sure to see this trend of silly/ludicrous/odd rumors to intensify over the next 6-8 weeks.
3) An unprecedented(for this time of year) number of teams are in playoff contention. Many of those same teams are also in need of 'help'of one type or other. The rumor mongers and media hockey types are sure to try to 'correct' those deficiencies with an added player by making up a silly rumor with hopes it comes true. Almost all without an actual source.
4) Many amazingly don't even do their home work with respect to the player's contract status, possible no-trade clause, or a team's salary cap liability. All very pertinent to a GM before making a deal.
5) As always we here at FAUXRUMORS have no one to answer to. No 'stock holders' to mollify. We ONLY relate actual information that we hear from our various sources through out the league. As always keep it here for the latest as it develops!

Friday, January 5, 2007

Who Will Be First?

1) Here's our latest poll question. Who among the listed professional athletes will die prematurely first?2) OK, not directly hockey related, but fun/interesting none the less. Feel free to add/comment on who you would have included.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Other Shoe?

1) With the trade of Mike Comrie to the injury depleted Ottawa Senators this morning, will that move finally spur more GM's to act quickly? Thus far, outside of the 2 Isles-Philly trades its been an extraordinarily quiet season on the trade front. Many times all that is needed to spur on trades is one move by a team that becomes the first domino.

2) Some GM's may see this as a small window of opportunity to pick up that one or two players that they are coveting, but were unwilling to deal for earlier in the season due to cap concerns. With the season nearly 50% over a contract becomes a more easier fit into a team's payroll structure.

3) With only 8 weeks left until the deadline some GM's may see the time to move as now and not wait until later when the pickings may be small. One of our sources told us earlier today that the phone lines have always been open, but since the Comrie deal went down, things have really picked up as far as serious discussions.

4) Looks like Phoenix has decided its time to look towards 2007-2008, so a smart GM might want to contact Mr. Barnett about a possible Doan, Scatchard, etc trade. Will other teams follow the 'Yotes lead? The next obvious candidate would be the Blues with many vets who could help a playoff bound team. Stay tuned as things could be getting interesting!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Power Rankings!

1) Welcome to the latest/New year edition of the now very popular FAUXRUMORS Power rankings: We believe our formula that emphasizes strength of schedule, recent success, and overall record). makes our power ranking/poll the most accurate. We have received raves from many other publications which asks FAUXRUMORS permission to publish our rankings on their blogs. You may notice that we only use 2 columns on wins/losses. (Last rankings)
Team1. Buffalo (29-10) (1)- Maintains their top spot with consistent high quality play. No doubt they're for real
2. Anaheim(28-12) (2)- Despite recent 'slump' still team to beat in West. Goalie injuries hurting.
3. San Jose (26-14) (3)- If not for Ducks amazing start, they would be talk of the west. May still be when all is said and done
4. Nashville (26-14) (4)- Continuing to play very well
5. Detroit (24-14) (6)- Geriatric Wings still in upper echelon of the NHL
6. Dallas (24-15-0) (11)- Despite recent mediocrity, playing better the past month
7. Montreal (22-16) (8)- Playing good disciplined hockey in front of star-Huet
8. Atlanta (24-17) (7)- Continue to play very well, with excellent road record
9. New Jersey (22-16) (16)- Broduer and devs starting to roll. Look out East!
10. Calgary (19-18) (17)- If the Flames could win a road game they'd be in top 5
11. Minnesota (20-19) (15) - Another team with road trouble in black and blue NW division
12. Vancouver (20-19) (20) - Recent surge place them into playoff spot
13. Ottawa (21-20) (18) - Had good month, but recent injuries could cause slide
14. Carolina (21-20) (9) - Chugging along anonymously for a Cup champ
15. Boston (19-18) (22) - Better play recently have put them into thick of things
16. Colorado (19-20) (21)- Some stumbling, but better play of late has them in contention
17. Edmonton (18-20) (10) -In free fall? NW doesn't allow for long losing streaks
18. NY Islanders (19-19) (13) - Consistently inconsistent. Not yet a true contender for playoffs
19. NY Rangers (19-21) (14) -Recently ended 7 game slide against Hershey, err Washington
20. Tampa Bay (18-21) (12) - Just when you think they're putting it together Tortorella's squad goes on another losing streak
21. Phoenix (16-22) (29)- Playing much better with injured players returning. Give Wayne credit for not quitting
22. Toronto (18-23) (5)- Biggest tumble of any team. Sundin return hurt chemistry?
23. Chicago (16-22) (27)- When healthy(rare) aren't nearly as bad as last year
24. Washington (16-24) (24) - Recent rash if injuries/flu expose talent-thin squad
25. Pittsburgh (16-21) (19)- Pens continue slide from early fast start
26. Columbus (15-24) (30) 1 step forward, 2 steps back
27. Florida (15-26) (26)- Continue the struggle on the road. Trades on horizon?
28. Los Angeles (14-27) (23)- None expected them to be playoff team, but still under achieving
29. St. Louis (12-26) (28) - Playing better as of late. May forestall trade talks?
30. Philadelphia (10-28)(25)- Still by far the worst team in the NHL. Without Forsberg, worst ever?

Blake Extension Imminent?

1) Sources on Long island told FAUXRUMORS over the holiday weekend that there have been on going (Informal) discussions with Islander forward Jason Blake, and Isles acting GM, Garth Snow about a contract extension.

2) The diminutive spark plug like forward is currently having a career year with the Isles. The Minnesota native is on pace to shatter his career best, set only last year with 57 points. After 38 games Blake already has 39 points. Among the league leaders with PP goals, he has established some good chemistry with Captain Alexei Yashin

3) Under the terms of the CBA, until yesterday it would have been illegal to have formal discussions to extend a contract. However that didn't stop maverick owner Charles Wang from inviting Blake and his agent over to his L.I. estate to discuss Jason's future. We're told that the moves last month that freed up significant cap space might be used to formally announce a extension well before this season is completed

4) Our source tells us that terms that have been (informally) discussed were along the lines of a 3 year 12 million extension. On the open market next summer the 33 year old might have fetched upwards of 5 or more. People close to the forward tell us he feels a certain degree of loyalty towards the organization that resurrected his career with a trade from the Kings mid way through the 2000-2001 season.
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