Thursday, November 16, 2006

Following The Habs to Miami

1) Firstly, had a great time in Tampa Bay last afternoon/evening. The pregame tailgating with some of the folks there was a nice time for all. A huge thanks to Gary G. and Steven D. for the food! Those arapas were very good!

2) As for the game, the Habs played a very sound road game with Huet keeping Montreal in the game when TB came out flying to start. The PP for the Canadiens loooked pretty good. We know many of their fans don't like Souray, but his stats can't be argued with. If they really are intent on trading him, they probably could get something decent back. The question would be, if they did trade him, how much would the PP unit suffer?

3) Today we're following Montreal to Miami to see the Panthers. Despite losing their last home game to the caps, the cats are a pretty difficult opponent to beat in their 'den'. We will probably have more later today. As always, keep it here for the latest

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