Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Isles Shed More Payroll

1)In another pre Christmas trade freeze deadline deal, the N.Y. Islanders have dealt underachieving center Mike York to the Flyers in exchange for forward Randy Robitaille and a mid round pick.

2) The deal makes sense ONLY for the Isles. York, as was mentioned in a recent post here, has disappointed Islander brass with his production(or lack there of) considering his salary (2.8 mil) he was a cap drain. We didn't believe anyone would take on his salary and if anything the Isles might try to waive him like the Flyers did with Nedved.

3) Why the Flyers would pick up his salary AND give up 2 other assets is curious. For all intents and purposes the Flyers are NOT going to the post season. York is a free agent after this year. There doesn't appear to be a reason to get him. We're sure our Flyer readers are as perplexed about this deal as they were about the Zhitnik trade last week. Meanwhile in a space of 6 days the Islanders have shed almost 5 million from their cap. Giving them significant flexibility to add a player or two at the deadline.

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