Monday, December 4, 2006

LeClair Destination?

1) Published reports indicated yesterday that the penguins have recalled John LeClair in an effort to have him claimed off waivers at 'half price'. Many have speculated where John will end up, if anywhere. Afterall it is possible no one will step forward to claim the 37 year old left wing with a cranky back and diminishing output

2) The early and popular favourite was a return to Philadelphia where he had his most productive years. However its been nearly 7 years since LeClair scored 40+ goals with the Broadstreet bullies bunch, and its unlikely he'll suddenly return to form. The question would/should be Why? The Flyers aren't exactly setting the world a fire and adding an aging, underachieving vet would not likely change that.

3) The next popular destination prediction/rumor had been a reuniting with his old team mate Eric Lindros in Dallas. This one may have a bit more credability, with the injury to Brendan Morrow but would Dallas want him? Another rumored destination has been to Geriatric Park, better known as Detroit. There he would be one of the younger players on the team. ; )

4) Seriously though LeClair may be a decent addition as a power play specialist who wouldn't come at too steep a price. We should know within the next few hours if/who decided to pick up the St. Albans VT. native, if he will resume skating with the Pens, or as some have suggested, simply retire.

5) Those close to John tell FAUXRUMORS he'd prefer a fresh start with a contending team even if it took him out west, so a Detroit, Dallas or even an Alberta team could be in the mix. Stay tuned as this story develops

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