Monday, November 6, 2006

Back East!!

1) Sorry for the brief resbit from posting here. Good article from FAUXRUMORS2 over the weekend on possible locker room discontent in NY. More on that possibly later today.

2) Anyway, had a great 2 weeks in Western Canada and the West coast. Met some great people who we believe will stay as friends, long term. A special word of thanks to the Smiths. Tubby and Missy were a huge help with our tale gating in Phoenix Saturday. Great job folks!

3) Now on to one of the stops we were looking forward to most, Toronto. With all due respect to Montreal, we believe Toronto to be the 'Hockey Mecca', and as such are very excited to be here today! The tickets we are told weren't too easy to come by. As well as being a bit pricey. Basically they are a season ticket holder who resold their seats for us. However they are in section 107, and we are told they are excellent!

4) Anyway, we should be posting more later today. Lots of trade rumor activity that we or FAUXRUMORS 2 may be reprting on. Stay tuned as always!

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