Saturday, December 16, 2006

Goaltending Still 95% of the Game!

1) Anyone who took in the Dallas-NYR game last night were witness to a great example why goaltending remains 95% of the game. Even in the new NHL, this lone position remains so vital that teams getting less than adequate performance from this one player are bound to lose no matter how well the remaining 18 skaters play.
2)Last night the Rangers played a very poor game team wise. They gave up 40+ shots. Their defense was clueless in their own end. Continuously gave the puck away. Whistled for double digit infractions. Yet, despite all that, the score would appear that the Rangers won easily, 5-2.
3) The Stars got less than mediocre goaltending from back up (soon to be AHL)goalie Mike Smith. While the Rangers received Vezina calibre tending from Henrik Lundqvist. If the twin Lundqvist boys had changed clubs before the game and Hank played for Dallas and Smith was in net for the rangers the score may well have been 15-0.
4) While not every game displays such a stark difference in performance, it did clearly demonstrates that this is the most important position BY FAR, and any team with true Cup aspirations needs to have their back stop at their best!

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