Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Phoenix-Ranger Talks heat Up Again

1) Sources close to both teams tells FAUXRUMORS this afternoon that discussions between the Rangers and the Coyotes have resumed. Many may recall about a month or so ago the two teams were discussing the possibility of a swap. Talks broke off when the Blue Shirts went on a winning streak and decided to keep their current roster unchanged.

2) After a lack luster couple of weeks, Ranger GM Glen Sather has again contacted his counterpart in Phoenix Mike Barnett about the possibility of a trade. The Rangers would love to ship out their offensively gifted, but troubled blue liner Sandis Olzonish. Who also makes 2.5 mil. Sather would also send along any of a number of draft picks if he received in return the player who he has coveted for quite some time, Shane Doan who is set to become an UFA after this season.

3) Also discussed is center Dave Scatchard. Having a sub par season so far, and not getting too much ice time as of late since the acquisition of Yanic Perrault, but still well regarded as a hard nosed gritty player who is decent on draws. Something that the Ranger's brass feels they could definitly use more of.

4) Another rumor that IS NOT exclusive to FAUXRUMORS is the return of Allison. We hear/read that he wants a deal of around 3 mil/year. We have NO idea why anyone would suddenly give him that kind of dough, but perhaps a team that is in desperate straits for offense and has cap space might decide to give him a whirl.

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