Thursday, November 2, 2006

On The Road Again!

1) This will have to be a shorty. Totally exhausted after last night's exciting OT Penguins victory at the Staple Center. The place is phenomenal, and our seats were excellent.

2) Just a quickie hello and thanks to Jerry and Jackie Mays for supplying us with quite a bit of good tasting vitals for the tail gate, and for all of those who came by to say their hellos. It may not have been our biggest turn out of the trip so far, but everyone was as friendly as anywhere!

3) In a short couple of hours we will again be on the road again. This time by rental car to San Jose. A quirk in our schedule will have us there tonight an back in the LA area to see the Ducks Friday. We would have preferred to spend more time in the Bay area, but perhaps next year.

4) We will try to make another post later today to discuss tonight. Traffic permitting! See all of you soon!!

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