Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Smoke and Mirrors?

1) A recent Forbes magazine outlined how the NHL is now in the black after the lock out. http://www.forbes.com/business/2006/11/09/nhl-teams-owners-biz_06nhl_cz_mo_kb_1109nhlintro.html

2) We find this amazing since: a) Average player salaries are right where they were PRIOR to the work stoppageb) Ticket prices(the life blood of revenue) are about the same or even a bit less in some placesc) TV revenue has decreased to a small degree

3) What did we miss here?? Gary Bettman et. al. have a printing press for money, or more likely was the whole lockout nonsense just a way to rid themselves once and for all of Bob Goodenow?

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