Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Leaving YYZ!

1) We are happy to pronounce the latest leg of the FAUXRUMORS 30 NHL cities Before 07 Tour a complete success!! We had another awesome time in Toronto yesterday. Took a tour of the city which of course had to include the Hockey Hall of Fame. Our favourite part was the collectors corner with memorabilia through the years.

2) Apologies to those who got their shorts in a bunch when we called Toronto the 'Hockey Mecca'. While we understand that the Leafs haven't won in 40 years, the shear number of rabid fans here, coupled with the location of the HOF, simply makes this hockey's epicenter in our opinion.

3) Not that it would ever happen, but we are fairly certain that if not one, but 2 other NHL franchises would relocate (or expand) to the Toronto metro area, All 3 would be viable and financially successful. Don't hold your breathe that this will happen anytime soon. Getting a team in Hamilton alone has been blocked successfully by the Leafs for over 20 years

4) Anyway, we want to thank all of the many fans who were gracious to us through out our travels the past 2 weeks. The next leg of the tour will kick off next week, but with MUCH less travel as we stay in the Eastern time zone. Stay tuned for details.

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