Monday, November 27, 2006


1) Firstly, great job FAUXRUMORS 2 on the second annual Power rankings. Its an excellent read. Also good job getting the scoop on the other blogger. Not sure if you will have written about it before this is published, but we got quite a laugh over here!! LOL

2) We are VERY excited to be in 'Hockey Town' tonight. Our seats, as has been the case on most of the trip, are excellent. We're told we are in section 123, lucky Row 13! Definitely NOT the cheap seats. The Stars are in town so it should be a great match up of 2 of the West's better teams.

3) Anyway, hopefully we'll have a chance later today to detail our tail gating schedule, etc. Hope to see all the folks who have expressed an interest in meeting us! See all of ya out there!

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