Saturday, November 4, 2006

Locker Room Discontent?

Locker Room Discontent?
1) After scanning through the rumor's whore latest list on non-rumor-rumors. One of his blurbs that caught our eyes was the mention of locker room problems in N.Y, with Shanahan and Jagr. We aren't surprised at the rift as Jagr isn't really the leader type, but was the defacto captain last year with the Blue Shirts Czech-dominant line up, and thus was given the C this year.

2) Shanahan the leader of the players who undermined former NHLPA honcho, Bob Goodenow, is a strong personality, but can alienate many. Many still hold a grudge over his behind the back maneuvers with lock out negotiations, so its no surprise that he isn't loved by all his team mates in NY

3) Add to this the Weekes distractions, that have been mentioned in the other blog, The Ludqvist partying issues that we discussed last month, and you have the makings of a potential mess in Ranger-land. Ofcourse nothing solves locker room problems like winning, and if the Rangers should begin to regain their 2005-2006 regular season form again, these 'problems' will be forgotten

4) The FAUXRUMORS family of blogs will as always stay on top of all these issues, and report anything we hear to you as soon as we hear it!

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