Monday, December 18, 2006

Same Old Jagr?

Ok everybody, hear me out on this one. Jaromir Jagr has started his childish pouting again. He has demonstrated this behavior in each city he has played in. I have been closely scrutinizing the Rangers this year, and their team dynamic has me fascinated. They have probably benefitted the most from the salary cap, as it has taught them restraint. Sure Jags is accumulating points. Talent-wise, he is probably still the best and he is playing with some decent talent as well. But lately, the little things he had been doing, have fallen by the wayside. Most noticeably, Jagr has completely stopped backchecking. He isn't making that extra surge to the net, and seems more content giving the puck responsibility to someone else. This dropoff has been gradual, and the nightly impact is subtle. But trust me, Jaromir is not leading as he had done in past months. The head is down on the bench, and the overall body language has been lethargic. Couple this with the Ranger defense committing one turnover after another, and the once promising season looks a little in jeopardy. I just make observations, and this is my latest. Time will tell if I have any clue regarding the world's number one player.

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