Saturday, November 18, 2006

South East Powers

1) First off, had a great time with everyone last evening at Verizon center in D.C.. The pregame at Ruby's was a blast! Being so close(across the street) from the arena the place fills up with hockey fans a good 2 hours before the puck is dropped. We want to thank all who joined us for our now traditional, pregame tail gating.
2) The game itself started a bit slowly, but improved(from a Cane's stand point) from there. Brind'amour seems to have found the fountain of youth as he was flying out there. Along with Whitney and Cole, they seemed to almost be toying with their Cap counter parts at times. It appears after a slow start that the Cup champs are back!
3) Another disappointing crowd. Couldn't have been more than 10K there. After seeing crowds that were near or at capacity out west and in Canada the last week or so in the SouthEast was really a bummer. Although that division possesses the last 2 champs, and some of the best young talent in the league, most teams are struggling at the turnstiles. Sad state of affairs that we hope turns around, and soon!
4) On another note, during yesterday's tailgating, we were discussing the current state of affairs of this site with respect to 'moderation' and the reasons for such. There was total agreement of everyone that the person for whom this was aimed at went WAY over the top, but many of you folks preferred if we opened things back up.
5) They, almost to a man,(and woman) said they usually saw those offensive posts as comic relief, but understood why we will still continue to eliminate any posts that are spam oriented. (contain a reference to a web site) Jerry Larabee and his wife Eunice, were quite persuasive on that issue. LOL Anyway, as this site was started for all of YOU folks out there, we will bend to your wishes.

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