Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Eklund Admits Poor Record!

1) We found the Eklund admission, which really was more of a weak explanation, that he was correct about 5% of the time, very amusing.
2) It appears that the paying customers are getting restless over at 'HockeyBuzz', and they are letting the rumor-whore know it! These are his own words: "most of what I write will NEVER happen....Based on what I have learned, only 5%."
3) OK, so if he admits to being WRONG 95% of the time, one can only guess that his track record is even worse than that! We have read in some articles that have discussed Eklund that his actual accuracy is less than 1%!! As we mentioned early on with our blog, we could have our dog randomly crap on a list of NHL players and be as acurate!
4) Whats worse for those poor schlubs who regularly read his tripe, is they are Paying for it!! LOL LOL Hey great for Eklund that he can make money by fooling the masses, but we at FAUXRUMORS we continue to monitor his track record, and will be happy to compare our accuracy rate with that of rumor-whores like Eklund!As always this is a free site, and will stay that way!

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