Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Messier Award?

1) OK, the merits of using Messier aside, where/when/why did this come by? A monthly leadership award?? That has to be one of the more silly reasons for an award we have heard in recent years. The MVP is difficult enough to assess, but to now have to try to figure out what the nebulous term' leadership' means is dam impossible to quantify/qualify.

2) As for making it the Messier Award. We have no problem with that per se, but is he the best leader of all time? He did captain 2 different teams to Cups, but is that the reason? He does have his detractors (Ask a Canuck fan how they feel of his leadership). I'd bet we could easily come up with a list of very deserving folks who the award could have been named after

3) Can a goalie ever win it? You might have some fans of Marty Brodeur or Ollie Kolzig tell you that they are the defacto 'captains' of their respective teams. Also how will it be measured exactly? Maybe getting a Gordie Howe hatrick( goal, assist, fight) might automatically make one the winner? LOL We look forward to seeing who the powers that be deem is the 'best leader'.

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