Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rory Fitzpatrick Will be Denied!

1) FAUXRUMORS has learned from a VERY reliable source that the word has come down to end the Rory Fitzpatrick All Star bid! For those who are living in a vacuum Rory Fitzpatrick is a journey man Canuck defenseman who has become a bit of a celebrity for being a write in candidate, and before Gary Bettman/The NHL decided it wasn't good PR, was close to leading all defenseman in votes.(Many believe the Fitzpatrick phenomena is due to an anti Gary Bettman/NHL backlash from fans fed up with what he has done to the game during his reign)

2) To anyone who has been following this situation, its now totally obvious that Gary Bettman has decided that the Rory All Star stunt needed to be stopped. What else can explain the recent fall in the number of votes he's getting despite as much fan interest as before? Have the fans in Detroit suddenly begun to stuff the ballot boxes? Nope!

3) How difficult would it be to simply 'ignore' votes? Not like there's gonna be an independent auditor come in if Rory Fitzpatrick is denied a spot on the All Star team. It would simply be too much of a black eye, so the 'fix is in', and as Rory falls, Bettman hopes fewer and fewer will notice/vote for him/care.

4) Sorry folks and all who have been working hard to get the vote out. You never had a chance. No way would Gary bettman have allowed a player with ZERO points to be a starter, or even an add on in his New NHL. The negative publicity/circus surrounding such a selection would be way too much for the very intolerant Gary Bettman to handle!

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