Friday, December 1, 2006

Leetch Moving South?

1) Several sources close to the situation tells FAUXRUMORS this early Friday morning that the agent for Brian Leetch and Jay Feaster, GM for the Tampa Bay Lightning were in discussions to bring in the future Hall of Famer to the sunshine state. Though nothing appears imminent, its the first credible rumor we've heard concerning Leetch in over a month or more

2) We're told that Brian and current head coach John Tortorella(who was a Ranger's assistant coach) have remained friends, and John has been trying to lure Brian to join his team. In addition other sources have told FAUXRUMORS that Mrs. Leetch, who was the main impetus for Brian not playing in Ottawa or out west, gave the green light to possibly move to the warm climate of the Bay area.

3) In other news, FAUXRUMORS2 tells us they are working on a Chris Pronger story that they hope to have out by the end of the weekend or early next week. We are here in Buffalo. Got out of Chicago just in time we're told. The problem may be tonight and tomorrow here when the snow will catch up with us.

4) In the mean time, we look forward to meeting a bunch of folks this afternoon/evening. Some Ranger fan/readers plan to attend along with many folks up in upstate NY where we seem to have quite the following. Hopefully conditions will allow out door tailgating, if not we will make alternative plans.
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