Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Question Answered......Again!

1) Below is a link to a post we made a couple of weeks ago. You can skip over the first part(other than we are correct so far on the predictions) However, that's not the reason for this thread. As our blog has grown, and added more new readers, we are continuously asked why we don't respond/defend ourselves against attacks: Below was a response we wrote to answer these questions http://fauxrumors.blogspot.com/2006/11/california-dreaming.html#links

2) We knew going in that as we grew in popularity that cranks, liars, cheats, and others who liked to hear(read)themselves would pop in from time to time. We vowed back then, and will continue to, not respond in-kind. Just to set the record strait when/if distorted, then let the chips fall where they do.

3) As we mention in that link/thread from 11/1, judging from reader response, most of you 'get it'. Also Thanks a Bunch for the MANY notes of support we have, and continue to receive!!

4) Post Script: We're heading out in a little while on our way to begin Leg II of our odyssey across the NHL. We're in Raleigh tonight to take in the tilt between the Hurricane and Sabres. We are VERY excited that we decided to go to Carolina for this one. Should be an awesome game. We should be able to post more when we arrive later this afternoon. See Y'all there!

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