Monday, December 29, 2014

Good Bye Dany Boy

1) Not a surprise, but still kinda is to read about  Dany Heatley being placed on waivers. Heatley, 33, signed a one-year contract worth $1 million over the summer with the Ducks, but has failed to produce any offence this season. The former second overall pick has zero points in six games for Anaheim. (He's also played two games with the Norfolk Admirals of the American Hockey League.)

2) Realistically Heatley's fall occurred years ago. he's been playing on his past accomplishments for far too long in our opinion. His last really productive season was the 09-10 season in San Jose when he scored 39 gaols and had 82 points. In the 4 seasons that have followed he hasn't eclipsed the 30 goal plateau despite being paid like a top 10 talent (8 million salary)!  So don't cry for Dany boy, he's racked in well in excess of 50 million in career earnings

3) Where he goes from here is not certain. He could get picked up by a team desperate to give him (another) chance. A team that needs a PP presence . Despite the fact that he's done virtually nothing to deserve another shot he will probably get one. Just don't expect the Senators to be one of those teams!  LOL

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 12 Results

1) Post x-mas break games are completed. Some teams definitely showed rust  after being off a full 3 days. For the night we went a mediocre 7-6 to bring the season totals to 98-50, or a .662 winning %. We did manage to get the Lock correct to bring that stat to 9-3.  We will be back picking games next week when 10 games are on the league docket.

2) Its 'Winter Classic' week that will bring the Hawks into DC to play the suddenly hot Caps on New Years day. Look for our analysis on this event. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week 12 Picks!

1) The seemingly endless Christmas break is finally ended. We off the next leg of the NHL season that concludes at the All Star Break. Tonight (all night games this week) there are a big 13 games schedujled. WEe bring our record of 91-44 for a .674 winning %. into the day.

Boston at Columbus: Bruins

 NY Islanders at Buffalo: Sabres 

 Detroit at Ottawa: Red Wings

 Carolina at Tampa Bay: Lightning (Lock of the Week)

New Jersey at NY Rangers: Rangers

 Winnipeg at Minnesota: Wild

 Washington at Pittsburgh: Penguins

 Philadelphia at Nashville: Predators

 Dallas at St. Louis: Blues

 Anaheim at Arizona: Coyotes

 Chicago at Colorado: Avalanche

 Edmonton at Calgary: Oilers

 San Jose at Los Angeles: Kings

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas.. Now You're Fired!

1) Nice timing Lou (The Grinch) Lamarello! The Devils  have fired coach Pete DeBoer, the team confirmed today.   General manager/team president Lou Lamoriello will not address the change, however, until he talks with the team's players on Saturday morning before they are scheduled to play the cross town rival, Rangers. The Devils (12-17-7) have lost seven of their past eight games and 13 of 16 since Nov. 22.  They have the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference and are nine points out of a playoff spotDeBoer, 46, went 114-93-41 in 3½ seasons with the Devils. 

2) If it seemed that Lamoriello  has a quick trigger finger when it comes to coaches it would  be a correct feeling. In  fact, over the past 15 seasons played, the Devils have made a league-high 13 coaching changes!! Amazing.  Now it really isn't a shocker that Peter was let go, but the timing Lou? Really?  Canning him the day after x-mas!  WE in our annual "who gets axed first post In that post under DeBoer we wrote: A very underrated head coach who is entering his 4th season in Jersey.  In a tough spot as he coaches the oldest NHL team and is one injury (Schneider) away from getting fired.  If they get off to a slow start Peter could easily find himself getting that dreaded call for Mr. Lou!  

3) So where do the Devils go from here?  Although its not yet been made official our NJ sources tell us Lou does NOT intend to return behind the bench like he did on previous occasions. Instead we are being told that we may see what they are terming "co-coaches". We aren't clear yet who those individuals will be, but we're told not to be surprised to see Adam  Oats be one of them.  As for DeBoer, as we have maintained since he was hired by the Devils, he is an under rated coach who has done the best anyone could have asked  with the rosters he has been given both in Jersey and before that in Florida. As such we wouldn't be shocked to hear that he lands with another team if not before this season concludes, but certainly by next season!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

1) Firstly we here at FAUXRUMORS want to thank each and every one of our many loyal readers. We wouldn't be here without you!

2) During this all too long hockey hiatus, we at the FAUXRUMORS group, want to wish all of you and yours the best this holiday season! We will be back, covering the season in earnest tomorrow.  Until then we at FAUXRUMORS want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 11 Results

1) Our pre-holiday edition of our weekly picks is in the books.  For the day/night we went a very mediocre 7-6  to bring the season totals to 91-44 for a .674 winning %.  As an aside there were an amazing 5 of the 13 games that went beyond the 60 minute mark to be decided. Of those we went  2-3.  Of course one, the Sharks winning in OT helped us to extend our 'Locks' record to 8-3. WE will be back at this again next Saturday the 27th when the NHL ends its self imposed 3 day X-mas break with 13 big games

2) Many of our readers who have not been with us from the beginning (2006-2007) have been asking us about a certain blog irritant and why he continually pesters the blog disparaging us as well as our readers. Those who have been with us from the beginning know his checkered quasi-psychotic tendencies.  We look at it as comic relief for the blog, as he is now harmless, and unless he starts to write threatening responses we won't edit/restrict/erase his usual inane ramblings

3) As we mentioned the NHL X-mas break starts Wednesday through Friday.  We are probably going to drop at least 1 post before then.  As always keep it here for all the latest!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week 11 Picks

1) The pre-holiday edition of our weekly picks. There are 12 games being played today/night in the NHL. We of course risk our amazing record through 10 weeks of 84-38, or  .689 winning %.

Arizona at Los Angeles: Kings

Colorado at Buffalo: Sabres

 Philadelphia at Toronto: Maple Leafs

 Ottawa at Montreal: Habitants

 Tampa Bay at NY Islanders: Lightning

 Florida at Pittsburgh: Penguins

 Washington at New Jersey: Capitals

 NY Rangers at Carolina: Rangers

 Chicago at Columbus: Blue Jackets

 Nashville at Minnesota: Wild

 Calgary at Vancouver: Flames

 St. Louis at San Jose: Sharks (Lock of the Week)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eakins Fired, But Oilers Still Suck!

1) Apparently GM Craig Mc Tavish either had a change of heart, or as our sources tell us the decision to fire Eakins was made from the top. Owner, drug dealer Daryl Katz gave the directive after watching his team lose yet another game last night o the NY Rangers. To review only 10 days ago when asked about Eakins job security he said:" “Coaching is under scrutiny, but in my mind, at this time, to make a coaching change … we’ve changed assistant coaches. We’ve brought in co-coaches. We’ve brought in former coaches. Four coaching changes … as I said earlier, those coaches were all delivering the same message. We need a higher level of execution.”

2) Evidently that thought process has changed. Insiders tell Fauxrumors that Katz has become incensed when his team not only continued to lose, but appeared to stop competing/caring. This even prompted goalie Viktor Fasth to have a visible emotional out burst after getting pulled a few days ago. Calling out his team mates out in front of  everyone while on the bench.

3) McTavish takes over this train wreck and is amazingly the 6th coach since 2008, and very likely won't stay through the rest of the season so we very well may be looking at # 7 soon. In our opinion the problem hasn't been coaches but poor talent management. Although they have had oodles of 1st overall/lottery picks the past 5 years it takes more than 1st rounders to make a playoff contender, let alone a Cup contending team.  It takes talent along with leadership. A mix of youth and veteren leadership is the usual recipe and management has yet to grasp this.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 10 Results

1) We have completed week 10 of the NHL season and on the day we went an excellent 10-3 to bring our season totals up to 84-38, or an awesome .689 winning %. We even manged to break our inexplicable 3 game  'lock' losing streak by winning that game as well to bring that stat to 7-3.

2) Look for week 11's picks upcoming next Saturday when 12 games will be decided. Other interesting stories are also lurking about and we're sure our loyal readers are eagerly awaiting our unique take on them.
As always keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 10 Picks

1) Here we are in  week 10 of the NHL season.  There are a 'baker's dozen' (13) games on tap. To review thus far our record is  74-35 for a .679 winning % going into today's slate of games:

Ottawa VS Boston: Bruins

Philadelphia VS Carolina: Flyers

 Buffalo  VS  Florida: Sabres

 Toronto VS Detroit: Maple Leafs

 Washington VS Tampa Bay: Capitals

 NY Islanders VS Chicago: Islanders

 Columbus VS Pittsburgh: Penguins

 Anaheim VS Winnipeg: Ducks  ( Lock of the week)

Minnesota VS Arizona: Wild

Dallas VS New Jersey: Devils

NY Rangers VS Vancouver: Rangers

St. Louis VS Colorado: Blues

San Jose VS Nashville: Sharks

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Signing Marty, Bad Move or Desperation?

1) Martin Brodeur is back in the NHL!. After an amazing run of 21 years in New Jersey, Brodeur signed with the St. Louis Blues last week. He made his first start on Thursday, looking OK in a 4-3 loss to the Predators. Then this past Saturday, he earned his 689th career win, and first in St Louis, in relief against a familiar foe the Islanders.  Don't get us wrong, while it was nice to see a legend return in our opinion it won't help, but hinder the Blues season.

2) The whole Brodeur situation is very odd, because the Blues and Brodeur don’t seem like they should be a fit. Why? The Blues already have two pretty good goaltenders in veteran Brian Elliott and youngster Jake Allen. While Allen has struggled a bit, and right now Elliott has a mild injury. While Elliott is listed as 'week-to-week', there have been conflicting reports as to just how long he’ll be out, however few are saying his season is in jeopardy, which means at some point the Blues are going to have a log jam in net with three guys and only two spots.

3)  It’s possible that the plan here is to just use Brodeur as a stop-gap until Elliott is back and then go forward with the Elliott-Allen pairing. But the rumor mill now says that the Blues could be looking to move Elliott, which would leave them with Allen and Brodeur to carry their Cup hopes.  That would seem to be an insane strategy, especially since Brodeur hasn’t been all that good for going on 2 years now. From a purely Blues’ perspective, it makes little sense. They’re one of the league’s better teams, in a  position to make a run at the team’s first Cup. 

4) They tried to upgrade the position late last season  when they made a blockbuster trade to get Ryan Miller. Most liked that deal at the time, but it didn’t work out, and the Blues ended up spending a few top assets for a few weeks of mediocre goaltending.  True, here they’re not spending any assets on Brodeur, so the risk factor is lower. But the odds of success are lower too! The other non discussed is the negative possible impact on the acting #1 goalie Jake Allen.  Brodeur has never been a 'mentor' to any of his former backups, and having a guy who is used to being 'the guy' around could fracture the locker room

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 9 Results

1) Week 9 is complete. For the day/night we had another rather solid outing, going 8-4 on the day to elevate our season total to 74-35 for a .679 winning %.  Another, in this case bad trend, is the ability to win better than 75% of my picks yet missing another 'Lock' like we have done 3 weeks in a row now. That stat is now a very mediocre 6-3 on the season!

2) We of course will be back here next Saturday when another slew of NHL games are on tap. We also are writing/planning a few other posts in the upcoming week. Don't forget the christmas (holiday if you're an atheist) trade freeze is i n effect in 2 weeks so rumours are sure to pop up, and look for our perspective on the Marty Brodeur signing!
As always, keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 9 Picks

1) We enter the second quarter of the NHL season.  Thus far our week end picks have yeilded a record of 66-31 or a .680 winning % Like the last few weeks there are a dozen games on tap today/night in the NHL

Ottawa at Pittsburgh: Penguins

St. Louis at NY Islanders: Islanders

 Philadelphia at Los Angeles: Kings

 Buffalo at Florida: Panthers

 Vancouver at Toronto: Maple Leafs

 Montreal at Dallas: Stars

 NY Rangers at Detroit: Red Wings

 Columbus at Tampa Bay: Lightning (Lock of the Week)

 Washington at New Jersey: Devils

 Chicago at Nashville: Black Hawks

 Boston at Arizona: Bruins

 San Jose at Calgary: Sharks

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Into oblivion?

1) As we get into week 9 of the NHL season a few teams are quickly becoming 'after thoughts' as they sink deeper and deeper out of playoff contention. While it still relatively early (most teams have 55+ games left the writing is on the wall for several teams. With teams playing each other combined with the 'loser point' it become very difficult if not impossible to overcome double digit deficits.  So with 3/4 of the season to go there are already in our opinion 4-7 teams that could fit that description. 4 are not a shock, and two are.

2) As of this post we believe that the following teams are clearly becoming irrelevant with respect to the playoff race, and although fans are still amazingly still going to Oilers games the other 4 teams might have completely empty buildings before the All Star Game!
  • Buffalo
  • Columbus
  • Carolina
  • Edmonton
  • Arizona

3) In addition to those 5 it could be argued that the Flyers and Avalanche are fast also getting to that point as well. Our hesitancy to place them into the above 5 is their rosters should be far better and more likely to have a bit of a turn around in the remainder of the season, but they better get moving soon. We may very well see some coaching turnover with one of these  7 teams in the next few weeks. How in the hell does Dallas Eakins still have a job!?!   
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