Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

1) Just a quickie note to wish all our readers the very best this New Years! 2010 will amazingly be the fifth calendar year we at FAUXRUMORS have been blogging.

2) We are excited to begin the year where we left off; Providing hard hitting, unique commentary, rumors and rumor evaluation, and of course always with irreverent humor. Thanks to all of you for making this venture so much fun! As always, keep it here for all the latest in 2010 and beyond!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Live By The Sword.......

1) We thought of the title of this blog piece in reference to an incident that occurred 2 weeks ago in a game between the Colorado Avalanche and Washington Capitals. Towards the conclusion of the game Avs forward/enforcer David Koci shoulder checked Norris runner up Mike Green into the boards forcing Green's face into the glass and thereby causing a gash to form over his eye. Koci was called for a major penalty for boarding and ejected from the game.

2) Now we first want to mention that we don't advocate players going around with the intent to injure one another. However we do advocate for the game to be played as it was intended, at full force for 60 minutes. We don't believe Koci was trying to hurt Green, but trying to make the most of his minimal ice time with sending a message to the Caps that although the game is no longer in doubt (5-1 at the time) the Avs are not lying down. Also at 6'6" 250 any time Koci nails an opposing player with a shoulder its going to hurt. Add to that the fact that the Pepsi center glass/boards have to be one of the most solidly built/least forgiving in the NHL and you have a prescription for what occurred that night. The laceration on Green was probably/ironically caused by his own visor.

3) The reason for us writing this is in response to the Capitals' response to the incident. They were aghast that another player would dare hit their star defensemen with a body check and possibly injure them. To that we ask, where were the Capitals when they possessed a player much like Koci (Donald Brashear) who in last year's playoff, with his now current team NY Rangers, actually did injure one of their players (Blair Betts)? There was no out rage. No ire at a one dimensional player being allowed to ruin the game, etc. Sorry folks, that doesn't cut it. If anything the Koci hit was much more in line with the way the game should be played (and probably why he wasn't suspended-unlike Brashear who got 5 games for his hit on Betts). If you're going to tacitly condone that from your own team, keep your pie holes closed when it comes back to bite you! Live by the sword, die by the sword!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 13- Results

1) A very solid rebound effort for us despite getting our Lock incorrect for only the third time this season. On the evening we went a very impressive 10-3 to bring our season long total to 100-67, or a .599 winning %. Look for us again to be back at this in 2010, when we will pick week 14 and its dozen games.

2) We apologize for the minimal of content on the site recently. We due plan on several posts upcoming from us and FR2. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lucky Week 13 Picks

1) Yes, Christmas Break is over. Its time to get back to NHL hockey. As such its a busy day/eve on the NHL schedule with 13 games up for grabs. As such, we take our season long total of 90-64 into today. We hope to rebound from last week's disaster.

Ottawa at Buffalo Sabres (Lock of The Week)

Columbus at Detroit Red Wings

Philadelphia at Carolina Flyers

NY Islanders at NY Rangers Rangers

Montreal at Toronto Maple Leafs

New Jersey at Washington Capitals

Atlanta at Tampa Bay Lightning

Chicago at Nashville Blackhawks

St. Louis at Minnesota Wild

Dallas at Colorado Avalanche

Los Angeles at Phoenix Coyotes

Edmonton at Vancouver Canucks

Anaheim at San Jose Sharks

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

1) Firstly we here at FAUXRUMORS want to thank each and every one of our many loyal readers. We wouldn't be here without you!

2) During this hockey hiatus, we at the FAUXRUMORS group, along with the entire NHL, will also be taking a 24-48 hour break. We want to wish all of you and yours the best this holiday season! WE will be back, along with the NHL back in action on Saturday when we plan to publish our week 13 picks. Until then we at FAUXRUMORS want to say:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Trade Freeze!

1) Well the once heralded start of the Christmas trade freeze came and went with a mere whimper. ( THE NHL XMAS TRADE FREEZE PERIOD IS DECEMBER 19-27.)

2) What was once one of the more active times of year (behind only the spring trade deadline, and entry draft) the holiday trade freeze has become just another arbitrary deadline that comes and goes with little notice by anyone but team' GM's and some hard core fans/bloggers.

3) The inevitable question would be why? Why is it/has it been so quiet the last few years. The answer(s) are simple:

The salary cap: This is the obvious reason for ALL trade inhibition. Teams can no longer simply make a trade without first thinking of the short AND long term salary cap implications. Although the cap has increased substantially(39 to 56 mil) the past few seasons, teams are learning the system and reluctant to get too close to the max, if possible, to retain flexibility for a deal later in the season. As we have seen, even then the cap (as well as the earlier trade deadline) helps to retard the number and scope of a trade.

League-wide parity: With so many (almost all right now) teams still technically in it for longer periods, (Thanks to the loser point!) almost all GM's are still thinking of this year and not ready to throw in the towel, per se, after 30 or so games and think re-build. So there are very few 'sellers' of quality. Will that stop the rumor whores and others from telling us a block buster deal is imminent? Probably not, but from all reports we find reliable we don't expect any real big moves to occur before the Olympic break in February!

Week 12- Results

1) Week 12 is history. So how did we do? Well on the bright side we got our Lock of The week to go an impressive 10-2 on the season in that area. Unfortunately, the rest of the night was a disaster. We overall went 4-8 (our worst week this season) to go 90-64 on the year.

2) We will be back at this for (hopefully) lucky week 13 when 13 games will be up for grabs in the post Christmas break NHL schedule. Also look for a couple of posts this week before the holiday. One about a recent caps-Avs game and on the holiday trade freeze. As always, keep it here for all the latest

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekly Picks- 12

1) Its week 12. Will be interestig to see if the inclement weather that gripping the Eastern sea board affects any of today/tonight's games. Either way its week 12 of our weekly foray into choosing each game's winner. Thus far we have a record of 86-58 for a .597 winning %.

NY Rangers at Philadelphia: Flyers

Detroit at Dallas: Stars

Nashville at Calgary: Flame

Phoenix at Anaheim: Ducks

Pittsburgh at Buffalo: Sabres

Florida at Carolina: Hurricane

Montreal at NY Islanders: Islanders

Minnesota at Ottawa: Wild

Boston at Toronto: Bruins

New Jersey at Atlanta: Thrasher

Columbus at Colorado: Avalanche (Lock of The Week)

Washington at Edmonton: Oiler

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Other Shoe?

1) When we first read that the Coyotes were close to being sold by the NHL to the 'IceEdge Group, and that they were committed to not breaking the lease (another 26 years in the desert) we wondered what the details of this agreement really were. Why? Well, for those of you who haven't been following this saga/soap opera- It has been shown in great detail by multiple reliable sources that the Coyotes have been, and will continue to hemorrhage money. Unless their lease is reworked or the city gives other financial assistance (Something that we have been told is doubtful) the team is destined to be a money loser regardless of how well/efficient the team is run by a new owner.

2) This is the very reason that many, including us at Fauxrumors have been saying for some time that the Coyotes were a dead-team-walking. A move was inevitable. We concluded that the NHL would be just fine with a relocation as long as they were the ones who decided where the franchise moved. Which is why the NHL so vehemently opposed the Basillie attempt to purchase the team despite having a bid FAR in excess of what any one else was offering. Bettman/the Board wanted to say where the team went. Also, and as curious to us is the fact that in al their press releases the IceEdge group insisted that they would hold several "home games" in a "neutral site". Saskatoon and even Halifax were floated as possibilities. The team would gain a foot hold there and eventually relocate there in a couple of seasons?

3) So as we read these latest develpments we ask when will we hear about the other shoe? What concessions did the city agree to? If not, what did the NHL promise the Ice Edge group to assuage the sure bet they'll lose millions in the short term without a lease adjustment/other financial considerations? We and we're sure our readers will be keeping close tabs on developments of these important questions.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 11- Results

1) Yes, the Messier week is over and none too soon! We started off very poorly, but thankfully our West coast picks enabled us to at least secure a .500 evening. Going 6-6 isn't what we like to do, but when a possible 3-9 was staring at us, we'll take it. For the season we are now 86-58 for a .597 winning %. We even took a bath on our Lock as the Jackets lost at home to the lowly Ducks to bring that stat to 8-3.

2) We hope to rebound from 2 consecutive sub par weeks next Saturday when another 12 contests will be up for grabs. Additionally FR2 tells us they plan a post on recent developments in Phoenix. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekly Picks:11

1) Yes, its that time. Saturday, so time for our weekly picks of all games in the NHL. This is week 11. We are hoping to rebound from one of our worst weeks of the season last time out. Thus far through 10 weeks we are 80-52, for a .606 winning %. With a dozen games up for grabs here are our choices of who we see winning.

Philadelphia at New Jersey: Flyers

Boston at NY Islanders: Bruins

Buffalo at NY Rangers: Rangers

Carolina at Ottawa: Senators

Washington at Toronto: Capitals

Montreal at Atlanta: Thrashers

Anaheim at Columbus: Blue Jackets (Lock of The Week)

Florida at Pittsburgh: Penguins

San Jose at Phoenix: Coyote

Detroit at Nashville: Predators

Minnesota at Vancouver: Canucks

Dallas at Los Angeles: Kings

Friday, December 11, 2009


1) As we come into the week end of week 11 we figured we'd throw out a few observations/opinions of some of the news of the day, etc.

Topic 1:Shanahan Joins NHL- No Surprise!?! In case you missed it, a week or so ago the NHL announced that the former player would assume the position of the NHL’s new vice president of hockey and business development. Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog you certainly are not. We have stated on multiple occasions that Shanny was destined for the NHL front office. We stated a couple of years ago when he was a UFA from Detroit that he'd likely sign with a team close to the NY metro vicinity. VoilĂ  (like the French lingo?) Brendan signed on for the Rangers then the Devils. Keeping a close proximity to his ultimate goal.

2) Many are saying this is "Payola" for Shanny's role in circumventing Bob Goodenow and getting a CBA done in 2004/2005. From what we have heard it didn't hurt, but even before that Shanahan was on Bettman's radar. It was their 'relationship' prior to the last Bettman lockout that enabled the two to help bridge the divide between players and management, and for better or worse (you be the judge which) get the salary cap the league wanted, and the game back. Time will tell if he's qualified or not for this very new position that apparently is more on the business side, but business degree or not Brendan always came off as one of the brighter players in the game. WE could see him eventually moving up within the ranks and perhaps in a decade or so assume the commissioners role.

3) Topic 2: The Faux Jinx continues. It seems whenever we make a post/comment/take a stand the situation suddenly turns around. The most recent instances were two blog pieces we did concerning Sidney Crosby not being 'The Next One. and one about Peter Laviolette taking over in Philly In the former post Sid the Kid went on a tear following the post. While we stick with our conclusions we found it humorous he got hot right after that. In Philly the revers has been true. In his first week Laviolette has only won once in 4 tries as the Flyers fall further back in the Eastern Conference standings. There have been rumours of club house instability with captain Richards and new super star Chris Pronger butting heads somewhat. If this team is to succeed, and we maintain they have the talent to do so (despite ray Emery sucking/getting hurt), it will more require Lavy to get "the room' in order and cohesive, than ti implement a new style of play. Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Results: Week 10

1) Week 10 is gone and done. What a night it was! it seems almost every game was decided by one goal, and we didn't fair too well in those, especially the ones that went into the extra session/SO. Of course that's all part of the game so we accept all results. Also just after we lad the decision of the Flyers to replace Stevens with Laviolette Philly lays a serious egg at home against a caps team without its best player (Ovechkin). we don't see that continuing.

2) As for the actual carnage, we went an abysmal 5-9 to bring our 10 week total to a still respectable 80-52, or a .6.6 winning %. It wasn't al bad as we extended our winning ways with our Lock of The Week. Bringing that stat to 8-2 on the season. We will be back at it for week 11 next Saturday when 12 games will be played.
As always keep it here for all the latest!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stevens Canned! Laviolette Hired! Good Move!

1) In what amounted to a late night lynching after everyone had gone to sleep Philadelphia Flyers coach John Stevens was fired late yesterday evening. The team didn't even hold its press conference until 8:00 pm last night!! Yes, its not a huge surprise to most people, its just the timing that we at Fauxrumors have issue with. The Flyers could/should have made this announcement either MUCH earlier in the day. Why wait? The only possible reason was the Hurricanes dragging their feet in giving permission?

2) As for the decision, we're actually in agreement with Paul Holmgren/the Flyer management. Stevens clearly was not the right coach for this team. Yes, as many have reported/said Stevens is one of the brightest young hockey minds in the game, and we would be shocked if he's not back coaching another NHL team before next season commences, but after an initial elevation of the team from the dregs 3 seasons ago, the Flyers never propelled themselves to that 'next level. Yes, and we would agree with those who say the biggest problem the Flyers have (and have had forever since Bernie parent retired) is between the pipes, but if anyone has seen the Flyers play this season there clearly was something lacking. A fire if you will. This team SHOULD be among the elite in the East, if not the NHL, not fighting for their lives for a 8th spot.

3) As for the decision to replace Stevens with Peter Laviolette, we again are in firm agreement with the choice. In fact we'd venture to say this is as important to their potential success this season as the Pronger addition in the off season. In 'Lavy' the Flyers have a coach that has won. A guy who is every bit as emotional as his team SHOULD be. We think this is a match that is a perfect fit and we'd be shocked if the Flyers don't proceed to over take the rest of the conference and be fighting the Pittsburghs and Capitals for supremacy in the East. Yes, Ray Emory/goaltending remains a problem/issue, and as we projected in our preseason predictions would be their eventual downfall in the post season, it should NOT prevent this team from winning at least 75% of their regular season games from here to April.

Week 10 Picks!

1) Its already week 10 of the 2009-2010 NHL season. There are 14 games on the line this afternoon/evening. We bring our 9 week total of 75-43 on the season, or a .636 winning %.

Vancouver at Carolina: Canucks

Edmonton at Dallas: Stars

St. Louis at Los Angeles: Kings

Toronto at Boston: Bruins (Lock of The Week)

NY Rangers at Buffalo: Sabres

Detroit at New Jersey: Red Wings

Washington at Philadelphia: Flyers

Atlanta at Florida: Thrashers

Colorado at Columbus: Avalanche

Chicago at Pittsburgh: Penguins

NY Islanders at Tampa Bay: Islanders

Minnesota at Nashville: Predators

Calgary at San Jose: Flames

Ottawa at Phoenix: Coyotes

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not A Mis-Print?

1) As we perused the NHL standings we were struck with several items with what we saw in the Eastern Conference. One, the top 8, after almost 30% of the NHL season has been completed, consisted of 3 NE division teams. Not a huge shocker (we saw 2) really, but most didn't think that the Senators would be one of them. As bad as things have been in Beantown they have hung in there and as of this point have a playoff position. Buffalo is not a shock as we at Fauxrumors believed that a healthy Ryan Miller would put them back into contention, and thus far his heroics have been a huge factor in their early success.

2) The thing about the top 8 that struck us the most was the fact that there are 3 SE Division teams there and only two Atlantic division team currently in playoff position. We felt before the season that the Atlantic was the best division in the East. Regular readers may recall how we lambasted the SE division in late October, No shocker that the Washington Capitals are in the top 8, but surprisingly, the team we believed had the best chance of joining them the Carolina Hurricanes are the conferences worst team!

3) Meanwhile the Lightning and Thrashers are having very nice starts. Look out DC, the Thrashers are only 7 points behind you with 3 games in hand! So who else is not getting it done? Well, the Flyers and Rangers are two teams we felt pretty confident would be playoff teams. The Flyers a Cup contender in our pre season predictions have played very poorly the past few weeks placing them on the outside of the top 8. The Blue Shirts, after a nice start have folded their tent and looked like a bottom 5 team the past 3 weeks, going a horrendous 3-7 in their last 10 games!

4) Yes, we can already hear some of you saying, 'its early Faux'. Of course, but its not the first week of the season anymore. These trends are significant now. We feel that teams like the Lightning and Thrashers, barring serious injury woes, will hang in there and make it a fight to the end for a playoff spot. Something both of those beleaguered markets desperately need! We also can't see the Flyers staying where they are. At some point they will put together a nice streak and be right back in the top of the Atlantic race. Additionally, really only two teams can be counted out as of now. The aforementioned Hurricanes who appear lost, and the Maple Leafs. Everyone else is within a good weekend of games of getting back into the top 8. As it has been the last few seasons it will likely go down to the final day before we know who will be there and who will need to book a mid April tee time.
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