Friday, November 10, 2006

Orr Full of Shit?

1) OK, now that we got your attention, lets talk about why we feel this way. We're alluding to today's comments by the former great defensemen about the latest head injury sustained by Detroit's Jason Williams from a vicious (But clean) check by Edmonton's Raffi Torres.

2) Apparently Orr feels that ANY shots to the heads ANYTIME should be penalized. Says Orr: " if someone puts his shoulder into a player's face, if he puts anything -- an arm, an elbow, a glove -- I think that player should get a penalty." OK, lets forget for a moment that this comes in the wake of a CLEAN check, but if that 'rule' was to become NHL law, imagine the consequences

3) Zedeno Chara would no longer be able to check ANYONE! LOL Seriously, he wouldn't. Any player he hit who was 6+ inches shorter(almost everyone) than he would potentially be drawing a call when hit by the Big Z. A player puts his head down and he can't be touched??? Nonsense!

4) More importantly, it would be yet another way of legislating out of the game what we the paying fans want to see. ( No, not injuries) We want hitting and fast paced action. Now most of us also like a scrap every now and then, but we won't discuss this NHL mistake right now.

5) What would be next start using Nerf pucks and sticks? After all a slap shot going 100 mph can kill someone!

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