Friday, November 10, 2006

Shake-Up Imminent in Philly/Desert?

1) Sources close to the Philly situation told FAUXRUMORS last night that Flyers owner Ed Snider was furious with their latest non-performance(loss) against the Islanders last night. Not only did they lose, but appeared to be totally uninspired through out most of the contest. Fans were booing the team almost the whole game.

2) We're told that Holmgren has been given the green light to make a deal, if for no other reason than "to shake these assholes up". Though no concrete names were mentioned, we're told not to be surprised to see ANYONE dealt over the upcoming days/weeks in Philly. Even Captain Forsberg could be had for the right price.

3) As for the Desert Dogs, we're being told that a player personnel move is also likely, but in addition the losing is starting to really wear on head coach, Wayne Gretzky. Our people in Phoenix tell us that it won't be too much longer before Gretzky decides that he's had enough and 'moves upstairs'. Evidently the players are even at this early stage, tuning The Great One out. Never a good sign for a coach.As always we at FAUXRUMORS will stay on top of these and any other potential developments!

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