Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leaving Canada

1)As we sit in Calgary International Airport waiting for our flight out of Canada to the Left coast leg of our road trip we wanted to say thanks to all our many new Western Canadian friends we've made this past week.

2) Special thanks to all the tail gaiters who we met up with at the Wicked Wedge for some great tasting pizza. Among those there we enjoyed the company of the Wetzels, Bob and Laura, Barry and Arlene Fowand, Rich Guadanini as well as an assortment of folks who popped in and now sadly their names escape us. (We had fun! LOL) A personal note to Jackson Westington who's E-mail we didn't see until arrangements had already been set. Our sincerest apologies for missing you this time around.

3) As for the game. Geez Calgary needs some offense! The Caps are an improved team as we've witnessed on this road trip, but the Flames made them look like the 76-79 Canadians. Iggy did go pop, but needed a break away to do the trick. One has to wonder if they are really happy with their squad as currently assembled, as Sutter said recently. Kipper is great, but can't win games himself every night.

4)Pengrowth Saddledome was a sea of red. We probably stuck out a bit as we didn't remember this was a Calgary tradition. LOL The seats were awesome. We were in the second tier behind the Calgary net for 2 periods so we saw most of the goals close up. Another memorable game in what is turning out to be an amazing adventure!

5) We look forward to all the MANY folks who have already committed to seeing us in Southern California. FAUXRUMORS 2 will be handling the blogger duties the remainder of today. Great job on that Power rankings! Best of luck to Antz as they take a well deserved vacation to Africa. We look forward to hearing all about it!See/talk with ya tomorrow from California

Monday, October 30, 2006

Florida Goalies in Blood Feud?

1) We here at FAUXRUMORS had been hearing some interesting scuttle- butt about the 2 Florida Panther goalies. Apparently Alex Auld and Ed Belfour didn't hit it off too well in September and things have soured since then

2) We're told that Eddie the Eagle came into camp acting very cocky, portraying himself to his teammates and media as the #1 goalie, when that position was very much in doubt. Auld for his part also came to camp as a new Panther, and assumed the position of top goalie was up for grabs, but was his to lose.

3) We didn't think this story was worth mentioning until now, since apparently things have sunk to the point where it is alleged, and even reported in a Miami paper, that Belfour struck Auld in a drunken tirade in their team hotel. Though Belfour wanted to portray it as a team prank, sources close to the Panthers say its unlikely that Auld would be involved in anything jocular if Belfour was also involved

4) Reports on the scene say that an unsteady Belfour approached Auld in the hotel bar. Words were exchanged and witnesses saw Auld' go down hard'. Police and emergency vehicles were dispatched to the Garden City Hotel, where the incident occurred. Auld was transported to the hospital for care which included several stitches above his right eye brow. He was released and rejoined the team afterwards

5) Team officials have avoided comment on this or any other past incidents among these two. Belfour has a checkered past. Especially when it comes to alcohol. One may recall a run in with police in Dallas where the inebriated Stars goalie offered the responding officers a 'billion dollars' if they would let him go. He was subsequently Maced in the face to apprehend and arrest him.We will stay on this story as it develops

Calgary Thouhts!

1) As we sit in our beautiful Calgary hotel, early this Monday morning (Still on eastern time) we've been monitoring some interesting news around the league.

2) We are very anxious to see what FAUXRUMORS 2 comes up with in the inaugural Power rankings. We discussed it briefly yesterday, but we at FAUXRUMORS will allow FAUXRUMORS 2 to handle this one on their own

3) We are told pretty confidently that the pens will announce later today that they have decided to retain Staal instead of sending him down. many had assumed they wouldn't keep him for financial reasons. Here's hoping we are correct and the pens do the right thing

4)We have also learned from a very reliable source that Paul Holmgren is NOT a permanent replacement for Bob Clarke, and they are actively pursuing a permanent replacement. Now Paul is on the short list of possibilities, BUT we are hearing that if Ed Snider got his way he'd hire NHL discipline honcho, Colin Campbel as his team's next GM. We're told this should all shake out within the next few weeks, but NOT to expect Campbel to accept the position as he's very happy where he is

Power Rankings!

1) Welcome to the highly anticipated inaugural installment of FAUXRUMORS Power rankings.We will rank each team from 1-30 with a brief sentence/paragraph as to why they are where they are using record, strength of schedule, and other 'intangibles':
1 BUFFALO SABRES - Tied for best start of all time. Best skating team in NHL. Dumont-who?
2 ANAHEIM DUCKS - The 'Norris Twins' doing the job. Another great skating team
3 ATLANTA THRASHERS - Finally has goaltending to go along with offense
4 MINNESOTA WILD - Finally has offense to go along with their defense
5 DALLAS STARS - Early season surprise. Can Lindros stay healthy?
6 SAN JOSE SHARKS - Thorton-Cheechoo duo keeping sharks biting
7 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS - If their defense holds, can compete for playoff spot
8 EDMONTON OILERS - If they could play as well on road as home, they'd be unbeatable
9 VANCOUVER CANUCKS - Luongo carrying team as expected
10 NEW JERSEY DEVILS - Some nights look awful, others like Cup champs
11 NEW YORK RANGERS - Defense has to worry Blue Shirt management
12 DETROIT RED WINGS - Finally coming on after slow start
14 TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS - Seems to be better team away from pressure of ACC
15 MONTREAL CANADIENS - Despite Samsonov, team still looks like a playoff calibre team
16 OTTAWA SENATORS - Another team inexplicably playing poorly at home
17 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS - Some nights look like finally improving, but too seldom
18 FLORIDA PANTHERS - Away from south Florida these cats loose their claws
19 LOS ANGELES KINGS - Off to shaky start as expected.
20 CAROLINA HURRICANES - Seem to be improving after slow, Cup hangover start.
21 COLORADO AVALANCHE - Slovaks: Budaj, Statsney and Svatos have Av's improving
22 TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING -After good start are slipping. One of the big 3 available?
23 CALGARY FLAMES - Still can't score goals!
24 WASHINGTON CAPITALS - New Alex in town carrying team
25 NEW YORK ISLANDERS - Old Alex in town carrying team
26 BOSTON BRUINS - Another year, more changes, same result
27 ST. LOUIS BLUES - Treading water not bad for this squad
28 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS - Any fans left in Chicago?
29 PHOENIX COYOTES - The Great One must have a Great head ache watching this team
30 PHILADELPHIA FLYERS- Underachieving would be an understatement. Dreadful start!

Friday, October 27, 2006

We're in YVR!

1) Gotta love those Canadian airport designation codes. LOL Anyway, after an exhausting trip to BC we're finally in the Great White North. Ironically, its far less white than where we just came from in Denver!

2) Anyway, we'll have much more to report on including some stuff we're been hearing as far as trade/transaction/player rumors that we've picked up in the last day or so. Looking forward to tonight as well. Look for another post later today!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow-Long Denver!

1) As we're sitting at the airport waiting to get to Canada, we're working the phones to hear if there are any imminent deals in the works. This is a summary of what we've learned so far.

2) The Yanic Perreault sweep stakes appears to be heating up. We hear that unlike what some have stated today, the Senators are NOT seriously interested in the veteran center. It was also reported that Perreault is looking for a multi year deal in excess of 1 mil/per. We hear he would 'settle' for slightly less, and understands the reality that any player over 35 is not going to get a multi year deal in the new NHL

3) Our sources tell us again to look to the South west for the answer here. Phoenix trying to shake up their roster, and as such is actively courting Perreault. We hear as soon as today, but by the end of the weekend at the latest and Perreault will be back in the NHL.

4) Additionally with the Rangers coming into town we expect the other rumored deal of Dave Scatchard to heat up. It may take additional time for this one to go down, but as the losses for the Coyotes mount up,so will pressure to make additional moves.

5) Anyway, our flight to Vancouver is finally going to be boarding shortly. See all of ya in the Pacific North West!!

Flyer-Like Shake-Up Imminenet in the desert?

1) Coming off their 4th strait loss last night in Calgary the reeling Phoenix Coyotes are in deep turmoil. Sporting a record of 2-8 after 10 games they find themselves buried in 15th place in the Western Conference despite having played more games than most of their opponents.

2) The head coach, The Great Gretzky sounded almost depressed after last night's loss saying among other things, "As a coach, you dwell on losing for hours and hours before the next game starts. There's no way to really relieve that disbelief of losing a hockey game."

3) Now in fairness it must be stated that the Coyotes got off to a poor start last year as well before turning things around. However, they were never in this deep a hole, and with the surge of last year expectations were higher among management and fans alike

4) Also before the rumors begin in earnest of a Gretzky resignation it has to be reminded that he is also part owner, so he can't be 'pushed' to go, only persuaded to leave if that's what the majority owner,Jerry Moyes wants. Also it can never said that Gretzky is a quitter, so we would be surprised to see Wayne give up now unless their were health issues like in the Clarke situation

5) It would be far more likely that GM Michael Barnett would be the 'fall guy' before Gretzky. Also, as we mentioned earlier this week, the Coyote players are basically all up for grabs if the right deal is offered. We mentioned the Rangers as one of the possible clubs interested in Phoenix players. If the losing continues expect major changes in the desert, from the top on down!

Snow Job!

1) First the bad news, we're stranded in Denver! Well, not really, but our flight to Vancouver has been delayed. So we'll use this time to discuss yesterdays festivities.

2) We all had a great time! The pre game tailgating was a load of fun. In addition to the Connors, Baileys and Nagles, we also were happy/surprised to be joined by our fellow blogger, Antzmarching who says will post their own account of last night.

3) The game was great! Well, unless you were an Avalanche fan. The Caps came out and played a perfect road game. Killed a 2 minute 2 man disadvantage which seemed to be the turning point. From a phone call we received during the game, apparently we were on TV for brief moments as they panned across the crowd. Our seats were awesome. The Pepsi Center rocks! Beautiful arena, all the services are top rate! The fans in Denver know their hockey and are very passionate. Especially showing their love when Joe Sakic scored his historic 1,500th point

4) Hopefully we'll get out of here by this afternoon. We would love to be able to spend some time in Vancouver before tomorrows game. The weather here is weird. It was spring like yesterday, winter like now, and its supposed to be in the 60's again tomorrow! Go figure!

5) Anyway wanted to touch base with all of you to let ya know what was happening. Looking forward to seeing as big a response in the Pacific NW. See all of ya then!

In Cow-Town!

1) Well, thanks to all our loyal readers to stick with us here. We’ve been quite crazy busy with this very ambitious road trip to 30 NHL Cities before 2007. We didn’t think it would be this arduous to travel, but already its been lets say, a challenge

2) We won’t go into the details, but suffice to say its been interesting. A special bit of thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Towski for a trip to the airport in Edmonton after our alluded to travel problem. They along with Max Kramer, Jerry Genova, Pete and Cecile Donaldson, were among the tail gaiters before the Edmonton game.

3) Just a note about Vancouver. We know we didn’t get a chance to remark on that part of the trip. Lets us say that Vancouver has to be one of the most amazing cities. We definitely could see moving here. Weather is very temperate, and city clean, and folks very hospitable. The fans there knew there hockey and like the other cities thus far are very passionate about their team

4) We’re looking forward to our visit to Calgary today. We are going to do some sight seeing but won’t bore all of you with that. As for hockey it appears at least one of our predictions/sources was correct in predicting the imminent signing of Perrault in Phoenix. We feel this is a desperation move, and wouldn’t be surprised to see more such moves in the up coming weeks.

5) There appears to be more chatter among teams as we head into November. Some teams are disappointed with their clubs records early on realizing that getting too far behind early can be the kiss of death in the spring. Therefore we may start to see some moves. However the salary cap will be an issue for many of these teams, so movement may not be as significant as it may have been pre-cap As always keep it here for all the latest, even as we travel around North America!! : )

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pens For Real?

1) Watching the Penguins beat the NJ devils last night had to impress those who were projecting them to have another dismal year. Many thought they had too many young players at key positions to put it together for a successful 2006-07

2) Thus far the Patrick, we mean Atlantic Division leading Pens are doing just fine thank you. Thus far M-A Fleury has finally shown he's an NHL goalie(can he keep it up?). Malkin is playing as advertised. Perhaps even better. The real surprise to FAUXRUMORS2 is the play of Jordan Staal. We figured he'd stay in camp a week or 2 then be returned to juniors for seasoning. With 4 goals(3 of them shorties) he's making a strong case to stay with the big club.

3) Now before we start getting the parade route set in Pittsburgh there are some potential problems, more for the long term than anything else. Ironically the salary cap, which was ostensibly initiated to help smaller markets like Pittsburgh, may be its Dynasty in the making undoing. Why? Simple. Do the math.

4) Ignore the arena problem for 1 minute. In less than 2 years Crosby will be a free agent. Ofcourse the Pens will keep him, but he will definitely have to be paid the max allowable salary. Probably 9 mil/year. In another year BOTH Malkin AND Staal will also become FA's. No way can Pitt keep 2 or 3 players making the max and still be competitive( Ask Tampa how that works)

5) Unlike the Oilers of the early 80's and the Nords of the early 90's this team just won't be allowed to mature/achieve the stature they might have in the 'old days'. An unfortunate by product of Gary Bettman's new NHL. Dynastys like the Oilers, Islanders, and even Detroit/NJ are going to be things of the past. We feel this is NOT a good thing for the NHL. How do you feel? Vote today!http://xnr.pollhost.com/

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

1) Hello from Down town Denver Colorado! We made it in this afternoon to our hotel. The weather isn't bad now, and should be OK tomorrow, but it may deteriorate to a snow storm Wednesday night into Thursday. We hope we can get out of here to our next destination.

2) Anyway, we are really looking forward to tomorrow night's game here. The Avs have been playing good hockey lately, and despite a poor game against Tampa Saturday, the Caps are much improved from last season. Should be an interesting match up

3) For those who we've already confirmed to meet up with before the game, the plans are the same. Parking lot B at about 5 or so for some old fashioned tail gating. We'll bring some adult beverages. We have chatted with on the phone locally some of the many who plan to be there as well. The Connors and Nagles are set to join us, along with possibly Mr and Mrs Baily.

4)If you haven't yet contacted us, feel free and write to us: fauxrumors@yahoo.com. We look forward to seeing you all there!

5) Also a note of thanks to our affiliate bloggers: fauxrumors2 and Antz for keeping things up during our travels! We're lookig forward to having you folks with us as we progress in out travels the next 2 weeks!

New feature Coming!

1) Firstly we heard from FAUXRUMORS this afternoon. They landed safely in Denver and are en-route to their hotel. Look for them possibly to show up later today/tonight to discuss their visit/tomorrow's game between the Avs and Caps.

2) Next, FAUXRUMORS wanted us to announce a new feature here starting next week. Our exclusive 'Power Rankings'. Sure other sites attempt to rate the teams 1 through 30, but not until we have done it will it have credibility, and our unique twist in posting.As aways keep it here for the latest!

How 'Rumors Work

1) I won't presume to speak for FAUXRUMORS as they are on-route to Colorado as we speak. However we, FAUXRUMORS2, would like to clarify for some of our readers how we believe a 'rumors' site works.

2) Let us add that this site is much more than that with its unique trend setting in-site, irreverent humor, interesting discussion and thought provoking polls

3) For each trade consummated each year there are probably about 100 deals discussed among GM's and never completed. Sometimes a trade is proposed, or player offered simply to assess his value on the market for later deals. Sometimes for contractual reasons a player agent gets involved into the negotiations. We have found this is when many rumors are started as they are much more likely to talk with friends/media than the average GM will.

4) We have even known of cases where an agent simply made up a trade rumor in an effort to aid his client. What this all boils down to is that we will continue relay what our voluminous sources relay to us (As FAUXRUMORS did yesterday with the Ranger-Coyote rumor), with the disclaimer that just because a deal is discussed doesn't mean it will happen.

5) However unlike the 'pay sites' like Eklund and Hockey Leaks, we receive NOTHING from our readers in way of compensation. We feel this clears us to only report actual rumors NOT make up stories to mollify our 'customers', as we have NONE.As we say: Keep it here for all the latest! Including a story from FAUXRUMORS from The Pepsi Center Tomorrow!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Flyer Fallout

1) FAUXRUMORS has learned some interesting tid bits concerning the recent turmoil in "The City of Brotherly Love". Apparently the problems that caused the axing of Hichcock, and the resignation of Bob (don't call me Bobby) Clarke goes back to the early pre season, or possibly even before camp

2) We're told that Flyers owner, and fitness freak, Ed Snider was displeased that Ken Hitchcock was continuing to 'put on the pounds', and called him to his office in September as players were reporting to camp. The portly Hitchcock was pushing 300+ pounds, and Snider did not think that this was a good model for his team to see. We're told he was telling insiders that his 'fat fuck coach' needed to lose weight.

3) Apparently Hitchcock did not enjoy being chewed out, but kept his mouth closed at the time, assuming the owner would forget about it. He was wrong. Snider was seen frequently discussing the issue with 'Hitch', and even offered to loan out his own personal trainer to help him with his weight issue

4) We're told that Snider partly attributes the Flyers poor start to poor conditioning, and blamed his former coach in that area. Telling a close friend,"How in hell can that fat whale expect the players to work hard when he looks like a poster boy for Crispy Cream Doughnuts!"

5) We're also told that Clarke himself has not been feeling all too well. Well known for being a diabetic, his health had been deteriorating under the stress of repeated under achieving seasons. So when Snider called him this past weekend telling him of his decision to remove Ken Hitchcock, Clarke felt it was also in his own personal best interest to step aside as well.

6) We at FAUXRUMORS fully expect Ken Hitchcock to quickly find work in the NHL. We wouldn't be surprised to see him back even before this season ends, and certainly by next. As for Clarke, he is probably done as a GM, but don't be surprised if he returns as a team president in the future.

Ranger-Phoenix Deal?

1) FAUXRUMORS sources within the Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes camps tells us that both sides have had some discussions lately concerning a possible deal

2) Scouts of each team were spotted taking in games of the other this past weekend, sparking the rumors to heat up further. Now, while its no secret that Gretzky is unhappy with his current squad, who might be made available has been an unknown.

3) We're told that Dave Scatchard, the 30 year old oft traded center is available and that Sather is very interested. Believing that he could add some grit to his Euro top-heavy roster, as well as help in the face off department

4) The question has to be does NY want to add 2.1 mil of salary? Scatchard also has 2 more years left after this current year. The rangers currently have the cap space to do this.

5) The player that Sather really covets is Shane Doan. However the asking price for Doan would be steep. Also his salary would put the Rangers right against the cap limit reducing their ability to make any further improvements as the season progresses. Also once Sandis Ozolinsh comes off injured reserve it would put them over depending upon who the Rangers returned to Phoenix

6) We will stay on this and any other possible deals as it progresses. As always keep it here for the latest!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Our Response to the Spector Attack

1) Firstly we want to Thank Pinko for alerting us about the this Spector article. We highly recommend his hockey blog http://anotherhabsblog.blogspot.com/

2) We at FAUXRUMORS have been fans of Spector (Lyle Richardson) for many years, and respect his opinions. His web site http://www.spectorshockey.net is a must read for all hockey fans. His rumors page is solely devoted to published rumors, and his analysis of those. He doesn't purport to have any sources of his own.

3) We also found it amazingly amusing to read his blog about our Malkin coverage. Most of those were written 2+ months ago. One wonders how/why he decided to respond to those now. Maybe it was a slow NHL new day? Anyway, that really doesn't matter, as we always say here at FAUXRUMORS any publicity is GOOD publicity.

4) Now on to the article itself. It really doesn't do more than disagree with our assertions(based upon what we've been told) that Malkin did NOT want to play for the Pens, and part of the reason for his disappearance was an attempt to get them to trade him before he surfaced. The reasons are outlined in the our blog as well as rehashed in the Spector article.

5) It wasn't us who made this whole Malkin situation into a spy novel. It was he who said he wanted to play in the NHL. THEN a week later, signs with a Russian team, THEN another week later disappears from site without a trace, only to surface again in several places in the USA. If this wasn't/isn't worthy of a novel we don't know what is! All at the same time that his Russian team was making veiled threats.

6) As we pointed out in an earlier post. Spector may have tried to 'call us out' , but he didn't, and we are quite certain CAN NOT prove what we wrote is incorrect. We went back and asked our Russian sources and they wrote to us: Метелку шантажировали, и его семейство все еще в опасности. For those who don't/can't speak Russian it says Malkin was blackmailed and his family is still in danger for playing here.

7) We will continue to relay any and all rumors as they pertain to this and any other subject. If one has actual information to refute these, we'd love to see them. Anyone can write "this isn't true". However if you do, at least have some facts to back it up.

Southern Hospitality

1) Firstly, thank you to all the folks who turned out at the Hard Rock. We all had a blast! We didn't expect much of a turn out in Atlanta. Often the south isn't thought of as a hockey hot bed, so we didn't have high expectation, but we were pleasantly surprised!

2) A special thanks to Mr & Mrs Tom Burns for their 'round of adult beverages. The Phillips arena was a beautiful edifice and the inside was top rate. Our seats were in the 113 section and had great site lines for the fans. $86 for such a seat is a good deal in this day and age of sky rocketing ticket prices, though for a family of 4 on a budget it still might be a bit pricey.On that note the crowd size was a bit of a disappointment. Empty seats all around us. Especially to see a first place/exciting team like the Thrashers!

3) As for the game. We were excited to see 3 of the top Russian players in the league today in Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, and the new kid, Semin. They didn't disappoint. The Ilya and Marion Hossa combo is deadly! You can see the two have developed quite a bit of chemistry.

4) Overall it was a great experience and would recommend to any hockey fan who lives in the SE U.S. to check out the Phillips arena for a game. You won't be disappointed

Thursday, October 19, 2006

See You'll Tonite!

1) We arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International a little over an hour ago, and are already excited about our upcoming kick off to the FAUXRUMORS 30 NHL Cities before 2007 tour!

2) For those who have already e-mailed us at FAUXRUMORS5@YAHOO.COM we plan on 'tailgating' at the Hard Rock down town about 4-4:30 today! Look forward to meeting all of you there

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Diaparaging Nick-Names?

1) Thought it fun to make a list of the disparaging nick names each team's rival fans place on the name of the team they hate most. Here is an incomplete list of names that we have heard. Feel free to add your own.
NYI- ICElanders, Fishsticks
NYR- Rag$ Ranjerks
Pittsburgh- Gwins, Pissburgh
Washington- Craps(Sparc)
Boston- Ruins
Buffalo- Barfalo
Detroit- Dead Wings

Flyers Clearing Cap Space?

Flyers Clearing Cap Space?
1) With the fallout of yesterdays trouncing by the Sabres the The Flyers placed defenseman Nolan Baumgartner, forwards Niko Dimitrakos and Petr Nedved on waivers. From what we have been told Baumgatener won't be demoted to The Phantoms if he clears wavers, but the other 2 will be.

2) This will only fuel the speculation that Clarke is about to pull the trigger on a deal. The demotion of Nedved alone frees up 2.3 mil of cap space. Baumgartner another million. Leaving the Flyers with about 5-6 mil of space to play with.

3) Now, it is possible these transactions weren't the prelude to further moves by Clarke, but let the rumors begin. Hmmm, what do the Flyers need? Well most would say goaltending, but we disagree.

4) Besides, Clarke HATES to admit a mistake, so we expect him to stick with Niittymaki as the # 1 tender when he returns from injury. His back up is another matter. Despite playing valiantly last night Esche had already worn thin his welcome in Philly. Last night's 9 goals won't help. So a deal for another back up and the waiving/trading of Esche wouldn't surprise us

5) No, the real Achilles heel of the Flyers is their woefully SLOW defense. We don't care how much weight Hatcher's lost he's still not ready for the new NHL. Unfortunatly for Clarke, and Flyer fans their aren't too many available, if any, good skating defensemen on the block right now. (Please don't start the Leetch crap!) Maybe 5-10 years ago, but Leetch is NOT the answer to the Flyers problems.

6) Therefore IF Clarke wants to panic, and we do not think he will, he may want to trade one of his promising young forwards, like Carter or Umberger for a proven blue liner. FAUXRUMORS will keep our ears open if we hear of any imminent moves. Even as we prepare to depart for Atlanta, we will stay on top of things.As always, keep it here for the latest!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Its Good to be the King?

1) The referenced 'King' here is Henrik Lundqvist affectionately known by Ranger fans as King Hank. The sophomore star goalie is now under the gun with the Ranger front office for engaging in a life style that has set off alarm bells with the Blue Shirt management
2) Apparently Lundqvist has been enjoying the NY night life quite a bit since he became the Ranger starter last season. Our sources in NY tell us that it didn't take long for 'Hank' to become a fixture in the NY club scene. It hasn't been unusual to find Lundqvist 'boogying' away at all hours of the night.
3) Thus far he hasn't been seen the night before a game, but what has the Ranger brass concerned is what has happened to past Ranger stars who became 'night owls'. "To be young and rich in NY can be a wonderful thing", one source tells FAUXRUMORS, but it can be full of pitfalls.
4) Long time Ranger followers can recall Don Murdoch. The darling of NY in the late 70's, who fell to temptation and was caught doing cocaine. His career never was the same after that. Later players like Ron Duguay, and even more recently Brian Leetch have fallen prey to the NY night life. One may recall Leetch breaking an ankle 'slipping on ice' a few years back. In fact he was 'piss drunk' and fell off a curb in front of a NY night club at 3:30 am
5) His slow start this season has the Rangers even more concerned. They are considering placing a curfew on he and the rest of the team to try to curtail their, and more specifically Lundqvist's 'zest for living the good life'. They realize if they were to lose their star Swedish tender their aspirations of making the playoffs would be pretty much dead

Monday, October 16, 2006

Situational Officiating

1. Situational or circumstantial officiating! What better way to ensure that a lopsided or slightly out of reach game becomes a nail biter? Referees and umpires have been implementing this strategy for years and I speculate that the order comes from league higher-ups. The NBA has perfected it to a degree where the home teams coincidentally win 80% of the time. Twice the number of free throws for one team undoubtedly will have an impact on the overall score. Fans love going to games where they are almost assured that their guys will emerge victorious. The league wins, the fans win, and television networks win. Its brilliant planning. Moreover, just imagine FAUX offsides or face mask penalties in the NFL.

2. The NHL's model has been modified several times in recent years. Examples include whistles being eaten in the third period, annoying even-up calls, increased 5 on 3s, and phantom "behind the play" infractions. Well, here's my new take on the pitiful state of referees consciously attempting to manipulate outcomes. Be mindful, that I have no scientific data or empirical studies backing me up here, its just a trend that seems obvious lately.

3. I will use the Buffalo-Ranger game the other evening as my example. The speedy Sabres dominated on the scoreboard in both shots on goal and scoring. Those who watched the game noticed a strong effort by the Sabres, particularly in 5 on 5 situations. However, when checking the power play ledger, I found that the Rangers enjoyed two additional manpower advantages. While I don't mean to single this game out, I have seen this absurd circumstance occur more and more. There's no logic to this, other than to keep the games close.

4. I look forward to your feedback - agree or disagree with the intent, but keep an eye on the stats. ANTZ signing off!!!

We Were Kidding.....

1) When we made a comment about the possible rumored destinations for UFA Jason Allison going to Ottawa. Stating yesterday:" Amusing to read published rumors linking Allison to Calgary. Will the rumor next week be Allison to Ottawa?

2) Sure enough the Rumor-whore(Eklund) just this morning has that as his possible destination. Shortly Eklund will have published Allison going to about 30 different teams before it is all said and done. We believe he will be correct where ever Allison lands. ; )

Nice Story!

1) Below is a link to a story about the parents of late Atlanta Thrasher Dan Snyder taking a tour of the NHL to promote forgiveness.http://www.ajc.com/sports/content/sports/thrashers/stories/2006/10/14/1015insidenhl.html2) Hard to imagine losing a child no matter their age, but amazing that these 2 would be able to forgive Heatley who was directly responsible.3) We at FAUXRUMORS applaud these folks! We also look forward to seeing some fans of the deceased Thrasher Thursday night in Atlanta as our own tour gets kicked off, though admittedly ours is of much less importance than the Snyders!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why The Hurricanes Won't be the Lightning

1) Already the comparisons have begun between the Cup Champs of 2004 and the champs of 2006. Though we believe these are not warranted

2) The only similarities these teams have is that they both came from the same division and were Cup champs. From there the similarities evaporate!

3) The most glaring difference is the fact that the Lightning really weren't the defending Cup champs last year. No one was. The Lightning lost their starting goalie to free agency and went last year with a very poor tandem in Graham and the elderly Burke. while the Hurricanes have their star from last season in net, Ward, and can use the aforementioned Graham as he should be, as a back up.

4) Coaches: We have never been big John Tortorella fans. Though we admire his feistyness behind the bench. However, we believe that that same attribute tends to be short lived in getting the most from his players. ( Most successful coaches seem to be more level headed) If one watched Bowman, Arbour, etc during a game you would be hard pressed to know who was winning. Laviolette on the other hand is far less of a 'hot head', and we believe will get far more in the long run from his squad.

5) How all this will play out as the season progresses is any one's guess( we had the Hurricane in the playoffs, but not winning the division), but we believe the Hurricane stand a far better chance to maintain their position as an elite team than the Lightning.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Morning Musings

1) No new imminent trade rumors, BUT we have received some interesting information. Mostly north of the border.

2) Apparently John Ferguson Jr. isn't all too pleased with his current roster of defensemen. The Leafs do have some injuries on the back line, but even with their return JFJ would like to possibly upgrade that area if he can

3) To that end the Toronto GM has sent some preliminary feelers out to other GM's to see what might be available. We're told 'the pickings are mighty slim'. Also what the Leafs would offer in return 'probably won't attract much interest' one source tells FAUXRUMORS.

4) The other team from the Great White North that is also in some early season turmoil are the Senators. Only a few games in and already tonight's match up with their rivals the Habs is seen by their fans and management as an 'important game'. Pressure is already mounting on the shoulders of Wade Redden. With his 6.5 mil/year deal, he's under undo stress to perform. While we have always like Redden's game, we don't believe he was ever worth that kind of money

5) No rumors as far as trades are concerned with the Sens. Their rival tonight are another matter. We heard from one source that 2 weeks ago Gainey had some preliminary talks with free agent Jason Allison's agent. Talks apparently never went beyond the preliminary stages especially when Gainey was informed that Allison 'wasn't in game shape at the moment. We're told he has beefed up 10-15 lbs since last season. Meaning if he wants to play this year he better get busy losing the extra lbs!
As always keep it here for all the latest!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome Aboard!

1) We at FAUXRUMORS are proud to announce yet another addition to our ever increasing stable of contributors. Antzmarching was admitted to the inner circle late yesterday.
2) Like FAUXRUMORS2, Antzmarching has been a contributor/responder to the site under another identity. They will both add to the unique in site that has made THE 3 FAUXRUMORS blogs the fastest growing free hockey blog destinations on the net!
3) Just a reminder that the FAUXRUMORS tour will begin next week! Stay tuned for the details!

Welcome Aboard!

1) We at FAUXRUMORS are proud to announce yet another addition to our ever increasing stable of contributors. Antzmarching was admitted to the inner circle late yesterday.
2) Like FAUXRUMORS2, Antzmarching has been a contributor/responder to the site under another identity. They will both add to the unique in site that has made THE 3 FAUXRUMORS blogs the fastest growing free hockey blog destinations on the net!
3) Just a reminder that the FAUXRUMORS tour will begin next week! Stay tuned for the details!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just a Bit of BackGround

1) Sorry we didn't use the discussed numbered format in our initial posting. ; )
2) Anyway, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the readers here. We at FAUXRUMORS2 will offer we believe another perspective to the blog. We have been readers of the site from almost day 1. We had been posting under another name before. This will remain undisclosed for our protection. ; )
3) Readers will most likely see a slight difference in the tones we use as opposed to the original founders, in that we hold no punches. We have been told we can be abrasive (rarely abusive unless provoked!) in our tone. We won't apologize for this. Its our style, get used to it!
4) We may occasionally be controversial in some of our observations. We're unafraid to take the heat when we may take an unpopular stand. Believe it when we say, we're immovable in our beliefs! We will listen to all sides, yes, but we will not easily be swayed by emotion
5) That all said we're happy to be here! Feel free and write us at fauxrumors5@yahoo.com.We look forward to hearing from you there as well as on the FAUXRUMORS blogs.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Leetch Back To Toronto?

1) With the bad news from Maple Leaf land concerning Pavel Kubina(Torn ACL) the inevitable rumors will commence of this or that player about to be traded to the Leafs

2) You can be sure all the pay sites/rumor-whores will be falling all over themselves with silly made up nonsense to satisfy their paying customers

3) We here at FAUXRUMORS who have NO paying customers, can tell you that as of this moment Brian Leetch has NOT had ANY discussions with the Maple Leafs or any other Canadian team.

4) We find it quite unlikely he will return to any city other than NY or a team in the East that is in a warmer climate(Mrs Leetch's request)

Monday, October 9, 2006

Faux Rip-Off?

1) We read with amusement John Buccigross's latest column from ESPN.com today(http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/columns/story?columnist=buccigross_john&id=2618278)

2) For your review here is our column printed 3 days earlier(http://fauxrumors.blogspot.com/2006/10/penguins-moving-north.html#links)

3) We understand it isn't an Earth shattering bit of news, but John could at least give us credit for being ahead of the pack on this story. Writing it only hours after the sale was announced.

Canadian Readers!

To all our loyal Canadian readers:

The Latest!

1) Not a whole lot of chatter out there after the first few games. Most GMs are still trying to see how their rosters are doing/evaluating their current talent before deciding to make any changes.

2) Additionally, the salary cap factor will tend to restrict significant movement. 2/3 of the teams have cap liabilities of 42 or more, so in order to make a trade they would have to shed salary to take any on. A difficult task

3) Of the remaining unsigned players this is what is being said
Peter Bondra- Back in Europe staying in shape. Desperately wants to play one last year in the NHL to get to 500 goals, but the teams that seemed like a natural fit(Washington/Pittsburgh/Toronto) have shown little interest thus far. It is possible he may retire if no one signs him before the holidays, but also don't be surprise to see a team that shows a need for a PP sniper may snap up the Slovak star
Brian Leetch- As each day goes by appears more and more that he's done. Mrs Leetch had put the kibosh on him going west or returning to NY. Does she want him to play in the sun belt? If so, time is running out quickly!
Jason Allison- We thought he'd be snapped up by now. Although quite slow by today's new NHL standards, he still has good offensive skills to offer. Its very likely that he will be signed shortly, possibly to a SE division team, though a trip out west is also a possibility

Legs II/IV

1) The Final 2 legs of FAUXRUMORS famous world-wind tour of 30 NHL cities before 2007 has been set. Below are the list of our final destinations.Leg III11/27- Detroit11/28-St.Louis11/29- Chicago11/30- Buffalo12/1- Minnesota12/2-NashvilleLeg IV12/4- Montreal12/5- NYI12/6- NJ12/7- NYR12/9-Boston12/10 Columbus
2 We invite all our many loyal readers as well as the many sources that have made FAUXRUMORS the fastest growing hockey rumor blog on the net what it is, to join us in each city. We will be happy to hang out/tail gate. Write us today(fauxrumors5@yahoo.com) so we can arrange meeting up. We look forward to seeing you all in the upcoming months!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Penguins Moving North?

1) FAUXRUMORS is being told by folks with information, that the sale of the Penguins to Jim 'Blackberry' Balsillie is the first step to bring the franchise north of the border. Balsillie, a successful Canadian business man, is headquartered in Hamilton Ontario, long a rumored NHL destination.

2) We're hearing despite all the 'nice talk' last evening with the Pittsburgh media, Balsillie's real intention is to either have a lucrative arena built in Pittsburgh, where he would control all the revenue streams(unlikely) or move the team to an undisclosed location, obstensively to Canada.

3) We're told to not believe what you're hearing from the NHL front office either. That the NHL would NOT mind seeing the Penguins move north if it meant that it would increase overall revenues (Which any NHL franchise in Canada would)

4) With the team on the cusp of contention, possessing some of the best, most exciting young talent in the league, where ever the Penguins might land would be an instant hit with the fans. Unlike some of the past expansion franchises in the sun belt where fans needed to be taught to love hockey, no such problem would exist north of the border.

5) Additionally with the exchange rate now more on par, any/all franchises in the Great White North are now on better financial footing now than they were a decade ago.This has a very high probability one source told FAUXRUMORS last night. Its certainly far from a 100% certainty, but a lot closer than it was only 48 hours ago. By the new year we should know where the Pens will be moving, if anywhere.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Its Quiet...Too Quiet?

1) We have discussed at length the Devil's/Lamarello situation enough here at FAUXRUMORS, and we heard that many GM's aren't too happy with what Lou did, but what we here at FAUXRUMORS is most surprised at with this situation is what we're NOT hearing. That is not a peep from the NHLPA!
2) Why, you ask would they care? Well in the "new NHL" cap world there is a fixed amount of money that the league can spend as a whole on players (54% of revenue). Now in this case 7.1 million is on the books as being spent on players salaries, yet no team is actually spending the money (Mogilny and Malakhov are not playing)
3) It is a zero sum game so that means there is less REAL money available for the players who ARE playing, and the owners can claim this as 'spent', without spending the money. Any wonder why Gary Bettman has been so quiet on this issue?
4) Where is Ted Saskin? Well, if what we're told is correct he's so far up Bettman's ass that he probably isn't aware that this happened.Anyway, as always keep it here for all the latest news, rumors and unique hockey discussion found no where else!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Lou Does It Again!

1) As we predicted on numerous occasions on this and other blogs, the Devils were able to both wiggle out of their salary cap issues, sign their free agents, AND not have to make any salary dump trades
2) Most other sites made up fictitious trade rumors concerning Gomez, Gionta, Rafalski and sometimes all of the above. While we here at FAUXRUMORS have been stead fast in our view/from sources within the Devils organization, that none of that would occur.
3) Certainly a trade is still possible but unlikely, and only if it would benefit the team NOT to rid themselves of a salary.
4) As always this is the place to be to get hockey analysis, the best rumors available, as well as opinions that are not afraid to tell it like it is.
We are FAUXRUMORS the fastest growing hockey blog on the Internet!

Preseason Predictions-East!

1) Below is the highly anticipated 'Preseason Predictions Edition' from FAUXRUMORS. As we mentioned last week, we will not only give our projected order of finish in each conference, but will give an 'over/under' number of points that we think that team is capable of based upon injury/break out seasons, etc.
2) First we will do the Eastern Conference. No easy task. The top teams last year outside of Ottawa were all surprises.
3) Team Minimum Maximum
Ottawa 105 115
Philadelphia 100 110
Atlanta 99 109
Buffalo 100 110
Boston 95 105
Carolina 94 104
Rangers 93 103
Montreal 91 101 _________________________________________________________

Tampa 89 99
New Jersey 88 98
Toronto 86 96
Pittsburgh 83 93
Florida 80 90
Washington 75 85
Islanders 72 82

Preseason Predictions-West

1) Below is the Western Conference Version of the highly anticipated 'Preseason Predictions Edition' from FAUXRUMORS. As we mentioned with the East, we will not only give our projected order of finish in each conference, but will give an 'over/under' number of points that we think that team is capable of based upon injury/break out seasons, etc.

2) Team Minimum Maximum
San Jose 110 120
Nashville 105 115
Calgary 103 113
Minnesota 100 110
Detroit 98 108
Anaheim 97 107
Vancouver 94 104
Coloradao 93 103-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
LA 90 100
Edmonton 89 99
Phoenix 85 95
Columbus 80 90
Dallas 79 89
Chicago 75 85
St. Louis 70 80

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Malkin Issue Still Unsettled?

1) Many of you who have been with us from the outset of our highly successful blog may recall our series on the Evgeny Malkin drama this past August. To rehash briefly, Malkin was, and still is not all too pleased to be playing second fiddle to 'El-Sid'.
2) Initially all the cloak and dagger nonsense of his where abouts was his agent's attempt to force a trade. When this didn't appear likely, he miraculously appeared and has since signed his entry level contract to play for the Pens
3) However, don't take that as meaning that things are all hunky-dory with Malkin and Pittsburgh. He still tells his closest friends that he wants out. He has been "The Guy" since he was 12 playing in Russia. He's not accustomed to being #2, and perhaps #3 with Staal now in town.
4) Things were further complicated when he went down with his shoulder injury last week. This made any possible deal nearly impossible. We're told that Shero was taking offers, BUT the asking price was, and remains quite prohibitive. Our sources tell us no substantive offers have been received, but several inquiries were made.
As always, keep it here for all the latest news and information that you will get from no other source.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Opps We Did It Again!

1) Apologies for the loose Brittany Spears reference, but in fact we DID do it again: Scooped all the other sights with our Devils analysis.
2) We refer back to our posting gone 9/25: What Lou will do. Here we outlined in almost eerily detail what would occur for Lamarello and the Devils to weasel out of their salary cap issues.
3) Sure enough, 1 week later it comes to fruition. We also were one of the first (before training camps opened) to say that Gionta and the other free agents had handshake deals in place.
4) We're told, not surprisingly, to expect those deals to be finalized over the next couple of days and the Devils essentially remain intact to start season 2006-2007, where most of the rumor mongers had made up outrageous trade rumors to satisfy their paying customers. Using the Devils problems as bait
5) As always we here at FAUXRUMORS answer to no one, therefore we are free to post actual information as we receive it from our many sources through out the NHL. As always, keep it here for the latest!
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