Monday, November 6, 2006

Somethings Gotta Give?

1) As we wrote about in early October; that it would take GM's about a month or so to assess their rosters before contemplating a deal. Well, that time has expired and some teams are clearly NOT as good as they/many thought they would be.
2) Who are those underachieving teams? Well in the East Philly and Boston are the most obvious choices, but also the Senators and Lightning, though early, couldn't have believed that they would be in the bottom 5 after a dozen games. In the West, Calgary continues to have trouble scoring. Now if this were only a recent problem we wouldn't think its time to panic, BUT this is now a season+, so its officially time to panic in Calgary! Ofcourse Phoenix is also a leading candidate to make a deal with their dreadful start
3) There are also plenty of other 'in between teams', that are doing OK, but have a player or 2 that they would move if given the right deal. There have been plenty of published rumors in recent days. It appears almost every player north of the border has been rumored to be 'on the block'. We won't further muddy the waters by arbitrarily throw out a bunch of names.
4) However we are being told that Calgary is definitely looking to make a change. The problem is that what they are offering back isn't going to get it done. Same with Philly. Even a Forsberg won't fetch the Flyers as much as they think. For one he's an UFA after this year and could easily retire. Secondly, his salary, 5.75 mil won't be easy for most teams to fit into their caps. So unless he were to be dealt late in the season, or for a comparable salary, its unlikely Peter will be going anywhere soon.
As always keep it here for ONLY credible rumors from the most reliable sources!

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