Monday, December 4, 2006

We're Mentioned Again on Fox!

1) We were happy to read this morning on the best Fox Sports Hockey Blogs, Spector, another mention of a FAUXRUMORS exclusive. He again tried to discuss the Malkin trade rumor that we alone broke this past summer.
2) Other hockey trade rumor blogs have picked up the story so it has begun to take a life of its own. Although Spector as a respected blog journalist could not agree with our assessment, just him mentioning it as a possibility has to lend credibility to the story.
3) We have nothing new to add to our original story that Malkin does NOT want to play his entire carear behind Sid/in his shadow. That, and the fact that Pittsburgh will have several other stars to pay top dollar in the upcoming 2-3 years, will make Malkin the prime player who may need to be traded while entering his prime.As with all stories, we will stay a top of this one as it devlops

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