Thursday, December 7, 2006

Shut Up And Play!

1) Some may be saying that about Devils goalie Martin Brodeur. According to a story on TSN today, the future Hall of Famer put in a complaint with the NHLPA concerning the manner in which players conduct themslves during shoot outs. Evidently, during a recent game between the Wild and Black Hawks a move unnerved Marty.
2) A spin-o-rama goal by Minnesota Wild winger Pierre-Marc Bouchard against Chicago Blackhawks goalie Nikolai Khabibulin Tuesday night had everyone talking. Bouchard made a spinning move and then kicked Khabibulin's right skate before scoring on his backhand in the shootout. The goal prompted Brodeur to send an e-mail to Gartner, saying the league needs to determine if a player can make contact with a goalie during shootouts.
3)Brodeur states he was concerned the shootout will become a "circus" where some players might start carrying the puck on their sticks for a lacrosse-style shot. Many may recall Brodeur was also the one who questioned Capitals sophomore star winger Alex Ovechkin's usage of a tinted face shield. Claiming it gave the shooter an advantage, as the goalie couldn't see the shooters eyes. Additionally, Brodeur as a player-member of the competition committee he lobbied to reduce the restricted area for wandering goalies as well as limit the reduction in goalie equipment.
4)While we believe Brodeur has every right to say what he believes, from a compilation of events we feel he is beginning to take on/acquire just abit too much sway/power. We grant that he is among the most successful goalies in NHL history, but that shouldn't give him the right to push for rules changes that may be detrimental to the game
5) Who cares if a player makes a unique move like carrying the puck on his stick in a shoot out? The shoot out after all is a spectacle for the fans. Additionally this and his other gripes would seem to go against the NHL's desire; To increase scoring/excitement. If a goalie can't see a shooters eyes, so what. Get over it. You already have a mask and pads that are 5000 times larger than your predecessors from 20 years ago(even after the modest reduction). Allow large curved blades again! Don't allow goalies to EVER cover the puck!
6) We agree with Marty that goalies SHOULD be allowed to play the puck where ever they want. No more silly shapes painted behind the nets, BUT we feel goalies should be fair game to be bodied off the puck if they are outside the crease.
7) Again its fine to have an opinion, but it seems Mr. Brodeur has more than the average player, and in our opinion he's all wet in most of them! To that we say: Marty, Shut up and Play!

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