Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Truth and Rumors?

Truth and Rumors?
1) Those two things usually don't always together, especially these days! Since the start of the season we have read about/heard any number of 'hot rumors' of a big deal about to go down. With the exception of some minor deals, no 'block busters' have occurred. Why?

2) The answer is VERY simple. Its the salary cap, stupid. About 2/3 of the teams in the league currently are so close to the cap max that they can do little in the way of major player move. One source who is in management told FAUXRUMORS last night that its almost impossible to move a big contract(he said anything more than 2 mil/year) to another team before at least two thirds or three quarters of it has already been paid. Meaning don't expect huge deals before the trade deadline.

3) Which leads us to ask, why so many rumors if this is true? Another easy answer, Rumors sell!! Not only the rumor bloggers who charge for 'insider info', but even more pervasive and influential, the print and electronic media. Which reap huge ratings when a tasty rumor is circulated. Some 'journalists' even admit to doing this. With the cap in essence strangulating most possible deals, the writers and broadcasters have been left with much less in factual rumors, and have resorted to creating them.

4) However, although almost everyone already knows this is the case, it will likely continue. One prominent hockey writer who we called, but didn't want his name used, said his editor expects him to 'suggest' at least one possible deal each week when he writes his column. Its been shown that 'folks eat that crap up. So we give them what they want'.

5) For every Thornton deal, there have been literally hundreds of proposed(rumored) deals written about/mentioned during broadcasts. Since it sells don't expect this to change. As a non profit entity FAUXRUMORS does NOT need to create a rumor d'jour, but will only continue to convey credible information from impeccable sources as they are recieved.As always keep it here for the latest

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