Monday, October 2, 2006

Opps We Did It Again!

1) Apologies for the loose Brittany Spears reference, but in fact we DID do it again: Scooped all the other sights with our Devils analysis.
2) We refer back to our posting gone 9/25: What Lou will do. Here we outlined in almost eerily detail what would occur for Lamarello and the Devils to weasel out of their salary cap issues.
3) Sure enough, 1 week later it comes to fruition. We also were one of the first (before training camps opened) to say that Gionta and the other free agents had handshake deals in place.
4) We're told, not surprisingly, to expect those deals to be finalized over the next couple of days and the Devils essentially remain intact to start season 2006-2007, where most of the rumor mongers had made up outrageous trade rumors to satisfy their paying customers. Using the Devils problems as bait
5) As always we here at FAUXRUMORS answer to no one, therefore we are free to post actual information as we receive it from our many sources through out the NHL. As always, keep it here for the latest!

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