Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pens For Real?

1) Watching the Penguins beat the NJ devils last night had to impress those who were projecting them to have another dismal year. Many thought they had too many young players at key positions to put it together for a successful 2006-07

2) Thus far the Patrick, we mean Atlantic Division leading Pens are doing just fine thank you. Thus far M-A Fleury has finally shown he's an NHL goalie(can he keep it up?). Malkin is playing as advertised. Perhaps even better. The real surprise to FAUXRUMORS2 is the play of Jordan Staal. We figured he'd stay in camp a week or 2 then be returned to juniors for seasoning. With 4 goals(3 of them shorties) he's making a strong case to stay with the big club.

3) Now before we start getting the parade route set in Pittsburgh there are some potential problems, more for the long term than anything else. Ironically the salary cap, which was ostensibly initiated to help smaller markets like Pittsburgh, may be its Dynasty in the making undoing. Why? Simple. Do the math.

4) Ignore the arena problem for 1 minute. In less than 2 years Crosby will be a free agent. Ofcourse the Pens will keep him, but he will definitely have to be paid the max allowable salary. Probably 9 mil/year. In another year BOTH Malkin AND Staal will also become FA's. No way can Pitt keep 2 or 3 players making the max and still be competitive( Ask Tampa how that works)

5) Unlike the Oilers of the early 80's and the Nords of the early 90's this team just won't be allowed to mature/achieve the stature they might have in the 'old days'. An unfortunate by product of Gary Bettman's new NHL. Dynastys like the Oilers, Islanders, and even Detroit/NJ are going to be things of the past. We feel this is NOT a good thing for the NHL. How do you feel? Vote today!

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