Monday, October 23, 2006

Ranger-Phoenix Deal?

1) FAUXRUMORS sources within the Rangers and Phoenix Coyotes camps tells us that both sides have had some discussions lately concerning a possible deal

2) Scouts of each team were spotted taking in games of the other this past weekend, sparking the rumors to heat up further. Now, while its no secret that Gretzky is unhappy with his current squad, who might be made available has been an unknown.

3) We're told that Dave Scatchard, the 30 year old oft traded center is available and that Sather is very interested. Believing that he could add some grit to his Euro top-heavy roster, as well as help in the face off department

4) The question has to be does NY want to add 2.1 mil of salary? Scatchard also has 2 more years left after this current year. The rangers currently have the cap space to do this.

5) The player that Sather really covets is Shane Doan. However the asking price for Doan would be steep. Also his salary would put the Rangers right against the cap limit reducing their ability to make any further improvements as the season progresses. Also once Sandis Ozolinsh comes off injured reserve it would put them over depending upon who the Rangers returned to Phoenix

6) We will stay on this and any other possible deals as it progresses. As always keep it here for the latest!

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