Monday, October 9, 2006

The Latest!

1) Not a whole lot of chatter out there after the first few games. Most GMs are still trying to see how their rosters are doing/evaluating their current talent before deciding to make any changes.

2) Additionally, the salary cap factor will tend to restrict significant movement. 2/3 of the teams have cap liabilities of 42 or more, so in order to make a trade they would have to shed salary to take any on. A difficult task

3) Of the remaining unsigned players this is what is being said
Peter Bondra- Back in Europe staying in shape. Desperately wants to play one last year in the NHL to get to 500 goals, but the teams that seemed like a natural fit(Washington/Pittsburgh/Toronto) have shown little interest thus far. It is possible he may retire if no one signs him before the holidays, but also don't be surprise to see a team that shows a need for a PP sniper may snap up the Slovak star
Brian Leetch- As each day goes by appears more and more that he's done. Mrs Leetch had put the kibosh on him going west or returning to NY. Does she want him to play in the sun belt? If so, time is running out quickly!
Jason Allison- We thought he'd be snapped up by now. Although quite slow by today's new NHL standards, he still has good offensive skills to offer. Its very likely that he will be signed shortly, possibly to a SE division team, though a trip out west is also a possibility

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