Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Malkin Issue Still Unsettled?

1) Many of you who have been with us from the outset of our highly successful blog may recall our series on the Evgeny Malkin drama this past August. To rehash briefly, Malkin was, and still is not all too pleased to be playing second fiddle to 'El-Sid'.
2) Initially all the cloak and dagger nonsense of his where abouts was his agent's attempt to force a trade. When this didn't appear likely, he miraculously appeared and has since signed his entry level contract to play for the Pens
3) However, don't take that as meaning that things are all hunky-dory with Malkin and Pittsburgh. He still tells his closest friends that he wants out. He has been "The Guy" since he was 12 playing in Russia. He's not accustomed to being #2, and perhaps #3 with Staal now in town.
4) Things were further complicated when he went down with his shoulder injury last week. This made any possible deal nearly impossible. We're told that Shero was taking offers, BUT the asking price was, and remains quite prohibitive. Our sources tell us no substantive offers have been received, but several inquiries were made.
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