Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Johnson Trade

1) Don't let any of the other rumor sites fool ya, this deal was a shock top all. There had been speculation that Johnson was available for the past few months, but most of those rumors circulated around Eastern time zone teams(Pittsburgh/Columbus)

2) We at FAUXRUMORS were as surprised to hear about this deal as anyone. It apparently went down very quickly. Our sources in Carolina and LA didn't sniff this baby out until it was about to be announced, thus we weren't able to alert our readers to it before hand.

3) Unlike other sites we're not going to make like we knew of things in advance when we did not. This is one of those times, BUT. Unlike those other sites we can give insight into the deal that others will/can not

4) From what we're now being told there was more than a fall out with the Carolina organization and Jack Johnson. Apparently, things almost came to blows with he and Hurricane GM Rutherford. When Johnson informed the portly former goalie of his intention to return to college and possibly complete his degree (This would put his rights back into the draft) Rutherford went ballistic. Calling Johnson a "Piece of shit", among other things.

5) It was almost a certainty after this that Johnson would never don a Hurricane jersey. What was left was to see what team might take a chance of acquiring his rights with the understanding that they may lose them for nothing if he stays in school for the full 4 years.

6) As always keep it here for the latest news/rumors and discussion. Were told the Devils situation will shortly be decided.

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