Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

1) Hello from Down town Denver Colorado! We made it in this afternoon to our hotel. The weather isn't bad now, and should be OK tomorrow, but it may deteriorate to a snow storm Wednesday night into Thursday. We hope we can get out of here to our next destination.

2) Anyway, we are really looking forward to tomorrow night's game here. The Avs have been playing good hockey lately, and despite a poor game against Tampa Saturday, the Caps are much improved from last season. Should be an interesting match up

3) For those who we've already confirmed to meet up with before the game, the plans are the same. Parking lot B at about 5 or so for some old fashioned tail gating. We'll bring some adult beverages. We have chatted with on the phone locally some of the many who plan to be there as well. The Connors and Nagles are set to join us, along with possibly Mr and Mrs Baily.

4)If you haven't yet contacted us, feel free and write to us: fauxrumors@yahoo.com. We look forward to seeing you all there!

5) Also a note of thanks to our affiliate bloggers: fauxrumors2 and Antz for keeping things up during our travels! We're lookig forward to having you folks with us as we progress in out travels the next 2 weeks!

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