Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flyer-Like Shake-Up Imminenet in the desert?

1) Coming off their 4th strait loss last night in Calgary the reeling Phoenix Coyotes are in deep turmoil. Sporting a record of 2-8 after 10 games they find themselves buried in 15th place in the Western Conference despite having played more games than most of their opponents.

2) The head coach, The Great Gretzky sounded almost depressed after last night's loss saying among other things, "As a coach, you dwell on losing for hours and hours before the next game starts. There's no way to really relieve that disbelief of losing a hockey game."

3) Now in fairness it must be stated that the Coyotes got off to a poor start last year as well before turning things around. However, they were never in this deep a hole, and with the surge of last year expectations were higher among management and fans alike

4) Also before the rumors begin in earnest of a Gretzky resignation it has to be reminded that he is also part owner, so he can't be 'pushed' to go, only persuaded to leave if that's what the majority owner,Jerry Moyes wants. Also it can never said that Gretzky is a quitter, so we would be surprised to see Wayne give up now unless their were health issues like in the Clarke situation

5) It would be far more likely that GM Michael Barnett would be the 'fall guy' before Gretzky. Also, as we mentioned earlier this week, the Coyote players are basically all up for grabs if the right deal is offered. We mentioned the Rangers as one of the possible clubs interested in Phoenix players. If the losing continues expect major changes in the desert, from the top on down!

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