Monday, October 30, 2006

Calgary Thouhts!

1) As we sit in our beautiful Calgary hotel, early this Monday morning (Still on eastern time) we've been monitoring some interesting news around the league.

2) We are very anxious to see what FAUXRUMORS 2 comes up with in the inaugural Power rankings. We discussed it briefly yesterday, but we at FAUXRUMORS will allow FAUXRUMORS 2 to handle this one on their own

3) We are told pretty confidently that the pens will announce later today that they have decided to retain Staal instead of sending him down. many had assumed they wouldn't keep him for financial reasons. Here's hoping we are correct and the pens do the right thing

4)We have also learned from a very reliable source that Paul Holmgren is NOT a permanent replacement for Bob Clarke, and they are actively pursuing a permanent replacement. Now Paul is on the short list of possibilities, BUT we are hearing that if Ed Snider got his way he'd hire NHL discipline honcho, Colin Campbel as his team's next GM. We're told this should all shake out within the next few weeks, but NOT to expect Campbel to accept the position as he's very happy where he is

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