Friday, October 20, 2006

Our Response to the Spector Attack

1) Firstly we want to Thank Pinko for alerting us about the this Spector article. We highly recommend his hockey blog

2) We at FAUXRUMORS have been fans of Spector (Lyle Richardson) for many years, and respect his opinions. His web site is a must read for all hockey fans. His rumors page is solely devoted to published rumors, and his analysis of those. He doesn't purport to have any sources of his own.

3) We also found it amazingly amusing to read his blog about our Malkin coverage. Most of those were written 2+ months ago. One wonders how/why he decided to respond to those now. Maybe it was a slow NHL new day? Anyway, that really doesn't matter, as we always say here at FAUXRUMORS any publicity is GOOD publicity.

4) Now on to the article itself. It really doesn't do more than disagree with our assertions(based upon what we've been told) that Malkin did NOT want to play for the Pens, and part of the reason for his disappearance was an attempt to get them to trade him before he surfaced. The reasons are outlined in the our blog as well as rehashed in the Spector article.

5) It wasn't us who made this whole Malkin situation into a spy novel. It was he who said he wanted to play in the NHL. THEN a week later, signs with a Russian team, THEN another week later disappears from site without a trace, only to surface again in several places in the USA. If this wasn't/isn't worthy of a novel we don't know what is! All at the same time that his Russian team was making veiled threats.

6) As we pointed out in an earlier post. Spector may have tried to 'call us out' , but he didn't, and we are quite certain CAN NOT prove what we wrote is incorrect. We went back and asked our Russian sources and they wrote to us: Метелку шантажировали, и его семейство все еще в опасности. For those who don't/can't speak Russian it says Malkin was blackmailed and his family is still in danger for playing here.

7) We will continue to relay any and all rumors as they pertain to this and any other subject. If one has actual information to refute these, we'd love to see them. Anyone can write "this isn't true". However if you do, at least have some facts to back it up.

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