Saturday, October 14, 2006

Morning Musings

1) No new imminent trade rumors, BUT we have received some interesting information. Mostly north of the border.

2) Apparently John Ferguson Jr. isn't all too pleased with his current roster of defensemen. The Leafs do have some injuries on the back line, but even with their return JFJ would like to possibly upgrade that area if he can

3) To that end the Toronto GM has sent some preliminary feelers out to other GM's to see what might be available. We're told 'the pickings are mighty slim'. Also what the Leafs would offer in return 'probably won't attract much interest' one source tells FAUXRUMORS.

4) The other team from the Great White North that is also in some early season turmoil are the Senators. Only a few games in and already tonight's match up with their rivals the Habs is seen by their fans and management as an 'important game'. Pressure is already mounting on the shoulders of Wade Redden. With his 6.5 mil/year deal, he's under undo stress to perform. While we have always like Redden's game, we don't believe he was ever worth that kind of money

5) No rumors as far as trades are concerned with the Sens. Their rival tonight are another matter. We heard from one source that 2 weeks ago Gainey had some preliminary talks with free agent Jason Allison's agent. Talks apparently never went beyond the preliminary stages especially when Gainey was informed that Allison 'wasn't in game shape at the moment. We're told he has beefed up 10-15 lbs since last season. Meaning if he wants to play this year he better get busy losing the extra lbs!
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